I saw him today, before class started! Lol. Let's call him sheepskin. Iono why, just something random that pops into my mind. So I texted Wilson and I was like "OMGOMGOMG!" and he's like, "Dude your head over heels for him". No Wilson, I'm not head over heels for him. I don't even like him, I don't even know him! I just really admire him.
     Trig was good today. I kinda talked to him. I asked him what color does red and green make, which is brown. Lol! I'm slowly getting to talk to him... right? Lol. I just want to be friends, STICTLY friends. The END.
     I had my PCI final today. Dun, Dun, Dun... We made an Almond Sponge Cake and 6 Tartlets. I aced it! Yay! My buttercream was a little off color, but it's alright. I did good. I brought my music today. Lol. We also made our dough for the croissants. Yum yum! I think it'll be done on Monday? Probably. Oh! After class, I hurried and changed and I was walking towards the elevator/stairs. I was gonna take the stairs, but Chef Sam held the elevator door open for me, and guess who was in it! LOL. Oh chess, the short cute guy. He's very shy, but he has a nice car. I love the color blue! Lol. Next time I'll talk to him... Forsure. When it's just me and him and when we're not in an elevator full of other girls and Chef Sam.
     After PCI, I headed to Allyson's house. I gave her the gift! She's my special somebody of the day! Yay! I hope you loved the TOFU! And the fruit tarts and cake. I think the cake tastes okay in general. But yea. We got to talk for a bit, and then Kim called asking me if I wanted to go to SJSU with her.
     At SJSU, Kim wanted to loook for an art consultant for her project so we went to the art building. It's AMAZING! I love it! Cute guys everywhere too! Lol. The people there are really nice. Kim got some of her answers and stuff. We then went to karate and chilled there for a bit. I took some pics of the SJSU thing by the way. I'll post them up when I'm NOT busy... But yea, I gotta study for French and finish HW. Bleh...

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