It was nice playing rockband with the group for old times sake. We got up to 2 million fans! We also gold starred 2 songs and 5 starred a bunch other. I got flawless on one of the Rage Against the Machines song! Yes! It was all just spoken lyrics though, that's why.
     If you guys were wondering, I was texting Blake all night. I really enjoy talking to him. We get into these really deep discussions and everything. I hope he gets a job at where he externs at. Then he'll stay longer in San Jose. It's interesting because these were the last things we were talking to each other about;

J: It would make a really big difference
B: It would, I wouldn't mind a little more time to hang out with friends
J: yeaa of course. plus you still have the lease for a little longer
B: And it would make dating a lot simpler lol, yea, I don't know what i want to do anymore
     I find his last comment quite interesting. The part with the dating. I'm not gonna expect anything to come out of our friendship this time, really. Whatever happens, happens. I don't mind being his friend of course, we have the best convos ever. I think he fell asleep on me... Oh well. It's bedtime for mee too! (1:13 AM)

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