After dinner, I went and picked up Axell. Then we went to Jen's house. I showed Axell my project right before we got in. Jen was sitting on her chair in front of her table, right next to the window. Axell and I got a clear view of her so we decided to scare her. It was really funny. We ran to the door and I first jumped out and yelled "BOO!" but Axell was like "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" and started hitting the window. It was hilarious! I think Jen fell off of her chair and screamed! When Jeremy opened the door he was like, "You guys scared the whole family!" LOL. Ahh what a good night. We just chilled in Jen's room and watched Ghost Rider which was on TV. I personally didn't think that movie was good. Afterwards, Jen and I wanted to go for a walk, but Axell and Jen ate some food before we left. We walked for a little until Axell said that he had to go home. He's just chicken... ANYWAYS. We headed back, Jen's mom got me a camera stand, a camera case, and a T-Shirt. LOL. She put it in a camera box so I thought she gave me a camera. I was like, "Oh... thaaaanks..." but she was like, "You have to open it" so I did and I was like, "OH THANKS!" LOL. I already had a camera so I thought that if she got me a camera, it'd be quite useless. But anyways, that was funny.
     Axell and I headed out and I took him back to his uncle's place. He introduced me to his family and we went our seperate ways. I'm glad I got to hang out with Axell and Jen today. It was nice. I certainly filled my craving of hanging out with Axell. Oh YESH! Lol. It was fun though.

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