Today, Darren and I carpooled to school. Darren picked me up and we got to De Anza by 8 AM. So... Early. We just chilled in the library till it was time for me to go to class.
     After class, I had extra time so I went to the library to get my trig book, then I headed to class. After class, I went back into the library, I figured that Darren would've been already in class so I started on my homework. Then Darren met up with me at the library, he didn't get into class, unfortunately. We went upstairs, to the quiet parts of the library and I watched How I Met Your Mother. Omg, seriously hilarious! I was laughing to myself. Somehow, Alex and Vince found us... Random? Anyways, Patty called me later and her and I went out to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and she got fries and a Mc Chicken from McDonalds. Around 12:30 PM, she took me back to school and dropped me off.
     I then met up with the guys and we went back to our "spot" in the library. OMG, when I was there, I saw ADAM! LOLOL. He's the guy from my orientation class. I seriously think he thinks I'm weird. I'm sorry I'm so awkward. So yea, the guys went to class so I was sitting alone laughing as I was watching HIMYM. Adam was sitting a few tables away from me with people at his table. LOL. I think he noticed me, how can you not notice me? I'm wearing vibrant yellow! LOL. Anyways, After a few episodes, I decide to then do my homework. I thought it was smart to do trig and listen to music at the same time. Terrible idea. I can't multitask for my life... I attempted to do homework. Around 3:25, I decided to leave. I didn't know where to go so I somehow wandered my way to the car. I chilled there for a little until Donald and Darren came.
     After we got back to Milpitas, we got to drive by the band. We all, of course, yelled PENIS! Lol. After we dropped off Donald, we went to Frank's house so I could pick up my longboard. Then we went to school and chilled till band was over.
     Long. Day. I'm tired. I'm debating whether I should go to black belt tryouts or not.
     Today was quite an adventure I must say. I woke up, cleaned the house, did the laundry and attempted to reorganized my room. At 12:30 PM, Jessica Lim showed up at the footsteps of my front door ready to head out for a fun filling day with the rest of the ladies. I hadn't quite gotten ready, nor had I asked my mom if I had permission to leave, so I cleaned up what I could and made the hallways spotless. I got ready and as I was about to leave, I asked my mom if I had permission to go.
     Afterwards, Jessica and I drove all the way to Pasta Pomodoro where we met up with June and Clare. We waited about 5 minutes until we were seated. The lunch was delicious but filling. We ordered salad, chicken pasta alfredo and ravioli. We had a nice family style lunch that cost us about $7 each. Not bad. On the way out, I noticed that Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland sat a table away from us, I didn't hesitate to acknowledge them and wave. That was quite a suprise I must admit. We had time to kill so we walked over to Wal-Mart.
     Upon our arrival, we encountered Marc! I can't believe he's leaving to Cal Poly too! But to Pamona instead of San Luis Obispo. We all headed over to the optometry area so I could buy new contacts, but the doctor said that my perscription expired so I had to get a new written perscription from my doctor. We had more time to kill so we walked our way towards Michaels. No, I did not see a familiar face there, BUT I bought a basket for my magazines! I feel so accomplished, it was 50% off.
     After, we walked back to our cars and headed to Milpitas High School. Clare and I parked on Arizona. As I got out of my car, a familiar voice called my name. I looked past the gates and there was Frank. Random! Clare, June, Jessica and I walked towards school, but since my optometrist was near Nobhill, I departed from them and headed over there.
     As I got there, I asked for a new written perscription in order for me to buy new contacts. I had to pay and extra $30 for an exam and they were able to fit me in right at that time so I immediately took the spot. It was quick and easy and now I have my written perscription. My doctor also told me that I had slight astigmatism but it's not that noticable. What the heck is that? Anyways, I headed back to school and I twittered, "I'm at MHS, if you find me you get bonus points" or something like that. Too bad no one found me. Jen was looking for me, sorta. Lol.
      After regrouping with the ladies and Kristine, we walked to the cars and headed over to Orange Tree. Jessica Lim and June went to Quickly's for a drink while Clare, Kristine and I went to Orange Tree. I didn't buy any yogurt but I got a sample of pinapple dole whip. Yum! After that, I immediatley headed over to Kim's house.
     As I got there, Anthony greeted me with a nice big "Hello!" Lol. I waited as Kim got ready and we headed out. We had to go back to get directions to Spinkles. As we went back on the road, everything went swell and smooth, until I took the wrong exit. It was the Embarcadero/Oregon exit and I went into Embarcadero instead of Oregon. We had to do a Uie and went back on the freeway. Thankgoodness for all of those signs. It lead us all the way back to Oregon, nice and smoothly. Kim and I got really excited. We survived!
