I have no idea how to spell it. Let me recap on my day from my last blog. Hella sleepy by the way. Sorry if I don't make sense.
     I met up with Jeff at Chipotle's on Saratoga, we got our food togo because we were running late. Then we went to PCI and ate lunch in 10 minutes. I had to change first. When I came out to the lounge, Jeff was sittind with Jude. LOL. Jude took a bite our of my bowl. Yay! Haha. Now I have Jude germs... Anyways, I took ike 2 bites of my food then I packed up. I wasn't that hungry to start with. I just bought it, just because. Anyways, class was quiet. Lol, as always. We had to prep for our final. I hella messed up on my bear claws. Gosh! I'm hella stressing out right now. This fucking sucks! Jeff brough us some food (Falafel ball and other healthy food) and I brought them some of my Babas. I swear to God that I'm gonna have good alcohol tolerance by the time I graduate. My class LOVES to put rum in all the things we do...
     Dude! Friken culinary class gets out hella early! I never get to meet up with them after class. I wish they would wait for me. LOL. I'm not that close with them... yet. I should ask them out to dinner. "Them" as in Jude, Jeff and their friends. Most likely, I'll be the only girl, which isn't much of a surprise. Lol. I like hanging out with guys.
     So, when I got home, I took pics of my food and then went to karate, dropped off some food, then went to Mountain Mikes for pizza night. Alex didn't come with us so we all ended up getting 5 slices. We ordered Pike's Peak (with mushrooms). I finished hella fast! Fucking Alan didn't finish his 5 slices, he only ate 3 and he was full. LOL. Weakass! Haha, jk Alan! After, Alan and I went to Darren's house, chilled, then I went home and did french hw. Gosh! I'm hella sleepy and hella stressing out. I have 2 exams tomorrow and 1 final. FML! Alright, I'm gonna sleep. NIGHT.

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