I didn't really talk to Asher today. He kinda just left us after class. Wilson came with us to De Anza! YAY! I gace him a BIG FAT hug. Lol. We all went to Chipotles; Darren, Wilson, Donald, Alex, Vince, David, and David's friend. I just got chips, ate it, and left for school.
     I gave Jude my Goldfish. He was starving and was picking off all of the mussel from the morning culinary class and eating it. Class was fun. We made Banana Bread and Guelgoph. The banana bread tastes hella good! I love it! Lol. After class, Lynn and I stayed back for a bit to work on our gingerbread house. We didn't get much done. We just sheeted some dough and baked some. We baked it for too long so when we tried to cut it, it was already hard, but we got some pieces cut out of it. No biggie. I burned myself terribly today. I thought it was smart to melt white chocolate and try to carry the hot bowl with my bare hands back to my table. Let's just say the bowl fell to the ground after 2 seconds (but it didn't spill). Now my fingers are burnt.
     I was supposed to take karate today with Kim but I got home about 15 minutes before it began and I'm hella tired. Plus, I gotta do my laundry so badly, find my uniform, do hw and test corrections, rewrite more PCI notes and try not to think of Asher. Alright, I'm going to go pursue my goals.





     Pretty fun day, not gonna lie. De Anza was alright, but after school I drove home and took a shower. Then I left for PCI. I was hella early so I crashed at Jeff's place for a little then went to school. I went hella early because I was going to put my pastries in oven to finally bake. lol. PCI was hella fun today! We made PIZZA! Omg. Hella good, hella fun. I made only one pork/chicken/mushroom pizza and I gave it away to the guys in Chef Udo's class. I think they liked it. They're 90% male dominant in that room so they need their meet. Pork is gross... I also brought some of my chocolate puffed pastries for the guys, but then I was like, "JUDE! I made these for you!" and I guess he just took the whole thing. LOL. Hella funny.
     Alright, now it's time for me to tell you about the rest of my day. To be on the safe side, I'm not gonna reveal his name yet. SUCKA! Haha. Only the few chosen ones know.
     So after class, I texted sheepskin and he gave me his adress. It's hella close to WC Santa Clara! He has a nice little place with his dad. So we just chilled for a bit until his friend came. Then they decided to go play poker and catch the midnight showing of 2012. So I went home to drop off food and ask for permission, then I went back to his place. I met 2 more friends of his; one's a girl and one's a korean. LOL. Random. So yea, we just went to this place to play poker. Then we headed to the movie theaters. Free tickets because he works there! Yeayuh! haha. We got really good seats too. That movie was hella long. It was pretty good, but I didn't fully enjoy it because I was dozing off. I'm so glad he was there to be a shoulder to sleep on. He's like a friken teddy bear! Haha. Yea, I had a really good night. I'm pretty definite that he likes me back. Yay!
     I'm trying to cut this short because I have to leave in a bit to take my car to my dad's place. The end! Lol.
     Super long day, but totally fun. I failed my Trig test, but Jimmy got to meet Darren and stuff. Lol.
     I went to Jeff's house today and ate some bagel bites, then went to school. I visited Amanda, she was recently in the hospital so I wanted to check up on her status. It's good to hear that she's doing well. Jude and this other guy joined me in the elevator. We had a nice chat going on. Lol. We made whole grain bread and extra baguettes today. We made the extra baguettes into Epis, which is a design that looks like wheat stocks. It's pretty cool and hella easy to make. We did hella today in class, but it wasn't stressful. I also prepared some puffed pastries ready to be baked. Yesh! Tomorrow, I'm gonna prepare a croissant dough so Sarah can help me. I guess I'll give her the extra dough, or make extras for her to enjoy. After class, I had perfect timing. Right when I finished dressing, I opened the door and Jeff and Jude were leaving class. Jeff helped me carry all of my friken baguettes. LOL. What a sweetheart.
     So, I went home, dropped off some food, dropped food off at karate and Darren's, watched the Steelers VS Broncos game (GO STEELERS!), ordered Cheesesteak at the Cheesesteak shop (My name is now Melinda), and chilled at Alan's house (our first time being in his house!) It's a nice cozy house. Now I'm at home and I gotta seriously do trig. Bleh.
     Even though it's technically 12 right now, I'm gonna blog as if it were yesterday.