     Standford Shopping Center is a nice, big, open, shopping center. I was quite amazed. We walked and found our way to Spinkles. As I was waiting in line, I noticed a man behind me that strangely looked like that creeper Jason who kept hitting on Linsey junior year. She was still with Peter at the time and Jason was annoyingly perssistant. Anyways, I don't think that was him though. Scary... I bought 2 red velvets, one for me and one for Allan Dale.  Kim bought 3 red velvets and one pumpkin spice. We went outside and enjoyed our cupcake. Red Velvet for me and Pumpkin Spice for her. Or pumpkin chai or something. I don't remember. Anyways, that one tasted exactly like pumpkin pie! Yum. We both were extremely thirsty so we headed over to Starbucks and bought a drink. As we were finding our way back to the parking lot, we got lost so we had to use the directory. Once again, a familiar voice called my name. It was actually Brian Pita. Random, but not really. I just said, "Hey.. Brian." and left. Bad memories with him...
     We had less than half an hour left before blackbelt tryouts, no map to take us home and two brains. We just backtracked everyone and somehow made it to the studio JUST IN TIME. The way back was pretty hilarious. It was rush hour and everytime I made it to the carpool lane Kim would scream and cheer and throw her hands in the air. LOL. We're a funny pair.
     At the studio, Kim and I changed super quickly and went straight to the tables. Hehe, I stole Mariah's spot. Allan Dale made her move down for me. YEA THAT'S RIGHT! I had my phone in my gee top and it kept vibrating because of all the twitters. Mariah was like, "Gosh Jessica.." Lol. Anyways. The tryouts were alright. It was only an hour long. In the end, only 5 out of the 11 candidates would have stayed, the rest would have been cut. But Allan Dale was being nice so he let them have one more chance to redeem themselves. He's so nice to them...
     After tryouts, we all just chilled, got the stereo working and blasted music. Kim and I started dancing around. Lol! So much fun! Anyways, yea. I just drove Kim home and went home myself. My dad's friends from LA arrived. I hecka don't remember them. Oh well, they're taking over my brothers' room. I was practicing drums earlier. I'm terrible at it, so I'm trying to get better. I got tired of playing, plus I got kicked out of my brothers' room by my mom so now I'm here blogging. Sorry I couldn't go to your party Tina! I doubt you're reading this anyways. I really wanted to go eat ramen with you guys! Darn... Anyways, I had quite an adventure today. It was fun. Tomorrow I have PCI Orientation at 10 in the morning! Then I might head out to Gunderson High School for the tournament. Hopefully I won't get lost. It's only going to be me driving...
     I spent this whole morning cleaning. All I did was clean... and watch Heroes. I started cleaning up my "project" downstairs. Then I got hungry and grabbed some cereal to eat. We ran out of milk but good thing I still had some soymilk. Yum! Healthy breakfast! Afterwards, I went to my brother's room to clean. I was making progress until my mom's best friend came. She cleaned like a monster! I had to stop Heroes for a little bit. Oh wells, now my brother's room is squeaky clean. Then I started cleaning the hallway and my sister's bathroom. It's so much cleaner now. I was going to start on my room but I got really tired and lazy so I started watching Heroes. OMG So good!
     When it was around 3, I went to pick up Darren. Wilson couldn't go with us. Tear. Right when I was walking out, Frank was at the door with his friend because he wanted to borrow my longboard. DANG! He has it with him right now! Bleh. I'll pick it up later. Anyways, Darren and I picked up Kenny at SJSU then we drove to Falafel's Drive-In. Yum! Lol. We stayed there for less than half and hour, then we went to drop off Kenny so he could pack. Darren and I chilled in the parking lot and waited for Kenny.
     Afterwards, I drove to Darren's house and dropped off the guys. I went home and watched some more Heroes. Now I'm here, I picked up my mom, got my eye brows waxed and now I'm here. I want to go Rockband at Darren's but I don't know if my parents will let me. I haven't asked yet...
     It was a quiet peaceful morning. I did the usual on Sunday mornings; eat pho with my family. We had a party at night so I expected my day to be filled with cleaning, cleaning, and of course, more cleaning. As I was cleaning I got a random phone text from Jen. She wanted to hang out today! I immediately agreed but then, what were we going to do? I didn't want to spend any money so we had to be creative. Jen had practice from 1 to 3, so between that time, I decided to longboard over to Wilson's house. He kept me captive for about 10 minutes and fed me homemade fruit sorbet. After I escaped, I longboarded back home and cleaned for the remeinder of the time I had left.
