So I was like "La de dee, de da... WHAT THE EFF?" I was bored so I decided to go the PCI facebook page and look through pictures and stuff and I came across this picture. Low and Behold, GOAT INTESTINES! He's the guy at the top of the photo. I think he naturally looks like that, everytime we make eye contact, his facial expression is just like that. But maybe with his mouth open on occasions.
     I must admit, he's pretty cute. Right? Hehe. NO I do not like him. PERIOD. I was going to put a close up, but that would be hella creepy. Just click on the picture, and it'll take you to the PCI Facebook page. LOL!

     "There will always be a couple of people that takes your
         breath away" Patty N.
He takes my breath away. He just doesn't know it.

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