     Today has been such a busy day for me. All I gotta say about De Anza is, I met up with Asher before school and he gave me his hw to copy and stuff. Then as I'm sitting in French, he texts me saying that someone stole his book, so he basically made me feel like shit. I was like OMG I'm Hella SORRY! After Trig, Jimmy, Asher and I went to Asher's first class to check if his book was in there and Low-and-behold, it was. I was like, "ASSHOLE!" Lol. Funny. Jimmy and I went to Pho Wagon and had some pretty delicious Pad Thai. Yum yum. I hella showed you up at eating Jimmy! Lol, jk.
    After I dropped off Jimmy, I went to Jeff's place and chilled for a bit. It's pretty nice and relaxing. We just chilled and talked and stuff. Then he drove me to PCI. We made whole wheat bread and baguettes. It was a hella relaxing day today. The culinary class made hella food so it was like a buffet there. I chilled with Jeff and Jude for a bit. I hella stole Jude's food and started eating it. LOL! Sarah Le came in today too! It was nice seeing her. I think she's auditing a class next wednesday. Anyways! Hella chill day.
     After class, I waited till Jeff was done and then we headed out to his car. OMG! Jude, Jeff and I were in the elevator and Jude was talking to his gf (Strike 2) and he was hella rude to her and stuff (strike 3!) I was like, "Total turn off". Whatever, I told you I didn't like him Wilson! LOL. He's still hella cool though, just pretty disrespectful. Anyways, Jeff dropped me off at my car and I decided to then go to Bed Bath and Beyond.
     I seriously didn't want to go home so I was wandering around there. I swear! I was like texting and walking around and looking at random stuff. Yea, I'm hella random. In the end, I decided to go to the Cambrian party, but Jeff called telling me to chill with him so I went to his place again. It was hella nice. We just talked for hours! Then his gf came. She seems like an angry person! LOL. It was cool though. After Jeff's I met up with the guys at the mall.
     They wanted to watch a movie apparently. It was Alex, Hieu, Perry, Alan and Darren. We just hella messed around and played tag and stuff. Hella fun. We just decided to go back to my place and watch a movie. We ended up watching Marley & Me. Hella sad! I was trying not to cry but I think a single tear escaped from my eyes. Anyways, I'm hecka exhausted right now. I'm going to go to sleep then go to PCI in the morning to help out with a Hobby Class. Then, Folsom! Whoo whoo! Lol, I didn't even ask my parents yet and I'm just going... Terrible. I just hella forgot about it. Anyways, NIGHT.
     I hope I did well on my french test. I probably failed trig. Big surprise. After class, I met up with Patty. I bumped into Daniel Isozaki first though. LOL. Patty and I went to Hilltop, but it was closed. Then we went to Valco but there wasn't anything good so we just went back to the Quickly's in front of De Anza. She bought food for her friend's birthday and we also shared passion fruit pearl tea and popcorn chicken rice bowl. Yum! She then took me back to De Anza and followed me to PCI. I was supposed to go with her to her friend's school, but then it was pretty late so I just stayed at school.
     I hung out with Jude's group for a little, then I went inside and changed. Today was a pretty hectic day. I finished my croissants and I made baguette doughs. I also made hella cookies for the graduation and helped chef make cookies. Fucking Jeff! He texted me and he was like "This might sound gay... well it is gay but ur chef has a sexy french accent" LMAO, I couldn't help but to tell chef. He was like "Who's your friend?" And I was like "That guy that walked by earlier" and he was like GUY!? WHAT THE EFF?!? It was HILARIOUS! But no, I agree with Jeff. Chef has a super sexy french accent. Chef Udo has a super sexy German accent. I love accents. LOL.
     I got home early today. FUCK! I need to fill up gas. For some reason, my credit card didn't work. Uh oh... I made it home though, easy peasy lemon squeasy.
     I'm talking to Jeff right now. He was like "Nah, I'm really gay" So I was like "really? I don't believe you but sure" and he was like "LOL. I'm not really". I enjoy talking to Jeffrey. He's also really comfortable to talk to. I don't even know him that well yet he's calling me names and making fun of me (both in a good way) as if I'm his good friend or something. I think we'll be meeting up for lunch. We're going with Jap food this time. I'm deciding between Sushi Boat Kazoo or Sushi Zone. More on the Sushi Zone though. Ughh. I really should be doing homework. I'll blog more later.

As of 11/2/09
Oh, My, God. Happy Birthday Darren! Lol
     I have no idea how to spell it. Let me recap on my day from my last blog. Hella sleepy by the way. Sorry if I don't make sense.
