I'm going to quickly blog about my day, then I'm off to do homework. Let's see. I failed my trig test (big surprise). I kinda made a new friend in that class. His name is Jimmy. LOL. Anyways. I chilled with the guys in the library. We got yelled at for being too loud. Oops! Lol.
     I got to PCI hella early so I decided to drive around for a bit. When went back to school, I found the PERFECT parking spot. Except that it was parked next to that cute short guy! LOL. He wasn't there though. We made croissants today in class. Yum yum! Lol. Not much happened.
     After class, I was out a little early so I was stalling to get to my car. Once I got there, the cute short guy was coming out so I decided to stall some more and make myself look busy. I was sitting in my car for a little reading my text messages. Then when I look to the side, he's in his car and he's looking at me. Then I drive away. LOL. I feel like we're stealing glances at each other and stuff like that. If only I could bring myself to talk to him. OH! During class, him and his friends kept walking by my class. And everytime he walked by, we'd always make eye contact. Lol. He's cute! Too bad he's short. That would suck if he's gay... Well not really. That would be good. Anyways!
     I stopped by karate, dropped off some croissants, went to Darren's house and chilled for about an hour. Now I'm here. ALRIGHT! Time to do homework. BYE!

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