I have a french and Trig exam tomorrow! I'm thinking about skipping out on french since I've done so well on the previous test, this one will just be dropped. After school, Patty and I went over to Chipotle's for some lunch. Yum! Lol. We talked A LOT! Then I went to Quickly's to use the internet. After, I drove Patty to school. RIGHT when we stopped at the light right across from school, a cop in a motorcycle pulled up next to me and tapped my window. He told me that he was about to ticket me for not stopping for pedestrians. Oops! I totally did not see them. He was really nice though, I thanked him for telling me that and not ticketing me. What a cool cop.
     After, I went to school and talked to the ladies for a bit. We made Biscotti and Basque cake today. It was pretty fun. I was seriously exhausted though. I only ate 2 of the cakes that the other BP Class made for me so I was kinda running on sugar. After class, I picked up Blake, Amanda and Kira and we went to Chili's for dinner. I need real food!
     Our waiter was SUPER AWESOME! He's really funny and cool. He's a good waiter, not going to lie. Dinner was fun. I feel bad for Kira, I don't spend 1 on 1 time with her. It's kinda good that I don't because we usually just talk about HER and I'd have to pay for everything since she doesn't have money, but then again, I did meet her first before everyone else. She says she feels used, but honestly, I can't help making friends with her friends. Really.
     After Chili's we spent almost an hour in Urban looking at random stuff and reading the books and everything. It was awesome. Blake bought this 2010 calendar "The things white people like" or something like that. It's funny because he was flipping through it and the first thing he fliped to was "Beards" LOL. He has a little thing growing there. Haha. I had a pretty fun time that night.
     I went to karate, dropped off a bunch of Biscottis for the black belt class and took my brother home. I need to study for 2 exams tomorrow! Bleh.
     I think I have a thing for Blake. I'm not really sure because I'm not sure what he feels about me. I honestly don't want to wear my heart on my sleeve and be hurt again. I told Amanda and she claims to be fine with it. I'd rather have my friendship with her than have some guy ruin it of course. I'm being completely honest with her too. What to do... What to do...In the words of Chef Alex, "We'll see." I guess time will just have to tell.
     So yesterday after De Anza, I went to Patty's house and went to the Mall with Daniel and Patty. We went to the American Apparel store. OMG! They have a friken American Apparel store!! We were all hecka excited. That store was really quiet though, not gonna lie. So we ended up buy nothing. Then I dropped them back at home.
     At PCI, we made hella cookies and pumpkin bread. Omg, someone drained 2 sinks at once so it started overflowing! Ughh. It was flooding in the hallway too. I think it was Thao, but her and Nancy TRIED to clean it, but ended up leaving all the towels there. Then they just went home. Serena changed, but when she got out, she helped Lynn and I and Chef clean it up. GG. Dirty dirty work.
     After PCI, I had so much time to kill so I stopped by Kira's. Amanda and Geoff were there. We played rockband. Lol... ANYWAYS. I was supposed to chill with Vlad that night because I was gonna get my mom a BDAY cake. But Vlad had to eat dinner with his family. Then he calls me up and tells me that he already made plans and all this other confusing stuff. So anyways, Kira drives us all the way to Milpitas to eat In and Out. Then we go to Walmart to look for flowers for my mom but they didn't sell any. On the way home, stuff happened. Drama.
     So we get back to Kira's place, and I go to Amanda's place. Amanda went home to get her things then we go back to my house and give my mom the cake. Amanda slept over and we just talked, chilled, drew sketches, etc. Man, talking to Blake and Vlad are hella funny. Vlad was drunk so I was messing wih his head, and Blake is just Blake. Haha. We eventually fell asleep at 1 in the morning.
     So this morning, we were both pretty late. Good thing there wasn't any traffic! So this morning, Lynn and I thought of our gingerbread house. It's gonna be a Pagoda. Hella awesome! So we took carboard and started cutting and stuff. and also making the shape of everything. It's funny because she was talking about her son. Lol. So, we didnt really get much done, but we just decided to go back to her place and finish. I love talking to the guys. Blake, Ameet and Greg were there. I'm gonna be sad when they graduate..
     After PCI, I drive Amanda home and I head over to Lynn's house. She showed me a pic of her son. Lol. He's alright looking. Apparently he plays the drums, got a label deal, is 6'1", and he cooks. Lol. Funny. So yea, we get everything done. We built our gingerbread pagoda out of cardboard! Whoo! Lol. I hope that we actually pull this off. I dont care if I win or not, this is just a pretty fun experience.
