I spent this whole morning cleaning. All I did was clean... and watch Heroes. I started cleaning up my "project" downstairs. Then I got hungry and grabbed some cereal to eat. We ran out of milk but good thing I still had some soymilk. Yum! Healthy breakfast! Afterwards, I went to my brother's room to clean. I was making progress until my mom's best friend came. She cleaned like a monster! I had to stop Heroes for a little bit. Oh wells, now my brother's room is squeaky clean. Then I started cleaning the hallway and my sister's bathroom. It's so much cleaner now. I was going to start on my room but I got really tired and lazy so I started watching Heroes. OMG So good!
     When it was around 3, I went to pick up Darren. Wilson couldn't go with us. Tear. Right when I was walking out, Frank was at the door with his friend because he wanted to borrow my longboard. DANG! He has it with him right now! Bleh. I'll pick it up later. Anyways, Darren and I picked up Kenny at SJSU then we drove to Falafel's Drive-In. Yum! Lol. We stayed there for less than half and hour, then we went to drop off Kenny so he could pack. Darren and I chilled in the parking lot and waited for Kenny.
     Afterwards, I drove to Darren's house and dropped off the guys. I went home and watched some more Heroes. Now I'm here, I picked up my mom, got my eye brows waxed and now I'm here. I want to go Rockband at Darren's but I don't know if my parents will let me. I haven't asked yet...

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