So I woke up and I thought it was Sunday. My first Saturday off in 2 years! Minus the holidays of course. So I woke up, did nothing, then took my grandma to my cousin's house. I stayed there for a little then my aunt and cousin took me out to eat pho. Yum. Then my cousin went to YogurtTwist and got a big ass cup of froyo. DANG. She's a tiny little beast. Lol.
     We go back to her house, then I take my Grandma home. Then I decide to longboard to school, so I do and I meet up with Wilson. Perry came about 5 minutes later. It was getting hot so we kept relocating but we ended up going under the bleachers behind the band. Lol. Nice and cool. It was nice and relaxing too. Then out of nowhere, I see Frank and Kevin longboarding. RANDOM. Lol. So I call up Frank and tell him that I'm stalking him. Lol. Anyways. We didn't really do much, nothing much to say about band.
     Kim Nguyen, my cousin, texted me and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I ended up going to Oakridge Mall and meeting some of her friends. OMG KIM. I'M IN LOVE WITH DAVID'S EYES. HE HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NATURAL EYES EVER FOR A FULL VIETNAMESE GUY. I absolutely love it! I'm so glad he kept looking my way, his eyes are like the morning sun. His eyes are exactly like Son Nguyen's eyes. NOW do you know how I feel?
     ANYWAYS. Kim and I watch Halloween 2. FUCKING CRAZY SCARY AND GORY! It was a bad/confusing movie, but it was scary as hell. After the movie, we walked around the mall for a bit and then go home. At Kim's house, she showed me her awesomely amazing scrapbook and all the stories that go with it. I seriously wish that I redid high school. Her high school experience was so off the roofs it was crazy. I'm so jealous! She had so many wild experiences, many loss of friends but also gained twice as much, she just had an overall full experience of high school. I wish that I followed in her footsteps. I consider Kim one of the people I would look to if I needed any creativity or just someone to party with. Lol!
     That night was pretty fun. It was a good night. I LOVE DAVID'S EYES...

          Eugene: I know how to keep control
          Eugene: even while tispy
          Eugene: But damn that stuff was good
          Eugene: omg im making typos already
          Eugene: shit

          Kenny Ngo: NO JOKES         
          Kenny Ngo:
          Kenny Ngo: brb bathroom
          Kenny Ngo:
a really huge shit coming
          Kenny Ngo: im sorry

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