     I met up with Jeff at Chipotle's on Saratoga, we got our food togo because we were running late. Then we went to PCI and ate lunch in 10 minutes. I had to change first. When I came out to the lounge, Jeff was sittind with Jude. LOL. Jude took a bite our of my bowl. Yay! Haha. Now I have Jude germs... Anyways, I took ike 2 bites of my food then I packed up. I wasn't that hungry to start with. I just bought it, just because. Anyways, class was quiet. Lol, as always. We had to prep for our final. I hella messed up on my bear claws. Gosh! I'm hella stressing out right now. This fucking sucks! Jeff brough us some food (Falafel ball and other healthy food) and I brought them some of my Babas. I swear to God that I'm gonna have good alcohol tolerance by the time I graduate. My class LOVES to put rum in all the things we do...
     Dude! Friken culinary class gets out hella early! I never get to meet up with them after class. I wish they would wait for me. LOL. I'm not that close with them... yet. I should ask them out to dinner. "Them" as in Jude, Jeff and their friends. Most likely, I'll be the only girl, which isn't much of a surprise. Lol. I like hanging out with guys.
     So, when I got home, I took pics of my food and then went to karate, dropped off some food, then went to Mountain Mikes for pizza night. Alex didn't come with us so we all ended up getting 5 slices. We ordered Pike's Peak (with mushrooms). I finished hella fast! Fucking Alan didn't finish his 5 slices, he only ate 3 and he was full. LOL. Weakass! Haha, jk Alan! After, Alan and I went to Darren's house, chilled, then I went home and did french hw. Gosh! I'm hella sleepy and hella stressing out. I have 2 exams tomorrow and 1 final. FML! Alright, I'm gonna sleep. NIGHT.
     Alright, maybe not "24" hours, but I spent most of my day with him. Let's recap:
     I skipped French and stayed in the library with him instead. We were hella messing around. Kevin texted me saying that there was a creeper (named Kevin Nguyen) who wanted him to hook us up. I was like "Creeper Kevin?" Pretty loud and then was like "oh.." because he was sitting close to Darren and I in the library. FUCK! LOL. Oh well. We just kept messing around in the library. I spammed him about a few hundred times on his phone and on facebook. Hehe. Let's see. Trig was boring as usual. Exam tomorrow! I'm not ready.. FUCK!
     We just chilled in the library until it was 11:40 AM. That's when I had to leave to meet up with Jeffrey (from PCI). We were having lunch at Pizza My Heart. So when I got there, I was like, "Okay, he's not here yet, I'll just order something". So I order and I sit outside and wait. He never showed up! By the time it was 12, I had to leave or else I'd be late for class. So I left. When I got to school I saw him, but I had to change. Right when I got out I bumped into him and he was with Jude. LOL! I was like "DUDE! What happened? Where were you?" I found out that he was at a completely different Pizza My Heart (In Saratoga). We're gonna have lunch again, probably tomorrow. I hope he calls or texts me or something. I just gave him my number. When I was going to class though, I saw Jude and waved to him.
     Class was quiet today. Not much really happened. Our final is on Wednesday! EEK! LOL. Oh well. The good thing is, Jude walked past my class away from my class, then he walked towards my class so I got to wave and smile at him. Yay!
     After class, I met up with Jeffery for a bit. Then I went to Darren's house. Alan was already there. They were just washing their cars. LOL.  After they washed and stuff, we just chilled then went to CHILI'S for Darren's birthday dinner. Alex, Perry, Jesse, Vince and Kenny were also there. I was the only girl... Even though I ate only appetizers, I was HELLA FULL! We had so much food that It ended up being $117 about. They also gave Darren and free Molten cake. LOL! I swear to GOD that it was Kenny's idea! But... I'll take the credit if you want Kenny. Hehe.
     After Chili's, we went back to Darren's place and played Dirty Minds and Cranium. We ended up just doing the star performer on a speed timer to see how many you can get. LOL. It was fun. We also had Ice cream cake. Yes, I texted everyone telling them to cake you. YUM! Haha! Love! I had a super fun day for Darren's 18th. DUDE YOU'RE OLD! Hehe. Alrighty, Imma sleep now. NIGHT!
p.s I'll post pictures up when I'm free or something...



