I'm sorry, I talk about him too much. It's what I do though, I talk a lot. LOL.
BEAR WITH ME... please?
     I feel like I'm myself. I'm back to the old me. I used to be all quiet and what not the past few days/weeks. I was all shy and everything, but now I'm back to my old outgoing self. I feel like I've accomplished something. I learned that in order to get somewhere, you have to take action, you can't expect things to happen to you out of the blue. That's not how life works (as much as we want it to). I like making new friends. It's always fun to see them and wave to them at school or whenever you see them. That's the whole excitement of everything. I'm trying to not be like, "That person didn't look at me so I'm gonna pretend I don't see them" I want to be like "I haven't seen that person in ages! I'm gonna wave and say hi!" Lol. Weird but I'm trying to be a better person. Key word: Trying. I still have that mindset where I don't care about what other people think about me, but I care what I think about myself. Anyways, it's a long thinking process which I'll save for possibly another blog.
     Santana Row was fun. I went with Kim and no Patty. We just walked around and shopped for a bit. Then ate dinner at Chili's. My treat. It was great and I'm glad I went out. Too much stress. Good night.
10/31/2009 05:46:38 pm

:D if you think i'm annoyed, i'm not!! i just like pointing out how obsessed you are with him xD


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