Long Day



     THANK YOU AXELL for calling and waking me up. If you didn't call me I would have surely overslept. I hate being immuned to alarms and stuff now...
     Even though I love my french teacher, French is a nightmare! It's seriously too easy for me! LOL. I would switch out, but French 2 conflicts with my Trig class so I'll just stay. It never hurts to review...
     I got into Trig! Just barely too! Thank you Joey Tran for not showing up. LOL. My teacher said she'd probably let everyone stay in that class so I would have gotten it anyways. So far, trig is easy but knock on wood because it'll probably get harder. I'm already ahead on homework. Yesh! I'm probably gonna do a lot of my homework tomorrow. Especially since Darren and I will be carpooling. Meaning, I leave school around 4 PM. So much downtime for me... Yay for libraries! Lol.
     School was ok today. After class, I met up with Kush, Tiffany and Darren. Tiffany went with me to buy books. We saw Ryan and chatted with him. Then we met up back with the guys. We had a whole Milpitas group around us. LOL. Patrick Trias, BJ, and a bunch of other people came to say Hi and stuff. Then Alex and Vince met up with us. Eventually, people came and went. When it was 1:30 PM, Darren and I left to Pizza My Heart. I didn't eat anything, but like the fatass he is, Darren ordered a pizza. LOL. After, I went to get gas and then I dropped off Darren at school and went home. I think I have a thing for guys who ride motorcycles. Yum.
     When I went home, I did my trig hw then I watched an episode of Full House. I don't remember where I stopped at, but I'm on the second disc right now. Then I took an hour nap, woke up and did tomorrow's trig homework. What to do...
     Like what my twitter says; Everytime I find myself upset, bored, mad, whatever, I want to talk to you. I don't know why, but you always seem to make my day better no matter what we're talking about. I just want to thank you for being my friend, despite the shit that we used to go through between each other. I hope that we have finally settled our differences because whenever we do "hate" each other, I can never seem to let go of my friendship with you. If it was anyone else, yes of course, but for you, my friendship with you is worth all the fight in the world. I don't know why that is, but that is that.
mr. toast
I want to collect them all! So far I have CLEM LEMON
     After I blogged yesterday, I went to Michael's to buy some stuff. They had almost everything I wanted! Yesh! When I went home, I just chilled for a bit and watched tv. Then at 5, I went to pick up Jessica Lim and we went to SJSU to visit Linsey. When we saw her she wanted to go home so I had to drive her home. We ate and watched TV at her house. OMG, we were watching this Dracula porno movie. It was so weird! Seriously! At least every 10 minutes, you'll see a boob pop out. It's hella random. Dracula is weird...
     Anyways! TJ joined us halfway through the movie. When it was done, we all went back to SJSU and climbed the stairs to Kenny's dorm. Lol. That was fun. Then we went outside and TJ had to go home and Kush was on his way but was lost. So Kenny and Jessica waited with TJ while Linsey and I was trying to give Kush directions. Linsey and I looked like 2 hookers on the street. It was random. Eventually Kenny and Jessica met up with us and we went to 711. Also, Kush went the wrong way but eventually found his way back to 711. FINALLY. Lol. So yea, we just chilled and went to 711 but didn't buy anything. We also went to the cafeteria and Kenny got me some ice cream. Yum! Lol. I'm sucha fatty. It's alright though, Kush, Linsey and Kenny also got some ice cream and Kenny STOLE some cookies. FatASS...
     So I took Jessica home around 11/11:30 and I went home, showered and slept.
     Today, I woke up at 8:30, and started baking. It took friken forever for that cake to bake! I shouldn't put the whole batter in an 8-inch pan huh? Oh well. Yay for springform pans! I had a fear that the batter was gonna stick to the sides but I got really lucky and it came off smooth like a baby's bottom. I also made yellow cake for my grandma. I didn't know that today was a day that we were gonna pray, so there was food everywhere and the table was all cluttered with it. I was planning to do the fondant and stuff too but... No room. It's alright though, I made the frosting and stuff. Tonight I'm gonna finish it off with fondant and stuff. I hope this turns out well! It's going to be a nice small cake.