I got rid of a lot of clothes! I'm ready for a new shipment of clothing to come in. RIP Clothes, may your new owner treat you well. Memories. I found my missing Chef's uniform! FINALLY! My sister took it and held it hostage! (Not really). I reorganized my room a whole bunch. My bed is all nice and made, I wiped down my keyboard, tv, and table, my laundry is all put away. All I need to do next is:
  • Put away clothes that are out of season so I have room for new clothes
  • Throw out the trash.
  • Wash Clover
  • Rewrite notes for PCI and Trig
  • Do trig and french hw
  • Clean the house
     That's all I could think of at the moment. I'll blog more later. ROCKBAND?!

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