     Then... at 3, I got a phone call from Jen. She was in trouble! She had no ride to my house, so I went and picked her up at Southbay. We went to my cousin's house to pick up parcels for my mom. I dropped it off at home and that was when our adventure started.
      We agreed to go to the top level of the parking structure. Since there was a slope, we long boarded down there for a little. The patrollers were roaming around so we decided to call it quits after a few rounds. I didn't want to keep my car up there so it could get raped, so I drove it down and parked next to a nice yellow sports car. If they decided to break into any car, it would be that yellow car. Jen and I went inside the mall and immediately walked to Daiso. That store is just oh so cute. Jen found these Zodiac Animal juggling bags and started to sort them out and find all the animals. I took a picture with the ram while she took a picture with the monkey. She's such a monkey...
     After Daiso, we walked around the mall and we found KOHLS. (Happy Kenny?) Jen had this genius idea to find bras that wont fit us and take pictures with them. I got this massive bra in leopard print while she got a tiny bra in zebra print. Fun times with bras is all I can tell you.
     After Kohls, we were about to call it day until I reminded her why we went to the mall in the first place... to take pictures with mannequins! We walked around and found some nice mannequins and started taking pictures with them. People were looking at us and laughing. It's totally worth it. We went to Forever 21, Love Culture, and another store.
     After our mission was complete, we were about to call it quits AGAIN, but then... We saw Victoria's Secret. We absolutely HAD to get pictures with those mannequins! I made a new best friend! I noticed that, as I was taking pictures with the mannequin, these guys were watching us... CREEPER! Jen and I darted out of there immediately.
     We also found a Japanese Photo booth! We definitely had to take pictures in there! We didn't have to think twice. We paid the $8 and went in. It was so much fun. There were monkey bars so we could climb all over it and everything! I'll have to upload those pics later. It's the best! We finally called it quits and headed back home. Jen wanted to visit Frank so we had this genuis idea where I drive my parent's beamer and dress up like a gangster. Then Jen and Kevin will shove Frank into my car and we drive away. So I went home, got the keys to the beamer and went to Frank's house.
     I have to admit, that plan failed miserably. After our fail plan, the 4 of us just chilled in front of Frank's house. We talked and stuff and Jen and I had to go back home to eat dinner. Dinner was delicious! Yum for steak! Jen was salivating over all of the food. Lol! But yea. Salmon tastes so good! Jen liked it so much that my mom let her take some food home. LOL! After dinner, Jen and I headed out back to Frank's house. We were GOING to take him to Allyson's house but he didn't want to. Jen got fed up and we just left. We weren't going to let this ruin our day. Instead, we went and randomly picked up Axell and went to Allyson's house. We chilled around for a bit, went inside, and when it started pouring, we went back outside. We started dancing around and everything. It was so much fun! Axell didn't want to get wet so I gave him my umbrella to hold. He was our photographer of the day. I cracked the window in my car and started to blast music. Dancing in the rain and rocking out to music is the best shit in the world. Especially when you spend it with people like Jen, Allyson and Axell.

     That night was so much fun! It was still pouring when I drove Jen home. I'm glad Axell stayed with me. Thank you! It was really pouring and I had trouble seeing. But Axell helped me through it. I wouldn't've asked for a different night. It was just so much fun! Sorry I got your jacket wet Wilson! I'll wash it! I promise!

    This is the video Jen! It's hecka cute isn't it?
    So I woke up and I thought it was Sunday. My first Saturday off in 2 years! Minus the holidays of course. So I woke up, did nothing, then took my grandma to my cousin's house. I stayed there for a little then my aunt and cousin took me out to eat pho. Yum. Then my cousin went to YogurtTwist and got a big ass cup of froyo. DANG. She's a tiny little beast. Lol.
     We go back to her house, then I take my Grandma home. Then I decide to longboard to school, so I do and I meet up with Wilson. Perry came about 5 minutes later. It was getting hot so we kept relocating but we ended up going under the bleachers behind the band. Lol. Nice and cool. It was nice and relaxing too. Then out of nowhere, I see Frank and Kevin longboarding. RANDOM. Lol. So I call up Frank and tell him that I'm stalking him. Lol. Anyways. We didn't really do much, nothing much to say about band.
