Yesterday, it was pouring rain! De Anza had a black out so after 10:30 PM, they cancelled classes. I met up with Patty and we decided to go to her house. We ate some ramen and talked and stuff. It was nice on a rainy day.
     I also finished the Almond Cake. I personally think it taste alright, but other people think it's pretty good. IONO. Lol.
     We made Bavarian "ice cream". It tastes hecka good! Especially with caramel syrup and fruit puree. YUM! I went by karate today and gave them 5. I have so many! I need to get rid of them! LOL. It's like a frozen mousse thingy. I call it ice cream. Anyways, I gotta clean my room and re write my notes and stuff. Bye!

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