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    If you asked me, "Do I hate Axell?" Would you like the absolute truth? Honestly? Honestly. I've thought about it countless times and all I could ever say is, No. I don't hate Axell. What I DO hate is the fact that we don't talk anymore. It's as if we never were friends to start with. I hate the fact that whenever we're around each other, we look the other way. It's not something I usually do, but "whatever helps you sleep at night." I hate that we're not friends anymore. I would say that he is one of my closest friends. I would go to him to talk, to rant, to cry, to scream, or to just be bored with because that's what friends do, they're there for you through thick and thin. Axell is a person with a big heart and a loving family. He would always lend an ear and an opinion to stress.
     I don't know what happened, but I guess it's part of growing up. We all change, I admit that I have changed too. But deep down inside of me, I miss the old Axell. I hear a lot of rumors and buzz going around and it makes me upset, it really does. All I can say is that I guess we're not friends anymore for a reason. I just hope that he is continually moving foward in his life. I hope that he makes the right decisions. You maybe talking about me behind my back, you might not, but whatever helps you live another day is okay with me. No, I don't hate you. I did hate you, but I don't anymore. I have no reason to.
     I'm sorry, I totally stole that picture from your facebook ages ago. I have this exact same picture printed out and stapled to my wall, right next to my door so that everytime I walk past my door, I'm sure to see it. Do you remember when we took this picture? This was at Military Ball. This is my favorite picture. I miss all the good times and memories we shared, but it's all in the past. I'm pretty sure you've erased them from your mind anyways. All I gotta say is, I miss talking to you, no doubt about that.

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