     So now, I'm at home, waiting for Jen and Allyson to come over so we could hang out. I'm so exhausted! But I can't wait. Tomorrow, I think I'm going over to Blake's with Vlad to go chill and stuff. If Vlad doesn't come with me, I'd just be like "WTH VLAD, WTF" Lol. Jkjk.
     I hope I did well on my french test. I probably failed trig. Big surprise. After class, I met up with Patty. I bumped into Daniel Isozaki first though. LOL. Patty and I went to Hilltop, but it was closed. Then we went to Valco but there wasn't anything good so we just went back to the Quickly's in front of De Anza. She bought food for her friend's birthday and we also shared passion fruit pearl tea and popcorn chicken rice bowl. Yum! She then took me back to De Anza and followed me to PCI. I was supposed to go with her to her friend's school, but then it was pretty late so I just stayed at school.
     I hung out with Jude's group for a little, then I went inside and changed. Today was a pretty hectic day. I finished my croissants and I made baguette doughs. I also made hella cookies for the graduation and helped chef make cookies. Fucking Jeff! He texted me and he was like "This might sound gay... well it is gay but ur chef has a sexy french accent" LMAO, I couldn't help but to tell chef. He was like "Who's your friend?" And I was like "That guy that walked by earlier" and he was like GUY!? WHAT THE EFF?!? It was HILARIOUS! But no, I agree with Jeff. Chef has a super sexy french accent. Chef Udo has a super sexy German accent. I love accents. LOL.
     I got home early today. FUCK! I need to fill up gas. For some reason, my credit card didn't work. Uh oh... I made it home though, easy peasy lemon squeasy.
     I'm talking to Jeff right now. He was like "Nah, I'm really gay" So I was like "really? I don't believe you but sure" and he was like "LOL. I'm not really". I enjoy talking to Jeffrey. He's also really comfortable to talk to. I don't even know him that well yet he's calling me names and making fun of me (both in a good way) as if I'm his good friend or something. I think we'll be meeting up for lunch. We're going with Jap food this time. I'm deciding between Sushi Boat Kazoo or Sushi Zone. More on the Sushi Zone though. Ughh. I really should be doing homework. I'll blog more later.

As of 11/2/09
Oh, My, God. Happy Birthday Darren! Lol
     I'm sorry, I talk about him too much. It's what I do though, I talk a lot. LOL.
BEAR WITH ME... please?
     I feel like I'm myself. I'm back to the old me. I used to be all quiet and what not the past few days/weeks. I was all shy and everything, but now I'm back to my old outgoing self. I feel like I've accomplished something. I learned that in order to get somewhere, you have to take action, you can't expect things to happen to you out of the blue. That's not how life works (as much as we want it to). I like making new friends. It's always fun to see them and wave to them at school or whenever you see them. That's the whole excitement of everything. I'm trying to not be like, "That person didn't look at me so I'm gonna pretend I don't see them" I want to be like "I haven't seen that person in ages! I'm gonna wave and say hi!" Lol. Weird but I'm trying to be a better person. Key word: Trying. I still have that mindset where I don't care about what other people think about me, but I care what I think about myself. Anyways, it's a long thinking process which I'll save for possibly another blog.
     Santana Row was fun. I went with Kim and no Patty. We just walked around and shopped for a bit. Then ate dinner at Chili's. My treat. It was great and I'm glad I went out. Too much stress. Good night.



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     Today was an extraordinary day. Trig was boring as usual, but after class, Jimmy, Jimmy, Asher and I went to the library for a little study group. We did the trig hw and kinda understood it. Dude! Asher is actually pretty smart! Only because he goes to tutoring though. Anyways, yea. They're all hella funny. Yum yum. I felt lucky to be in a locked room with 3 guys. Hehe. LOL jkjk. When Asher was leaving, he gave me hug. LOVE! Us 3 just left minutes after when we finished hw. I should've given them both hugs too! Darn. It's a happy hugging day!
     I went to PCI a little later than usual today. I just chilled outside like usual but Jude wasn't there. Darn. So yea, class was fun. We made Brioche a Tete, Tropezienne, and Fruit Brioche. Lol. I put rum in my fruit Brioche, which I think tastes ehh.. The others, I havn't really tried yet. Today was my day to take out the trash! I'm hella glad I went out! So I went downstairs, and kinda peeked outside and I saw Jude and his friends all smoking and what not. So I take out the trash and I walk back in and so I wave at Jude and he comes with me into the elevator. LOL! He's hella funny and nice. But super sarcastic. He's a very comfortable person to talk to because he's hella chill and everything. So yea, I'm like wheeling this massive garbage thing around and we're talking and everything. It was nice. he's hella scared of Chef Alex. I told Chef Alex to scare him next time. Hehe. So yea, he was like "Bring us food!" So I was like Yeah! Sure! And I brought his class one of the Fruit breads without the rum. I don't think he was there, I dropped off food, saw Jeffrey and was like "Merry Christmas!" And left. LOL. I think I was blushing or something. Lynn, this adult in my class, was like, "Gosh Jessica, You're such a flirt!" Because I told her that I liked to take down the garbage because I made new friends. LOL.
