I didn't get to blog yesterday because I got home around 11 and slept around 12. I didn't even get to touch my macbook because my sister took it.
     Yesterday, I had such a fun day! So I over slept till 7:30 AM and hecka rushed out of the house. I got to Alex's house around 7:45 AM and waited at his house for Darren till about 8 AM. Apparently Darren woke up at 7:55. So we didn't leave till 8:10 AM and got to school hella late. I missed a little of the French exam review. I took that stupid trig exam yesterday too. Fuck. I think I failed but Asher was like, "That shit is easy!" He's supposed to tutor me! That jerk. Hah. Anyways, I just hung out with the guys in the library. Then we all decided to go to Curry House so I drove a carful of people while David drove Donald. Haha. So when I got there, I ordered my food togo. It didn't some out in time so I just left and told the guys to drop it off at school.
     PCI was alright. We just preped for our final. I also baked my croissants. We also made Breadsticks and wheat crackers. Yum! Lol. So during class, He was texting me asking me to watch a movie with him. But was like, "FUCK! I told Amanda and Kira that I'd hang with them" So I just told him that I wasn't sure. Long story short, Kira and Amanda waited for me at school, I had to call Him and tell him I couldn't watch the movie with him. So, Kira and Amanda followed me home where I dropped off my car and food and went with them back to Valleyfair where we went to Safeway and bought cookies, cupcakes, juice, ice cream and milk. Then we went to Kira's place and dropped it off. Then I called Him and told him that we're picking him up because he ended up not watching the movie. So we picked him up, went back to the apartement and watched Pathology. Carlos and Blake were there and Blake made us spaghetti. Yum! Lol.
     I'm so glad the ladies forced me to get him to hang out with us. I had a good time spending time with him. Pathology was a hella good movie! Yum, Milo Ventimiglia! As we were about to leave, Sky comes home and tells Kira that her car is blocked off, so He called Vlad who came and chilled with us. Sky made them fried rice and Vlad drove me home around 11. Hella late... So I quickly showered and did all my french hw and slept.
     So this morning, I toasted some croissants for Him. I hella winged that French exam. We had a sub for Trig. She's hella slow at teaching. I feel bad for her though. He wasn't there for class. I was pretty bummed out, but it's alright. After class, I went to the library and helped Tiffany with math, then we went to Tartinis and bought some crepes. Hecka good! Then I dropped Tiff at school and went to PCI.
     I got there a little earlier so I hung out with everyone outside. Then I went and changed and got ready for my final. Let's just say I passed. Lol. I also made croissant dough. Yay, more croissants. I'm so glad breads section is over. That section was so boring! I'm excited for the next section. A lot more goodies are coming out.
     My credit card bill came. I'm scared... Pizza night with the guys minus Alan. I'm hella full. Well... I gotta do hw and sort out my life because something just came up...
     I felt kinda sick today, but I thought to myself "You're not sick!" and now, I feel tons better, honestly. Except for my throat of course.
     So I went to my uncles for a good 30 minutes, then my 2 aunts wanted to go shopping at GAP because they had a coupon, so I drove to the mall, followed this girl for a while because she couldn't find her car, and finally found a good parking spot. Once I walked into the mall, I spotted Kenny, Darren, Albert, Maggie and Sarah. We chilled and talked for a while, then started walking towards GAP. Then they left. So at first, I couldn't find anything I liked. Then I found Alan and started to chat with him during his break. Then I decided to just get a random ass thing because it was cheap, so I got PJ bottoms. Lol. After that, we went into Banana Republic. I don't shop there much so I just wandered around. I had a headache at the time so I walked out of the store and sat down outside on the ground. Everyone was friken looking at me. I was so annoyed! I was about to give them the dirtiest look back. Anyways, then I went back in just as they were paying. After that, we just went back home. I dropped them off, stayed for about 5 minutes, then went home.
     I put on more jackets, had a bowl of cereal, and met Blake through text. Lol. So then, I drove over to Crystal's and Blake's place where Blake (in his Mario Pj's) opened the door for me. I also met Sky for the first time too! It was kinda weird for me because this was the first time ever meeting them and Amanda nor Kira were there. But yea. Sky is actually a hella chill guy. I don't understand why Kira doesn't like him. Blake is definatley a down to Earth person. Anyways, the 2 of us just talked, then Amanda came and we ordered pizza and watched Psyc. Hella funny. Then we watched this other movie but I had to leave around 10ish. I drove Amanda back to her place and I headed back home.
     Now I'm at home. It's almost 12. I have a stupid Trig exam tomorrow. The good thing is that I'll get to see Him! It's been a while. I can't wait. We're talking about our favorite movies. Now I gotta watch I Heart Huckabees with him. Anyways, I'm gonna head off to bed now. Good night!




     1:58 AM- I got to drive to Merced today! Darren and I stopped by Sonics for dinner. Yum! There's not much to say about Merced. The band did pretty well overall (3rd place I think), good job, I had my doubts. It was also freezing cold that night! All in all, pretty boring, I'm glad I had Darren and Kenny or else I wouldn't have shown up. I also texted Him throughout the night, he made me smile like a fool.
     On the way home, Darren drove. We hit terrible traffic! I'm not gonna go into detail besides the fact that all 4 lanes eventually merged into one... We had to take an early exit, but we went and visited his grandparents! Haha. We didn't beat the boosters home, but we hella beat the buses. Yes!
     Monika, Julia, Wilson, Darren and I went to chill at In-and-Out afterwards. A lot of the perc was there. Lol. We had a good time (just us). That was pretty fun. So, I just drove Wilson home and now I'm home!
