Jimmy Lieu: well i call it "fuck school! Time for sleep, eat, party, and chill"

Jimmy Lieu: Jessica SAVE ME!
Jimmy Lieu: this is Too much! I'm about to get a panic attack LMFAO

Jimmy Lieu: she speaks like a "slut"

Jessica: and yes, i am pretty amazing arent i?
Jimmy Lieu: WE WISH! hahaha

     Stupid Jimmy, he's not responding to me on meebo. LOL. I guess he's off jogging or something. Let's see, what can I say about Jimmy?
     I met him from trig. He copied off of my trig homework and now we've been pretty good friends ever since. Ironically, I sit right next to him. He's a good person; hella funny and down to earth. We share a lot of things in common which is good because we can converse with one another about anything. He really likes to say "SIKE!" A lot. By the way Jimmy, if you're reading this, don't forget to go to church everyday, and thank you for the Aloe Vera! I haven't used it yet. He's a nice, cool, caring person yet he has his moments of freaking out. Jimmy! You need to CHILLAX buddy! Everytime you worry about the trig exam it makes me worry. THANKS A LOT! What else can I say about Jimmy? He's a very atheltic person. It's very intimidating sometimes because he actually runs in the morning (not like me who WANTS to run, but doesn't have time to). He also likes to ignore me on aim. JERK! I'm friken dedicating one of my blogs to you. I don't know what else to say so I'm gonna end it there before I say more random stuff. Alright, that was my thought of the day...

Jessica: what can i say about you
Jessica: in my blog
Jimmy Lieu: that im the most awesome guy out there
Jimmy Lieu: duh!?!?!?

No Jimmy. You're not that awesome... trust me.

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