So you know Allan Dale's girl friend? Let's just call her the she devil for today. I'm kinda ticked off about her. She expects too much from me and I barely even know her! First off, at KJN's party for Jen, she came along with Allan Dale (because it was their 4 months). I said HI to her but that was it. Instead of talking to her, I talked to my other friends. I didn't purposely ignore her. I just didn't have anything to say to her. Doesn't mean I don't like her. So this morning, Patty and I hung out for a little until my class started. She invited me to lunch with the she devil, Allan Dale and herself. She told me that the she devil had insisted on me to come along. So of course, I agreed. But then Patty was talking to her this morning and she was saying how she doesn't really want me to go anymore because I "ignored" her at the party. I honestly feel like I don't have any obligations to her. I don't HAVE to talk to her. Also, the fact that she is such a quiet person doesn't really help. This is a 2-way thing so if she's not going to spark a conversation with me, I won't be saying to her back in return. I don't know why she's making up stupid excuses like that. If she didn't want me to go in the first place, then she shouldn't have invited me. But whatever. She's just being hella stupid about it. I don't NEED to talk to her 24/7, I have other friends to talk to. If she wanted to "prove" herself to Allan Dale's friends, then she shouldn't be expecting me to do all the work. Bitch.
     Thank you Wilson and Kim for listening to my stupid rant. I'm just fed up with this girl. I gave her a chance and was nice to her to start with, but then she turned into an over protective bitch, so what else do I have to say to her?

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