     We got out earlier today, but everyone was already gone by then. Darn. Oh wells, next time! I stopped by karate and gave Allan Dale and Mrs. Alino some of my "rum" bread (fruit brioche) and chilled for a while, then we left. It was nice. I hella want to go hang out with Kim and Patty right now. I hope they're not busy!
     So I was like "La de dee, de da... WHAT THE EFF?" I was bored so I decided to go the PCI facebook page and look through pictures and stuff and I came across this picture. Low and Behold, GOAT INTESTINES! He's the guy at the top of the photo. I think he naturally looks like that, everytime we make eye contact, his facial expression is just like that. But maybe with his mouth open on occasions.
     I must admit, he's pretty cute. Right? Hehe. NO I do not like him. PERIOD. I was going to put a close up, but that would be hella creepy. Just click on the picture, and it'll take you to the PCI Facebook page. LOL!

     "There will always be a couple of people that takes your
         breath away" Patty N.
He takes my breath away. He just doesn't know it.
     I usually am an outgoing bubly person. I usually can make conversations with anyone! But not him. The guy who sits right next to me in class. He's really cute and funny, yet I have nothing to say to him. He makes me all tounge tied and stuff. LOL. No, I don't like him, I just admire him. Wilson was like "Ask him to help you in trig!" but I can't. He's not that smart either! LOL. I guess we DO make a match, right Patty?
     Patty and I went out to Chipotle's after class. Yum yum! We also went to Hilltop. I bought a special gift for a special somebody! You'll get it tomorrow, special somebody! Hehe. I also bought myself a new phone charm! It's these 2 black fuzzy balls thing. Lol. Patty said it's from Spirited Away, but I have no idea what that is. I don't watch anime. Sorry.
     After I dropped off Patty, I went to PCI. I think I was too early. Today was a super easy day. We just took our final. We also went through the final and got to change our answers and stuff. Hehe. Lol. We didn't have time to do our practical (1 almond sponge cake, 6 tartlets) so we just prepared for Baking and pastry 102. We made dough and by the time it was 3, we went over to Chef Sam's room to watch Chef Doug give us a lecture on pulled sugar. He's AMAZING at it! That's what his specialty is, pulling sugar and making masterpieces at it. Yes he burns himself very often, but the fact that he loves doing it is what keeps him going. He taught us how to do blow sugar, he made a humming bird, a heart, and a swan. Then he made a centerpiece for us, which featured a hella nice sugar rose. Inspiration! I want to try this centerpiece pulled sugar stuff sometime.
     My chef instructor has the funniest laugh ever! Litterally! Chef Alex's laugh is litterally like this "HA HA HA". He's so cute too! LOL. No, I'm not trying to hit on my chef instructor. He's always smiling and winking at people and making all these weird noises. He also tells us funny stories on his experiences in the food industry. Here's a picture of him putting his sugar scorpion on his "haunted" gingerbread house. It wasn't broken down before, but the gingerbread was so heavy that it broke. But, it gives it a really nice Haunted look.
Chef Alex
     That's Chef Alex. Lol. Anyways.  We out super early for class. Some of us went to check out the showcase room because it was the Baking and Pastry PM class final. They have to show case everything they made, make everything look all fancy and everything, and they graduate! When I was walking by the culinary class (which is next door to the show case room) I looked in and I noticed that they were making an Almond sponge cake and stuff. LOL! When I looked in, the cute short guy was look RIGHT at me, we made eye contact and I just smiled and turned away. LOL. Sucks that I left hella early. No traffic though! Yeah yeah! Lol.
     Since I got home early, I decided to clean my car a bit. I just took out al the trash and everything. I also found this huge ass mushroom! It was BIG! Lol. The picture is above. It's a pretty good picture I must admit. Very clear and focused. Yay for digital cameras! I guess I'm gonna do homework or something......
     Yesterday, it was pouring rain! De Anza had a black out so after 10:30 PM, they cancelled classes. I met up with Patty and we decided to go to her house. We ate some ramen and talked and stuff. It was nice on a rainy day.