     Kim Nguyen, my cousin, texted me and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I ended up going to Oakridge Mall and meeting some of her friends. OMG KIM. I'M IN LOVE WITH DAVID'S EYES. HE HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NATURAL EYES EVER FOR A FULL VIETNAMESE GUY. I absolutely love it! I'm so glad he kept looking my way, his eyes are like the morning sun. His eyes are exactly like Son Nguyen's eyes. NOW do you know how I feel?
     ANYWAYS. Kim and I watch Halloween 2. FUCKING CRAZY SCARY AND GORY! It was a bad/confusing movie, but it was scary as hell. After the movie, we walked around the mall for a bit and then go home. At Kim's house, she showed me her awesomely amazing scrapbook and all the stories that go with it. I seriously wish that I redid high school. Her high school experience was so off the roofs it was crazy. I'm so jealous! She had so many wild experiences, many loss of friends but also gained twice as much, she just had an overall full experience of high school. I wish that I followed in her footsteps. I consider Kim one of the people I would look to if I needed any creativity or just someone to party with. Lol!
     That night was pretty fun. It was a good night. I LOVE DAVID'S EYES...

          Eugene: I know how to keep control
          Eugene: even while tispy
          Eugene: But damn that stuff was good
          Eugene: omg im making typos already
          Eugene: shit

          Kenny Ngo: NO JOKES         
          Kenny Ngo:
          Kenny Ngo: brb bathroom
          Kenny Ngo:
a really huge shit coming
          Kenny Ngo: im sorry
     I woke up at 10 today and drove to De Anza with Donald at 11 to get our ID cards. He's so awkwardly silent! Bleh. So I went and got my ID and everything but Donald had to go and pay fees first so he left to do that. I look like I'm friken mi deng! Lol. So yea, Donald payed for his fees and everything and then took his photo ID and then we went home. I dropped him off at Nob Hill, went home, played comptuer till 2 and went to visit the band. When I got to school, Darren was ironically right behind me. Lol.
     Today was such a productive day because I got my ID card, I returned Jen's, Kirsten's and Wilson's jacket, Allyson's shirt and salami, and I gave Dee the "cheat sheet". At school, we just longboarded around and stuff. Kaldy got hella mad at people and lectured them because a lot of them were missing out on practices and stuff. Lame! Yea...
     After band, I went over to Frank's house and took him to Fremont to look for the longboarding shop. We couldn't find it and ended up driving around somewhere random and stuff. Then we went back to Milpitas, got some really good pizza and went to the hills to sit on a curb and enjoy the scenery while eating pizza. Then we went to Axell's house to get him to longboard but he couldn't so I just took Frank home and went home myself.
     I feel like I accomplished a lot today. Yay! I want to visit Eugene you guys! Let's do it! I can drive there if you want, until I get tired or until my leg starts to cramp up. Let's do it!
     Today was an unproductive day. EXCEPT at 3-4, I went to school to pick up Jen. I said hi to a bunch of the "sophomores" and we left towards  Fremont. When we got to her house, her mom wasn't there yet so we went to Panera Bread for lunch instead. Yum! Lunch date with Jen is awesome! Then we went to Yoswirl, parked the car and walked to Half Priced Books. I just bought 2 new notebooks for school. Yay! After, her mom was home so I went back to Jen's place and her Dad drove us to my Dad's shop while auntie took Rochelle's car. Afterwards, I got treated out at Yoswirl! Yay! Even though I was HELLA full already, I couldn't help but get the usual amount that I always do. IT'S A HABIT!! Bleh. Lol. Jeremy had to finish my froyo because I was too full. THANK YOU! When we got back to Jen's house, I decided to go home and catch some Z's before class. I slept for almost an hour until Frank called me. Wow. Good thing I didn't work or else I'd be yelling at him. But Frank is Frank. He always calls and texts me.
     Class wasn't that bad. Although I didn't want to come, I forced myself to anyways because Kim said she'd go. It's funny because at karate, she said she didn't want to go anymore. LMAO! It's alright though, we learned more grappling. I'm so scared of doing the armbar on Kim, ONLY because I think I'm gonna sit on her face! I'm also afraid to do that one arm lock thing because I don't want to break her elbow! She can't feel it for some reason so I don't want to keep going until it snaps. Bleh. All in all, class wasn't that bad. After class, we just chilled and talked and stuff. It was nice. WHY KIM, WHY DO YOU HAVE SCHOOL? Oh yea! I missed Melrose Place too! Danggit. I'll try to catch it on the internet then.