    I told DJ about Him and I. DJ is friend's with him! I guess they worked together or something. He always seems to have the best timing. Everytime I think of him, he always texts me, especially if he hasn't responded in a long time. Just perfect. I guess I AM head over heels for this guy. He just makes me feel special and I love talking to him.




     Pretty fun day, not gonna lie. De Anza was alright, but after school I drove home and took a shower. Then I left for PCI. I was hella early so I crashed at Jeff's place for a little then went to school. I went hella early because I was going to put my pastries in oven to finally bake. lol. PCI was hella fun today! We made PIZZA! Omg. Hella good, hella fun. I made only one pork/chicken/mushroom pizza and I gave it away to the guys in Chef Udo's class. I think they liked it. They're 90% male dominant in that room so they need their meet. Pork is gross... I also brought some of my chocolate puffed pastries for the guys, but then I was like, "JUDE! I made these for you!" and I guess he just took the whole thing. LOL. Hella funny.
     Alright, now it's time for me to tell you about the rest of my day. To be on the safe side, I'm not gonna reveal his name yet. SUCKA! Haha. Only the few chosen ones know.
     So after class, I texted sheepskin and he gave me his adress. It's hella close to WC Santa Clara! He has a nice little place with his dad. So we just chilled for a bit until his friend came. Then they decided to go play poker and catch the midnight showing of 2012. So I went home to drop off food and ask for permission, then I went back to his place. I met 2 more friends of his; one's a girl and one's a korean. LOL. Random. So yea, we just went to this place to play poker. Then we headed to the movie theaters. Free tickets because he works there! Yeayuh! haha. We got really good seats too. That movie was hella long. It was pretty good, but I didn't fully enjoy it because I was dozing off. I'm so glad he was there to be a shoulder to sleep on. He's like a friken teddy bear! Haha. Yea, I had a really good night. I'm pretty definite that he likes me back. Yay!
     I'm trying to cut this short because I have to leave in a bit to take my car to my dad's place. The end! Lol.
     Sheepskin talked to me today.. Kinda. Lol. It's a good start. RIGHT after De Anza, I immediately left to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I decided to be smart and take a different route. I went down Steven's Creek instead of the freeway. I stopped by Daiso to check out some of their baking supplies. None that I needed. Then I continued down and got kinda lost so I went to Lawrence Expressway (I don't know why...) and I got SUPER lost. I decided to take a random turn and stop so I can pop out my GPS. It turned out that I turned into a street where LOWES' was. Random right? I decided to check it out and see if there were any really good toolboxes. There's NOTHING. Ughh. So yea, I eventally found out that I was going the wrong way. I'm so glad I had a GPS. It took me straight to school, but then I was 15 minutes earlier than usual so I decided to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond for like 5 minutes. I just checked out some things and I left.
     OMG, perfect timing. But, I didn't talk to him. Tear. It's alright, next time... In class, we made laminated doughs. Or actually, we folded our doughs. HELLA HARD! It's such a workout! Lol. Chef Sam's class brought us some of their cakes and stuff. OMG delicious! I can't wait till we do those stuff. Anyways, we got out of class early and I just went home.
     I also went to the karate halloween party. I dressed up as a chef of course. It went pretty swell. Not stressful or anything! It was pretty fun overall.
     Patrick did some photo shoots of me and Kevin. I can't wait to see those pics. I hope he uploads them. Forsure.
     Tomorrow is gonna be a super busy day for me. I have my list of cleanups, homework, and other random stuff. Bleh. That mushroom sprouted by the way. It's beautiful! I'll take some morning shots of it. The night shots are kinda bad, but yea..
     I saw him today, before class started! Lol. Let's call him sheepskin. Iono why, just something random that pops into my mind. So I texted Wilson and I was like "OMGOMGOMG!" and he's like, "Dude your head over heels for him". No Wilson, I'm not head over heels for him. I don't even like him, I don't even know him! I just really admire him.
     Trig was good today. I kinda talked to him. I asked him what color does red and green make, which is brown. Lol! I'm slowly getting to talk to him... right? Lol. I just want to be friends, STICTLY friends. The END.
     I had my PCI final today. Dun, Dun, Dun... We made an Almond Sponge Cake and 6 Tartlets. I aced it! Yay! My buttercream was a little off color, but it's alright. I did good. I brought my music today. Lol. We also made our dough for the croissants. Yum yum! I think it'll be done on Monday? Probably. Oh! After class, I hurried and changed and I was walking towards the elevator/stairs. I was gonna take the stairs, but Chef Sam held the elevator door open for me, and guess who was in it! LOL. Oh chess, the short cute guy. He's very shy, but he has a nice car. I love the color blue! Lol. Next time I'll talk to him... Forsure. When it's just me and him and when we're not in an elevator full of other girls and Chef Sam.
     After PCI, I headed to Allyson's house. I gave her the gift! She's my special somebody of the day! Yay! I hope you loved the TOFU! And the fruit tarts and cake. I think the cake tastes okay in general. But yea. We got to talk for a bit, and then Kim called asking me if I wanted to go to SJSU with her.
     At SJSU, Kim wanted to loook for an art consultant for her project so we went to the art building. It's AMAZING! I love it! Cute guys everywhere too! Lol. The people there are really nice. Kim got some of her answers and stuff. We then went to karate and chilled there for a bit. I took some pics of the SJSU thing by the way. I'll post them up when I'm NOT busy... But yea, I gotta study for French and finish HW. Bleh...