     I also finished the Almond Cake. I personally think it taste alright, but other people think it's pretty good. IONO. Lol.
     We made Bavarian "ice cream". It tastes hecka good! Especially with caramel syrup and fruit puree. YUM! I went by karate today and gave them 5. I have so many! I need to get rid of them! LOL. It's like a frozen mousse thingy. I call it ice cream. Anyways, I gotta clean my room and re write my notes and stuff. Bye!
     I forgot to blog about my day yesterday. That creeper was distracting me...
     I hate school. It's boring. Darren carpooled with me and right when we parked, Alex, Vince and Patty were there. Yay! Reunion much? Lol. We then went to the library as Alex and Vince went to get food and to class. So, I chilled in the library, reading my homework assignment for PCI. I was going to go to french class, but Patty and Darren somehow convinced me to just skip it. So instead, I stayed in the library doing homework. Then at 9:25 AM, I immediately left for trig. I hate trig, our teacher is ridiculous... Anyways. after, I went back to the library, did some trig homework, and just chilled with Darren, Patty, Alex, and Vince. Then, Kevin came out of nowhere. Then another Kevin came. Then David came. PARTAY! Lol. Jk. This random library lady scolded us for having "too much" people. We only had friken 5 at the time too. Anyways, Around 11:30 AM, I walked Patty to class and I left for PCI.
     PCI was fun that day. We cut our rapid puff pastry and made Palmiers, Pretels, Cinnamon Twists and Cheese straws. I say that the cheese straws are my favorite. We used parmesean cheese. My FAVORITE! Lol.
     After class, I went to the locker room again and saw the cute guy looking at me again. If he talks to me, I get 10 points! So, I got changed and everything and went home. When I got home, I decided to plate the things that I made today and take pictures of them. I need to be more professional with my plating so I can put them all into a nice portfolio. Then I went to karate and gave them some goodies. Good thing Shelby was in the office. I went there and chilled. Shelby ate some Palmiers (which is now her favorite) and a Cinnamon twist. Then Mariah and Patrick came in to eat some Palmiers (which they liked). Patrick proposed to me but I had to deny him. SORRY! I plan to marry a chef. Hopefully. Then OJ came in while us ladies were in the room (Shelby, Mariah and I). He went in, stood there, looked at the box and just stared. We were hecka giggling because I was trying to hide from OJ under Mariah's hair. Then he came and burst in. We were still giggling but we didn't say anything. After about 2 minutes of random silences + giggling he was just like "Oh, you guys are talking about me? OKAY" and he left. Whatever! I don't want to feed him stuff anyways. He makes me feel guilty so sometimes I HAVE to give it to him... Anyways, Allan Dale came in later and ate the last Palmiers. I left some extra pastries for the staff and I then I headed off to Darren's house. Alan was there. We had some cinnamon sticks and looked at Darren's China pictures. Then we watched some random videos. Then I left while the guys went to Costco.
     Not much when I got home, just did homework and slept early, around 11 PM. I need to sleep earlier!
     So you know Allan Dale's girl friend? Let's just call her the she devil for today. I'm kinda ticked off about her. She expects too much from me and I barely even know her! First off, at KJN's party for Jen, she came along with Allan Dale (because it was their 4 months). I said HI to her but that was it. Instead of talking to her, I talked to my other friends. I didn't purposely ignore her. I just didn't have anything to say to her. Doesn't mean I don't like her. So this morning, Patty and I hung out for a little until my class started. She invited me to lunch with the she devil, Allan Dale and herself. She told me that the she devil had insisted on me to come along. So of course, I agreed. But then Patty was talking to her this morning and she was saying how she doesn't really want me to go anymore because I "ignored" her at the party. I honestly feel like I don't have any obligations to her. I don't HAVE to talk to her. Also, the fact that she is such a quiet person doesn't really help. This is a 2-way thing so if she's not going to spark a conversation with me, I won't be saying to her back in return. I don't know why she's making up stupid excuses like that. If she didn't want me to go in the first place, then she shouldn't have invited me. But whatever. She's just being hella stupid about it. I don't NEED to talk to her 24/7, I have other friends to talk to. If she wanted to "prove" herself to Allan Dale's friends, then she shouldn't be expecting me to do all the work. Bitch.
     Thank you Wilson and Kim for listening to my stupid rant. I'm just fed up with this girl. I gave her a chance and was nice to her to start with, but then she turned into an over protective bitch, so what else do I have to say to her?