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     Today was an extraordinary day. Trig was boring as usual, but after class, Jimmy, Jimmy, Asher and I went to the library for a little study group. We did the trig hw and kinda understood it. Dude! Asher is actually pretty smart! Only because he goes to tutoring though. Anyways, yea. They're all hella funny. Yum yum. I felt lucky to be in a locked room with 3 guys. Hehe. LOL jkjk. When Asher was leaving, he gave me hug. LOVE! Us 3 just left minutes after when we finished hw. I should've given them both hugs too! Darn. It's a happy hugging day!
     I went to PCI a little later than usual today. I just chilled outside like usual but Jude wasn't there. Darn. So yea, class was fun. We made Brioche a Tete, Tropezienne, and Fruit Brioche. Lol. I put rum in my fruit Brioche, which I think tastes ehh.. The others, I havn't really tried yet. Today was my day to take out the trash! I'm hella glad I went out! So I went downstairs, and kinda peeked outside and I saw Jude and his friends all smoking and what not. So I take out the trash and I walk back in and so I wave at Jude and he comes with me into the elevator. LOL! He's hella funny and nice. But super sarcastic. He's a very comfortable person to talk to because he's hella chill and everything. So yea, I'm like wheeling this massive garbage thing around and we're talking and everything. It was nice. he's hella scared of Chef Alex. I told Chef Alex to scare him next time. Hehe. So yea, he was like "Bring us food!" So I was like Yeah! Sure! And I brought his class one of the Fruit breads without the rum. I don't think he was there, I dropped off food, saw Jeffrey and was like "Merry Christmas!" And left. LOL. I think I was blushing or something. Lynn, this adult in my class, was like, "Gosh Jessica, You're such a flirt!" Because I told her that I liked to take down the garbage because I made new friends. LOL.
     We got out earlier today, but everyone was already gone by then. Darn. Oh wells, next time! I stopped by karate and gave Allan Dale and Mrs. Alino some of my "rum" bread (fruit brioche) and chilled for a while, then we left. It was nice. I hella want to go hang out with Kim and Patty right now. I hope they're not busy!




     I hate trig. Good thing I sit next to Jimmy! Lol. After trig, Jimmy and Asher walked me to the library. Oh chess! What a lucky duck I am. Lol. Tiffany and I went to Starbucks and Tartini for lunchish. I just got a drink at Starbucks and she got a crepe from Tartini.
     So, when I got to PCI, I immediately went to chill with the girls. Some other guys were there and we just talked and stuff, then I went upstairs to change, dropped off my stuff and went back down. Then... I saw him! We both smiled and said "hey". Then the worst thing in the world happened, he started to smoke. Bleh! So yea, I was just chilling there then I stood up and I was like, "BTW! I'm Jessica!" with a big smile and he immediately responded to "I'm Jude!" LOL. Oh chess. I got his name. Then his friend and I were talking and his friend was like "You have a really nice smile" and I'm like THANKS! And Jude was like "You stole my parking spot you noob!" And I was like "WTF, you're too slow! You gotta fight for what you want" and his friend was all backing me up and everything. LOL. Then he started smoking and I felt awkward so I slowly inched my way around. I didn't have anything else to say so I was playing with my phone and calling Patty and stuff. Then he left. I guess I'll hang with them tomorrow so it doesn't seem like I hate them or anything. He's a pretty cool/chill guy. I'm not gonna judge him.
     We made a lot of breads today. All braided. I did a 3 braid, 4 braid, and even a 5 braid! Hells crazy right? 3 and 4 are both easy. The 5, I have to remind myself what I'm doing. I didn't see them for the rest of the day which is kinda upsetting, but it's alright. When I went down, I saw Jeffrey from FB! LOL. We were hella talking. It was nice. It was like we were friends to start with and stuff.
     I dropped by karate and gave them a loaf of bread. KJN Ernie was there and he took a piece of my sugar bread. When I went home, Shelby called me 5 minutes later telling me that KJN Ernie DEMANDED more bread. LOL! Everyone was honestly shocked by what he said. Everyone says he eats really healthy and he's pretty picky. So having him want MORE of my food makes me feel happy. YAY! So I came back to karate, dropped off bread and chilled for a while. Then Kavin came and picked me up and we went to the theaters to watch Paranormal Activity.
     I got motion sickness. It was really bad. I'm still pretty bleh right now. There were some scary parts but also hella funny parts. After the movies, Kavin took me back to the studio and Allan Dale was still there so we all just chilled. Brandon was there too and I rode on his longboard for a while. I miss longboarding, really. So yea we just chilled and stuff. Then I went home. Now I'm here, talking to the teeo Jimmy's in my trig class. It's late (12:34 AM) I'm gonna sleep soon.