That's a lot! but keep 'em coming! Lol. Anyways. I had a stupid trig exam today. I think I failed it... It was hella hard! Gosh! We also get to finish it tomorrow too so hopefully I'll get to add more stuff to my test if my teacher hasn't graded it yet. Trig is so hard! I wish I had a smart twin so she could take my tests for me... ALAN be my twin for the day! Lol.
     I went to the library and chilled with Darren, Alex and Vince. I hella messed up Darren's facebook! LOL. Anyways, I left to school after they went out to eat.
     I was just a few minutes late. Darn... I was hella blasting Nujabes too! Lol. Anyways. Class was BUSY! We made pound cake. Then Almond Sponge cake. Then Pastry Cream, then Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Almond Short Dough. MAN! That's a lot of dishes to do. Out final is Wednesday/Thursday and we have to make an almond cake, frost it and top it. We're also going to make an amazingly awesome fruit tart that will make you go "WOW". Lol. That's what my chef instructor said. We were super busy today though. Lots of washing and cleaning. Also piping... My hand gets really cramped from piping.. I'm sorta getting better though. Sorta.
     Chef Alex was making this amazing Gingerbread house. IT WAS NICE! He used carmelized sugar to make windows and he put doors on and OMG just amazing. He wasn't finished with it though. Note to self: When making a ginger bread house, use carmlized sugar as glue and not the frosting. It was amazing though. His class is making a gingerbread house for their final. YIKES! That's what WE'LL be doing in a few couple of months!
     When I left, I was a little too late... It's alright though. Next time. As I got home, I got a call from my sister's boyfriend. My sister's in trouble, and I mean DEEP trouble... I hope to never do the things she does. Except for getting hella money from working at home.
     I'm currently eating Saltine crackers. I need to do trig homework, but I hate trig so much. I'm just listening to Josh Golden songs. Yum.

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