Pretty fun day, not gonna lie. De Anza was alright, but after school I drove home and took a shower. Then I left for PCI. I was hella early so I crashed at Jeff's place for a little then went to school. I went hella early because I was going to put my pastries in oven to finally bake. lol. PCI was hella fun today! We made PIZZA! Omg. Hella good, hella fun. I made only one pork/chicken/mushroom pizza and I gave it away to the guys in Chef Udo's class. I think they liked it. They're 90% male dominant in that room so they need their meet. Pork is gross... I also brought some of my chocolate puffed pastries for the guys, but then I was like, "JUDE! I made these for you!" and I guess he just took the whole thing. LOL. Hella funny.
     Alright, now it's time for me to tell you about the rest of my day. To be on the safe side, I'm not gonna reveal his name yet. SUCKA! Haha. Only the few chosen ones know.
     So after class, I texted sheepskin and he gave me his adress. It's hella close to WC Santa Clara! He has a nice little place with his dad. So we just chilled for a bit until his friend came. Then they decided to go play poker and catch the midnight showing of 2012. So I went home to drop off food and ask for permission, then I went back to his place. I met 2 more friends of his; one's a girl and one's a korean. LOL. Random. So yea, we just went to this place to play poker. Then we headed to the movie theaters. Free tickets because he works there! Yeayuh! haha. We got really good seats too. That movie was hella long. It was pretty good, but I didn't fully enjoy it because I was dozing off. I'm so glad he was there to be a shoulder to sleep on. He's like a friken teddy bear! Haha. Yea, I had a really good night. I'm pretty definite that he likes me back. Yay!
     I'm trying to cut this short because I have to leave in a bit to take my car to my dad's place. The end! Lol.

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