Even though it's technically 12 right now, I'm gonna blog as if it were yesterday.
     Today has been such a busy day for me. All I gotta say about De Anza is, I met up with Asher before school and he gave me his hw to copy and stuff. Then as I'm sitting in French, he texts me saying that someone stole his book, so he basically made me feel like shit. I was like OMG I'm Hella SORRY! After Trig, Jimmy, Asher and I went to Asher's first class to check if his book was in there and Low-and-behold, it was. I was like, "ASSHOLE!" Lol. Funny. Jimmy and I went to Pho Wagon and had some pretty delicious Pad Thai. Yum yum. I hella showed you up at eating Jimmy! Lol, jk.
    After I dropped off Jimmy, I went to Jeff's place and chilled for a bit. It's pretty nice and relaxing. We just chilled and talked and stuff. Then he drove me to PCI. We made whole wheat bread and baguettes. It was a hella relaxing day today. The culinary class made hella food so it was like a buffet there. I chilled with Jeff and Jude for a bit. I hella stole Jude's food and started eating it. LOL! Sarah Le came in today too! It was nice seeing her. I think she's auditing a class next wednesday. Anyways! Hella chill day.
     After class, I waited till Jeff was done and then we headed out to his car. OMG! Jude, Jeff and I were in the elevator and Jude was talking to his gf (Strike 2) and he was hella rude to her and stuff (strike 3!) I was like, "Total turn off". Whatever, I told you I didn't like him Wilson! LOL. He's still hella cool though, just pretty disrespectful. Anyways, Jeff dropped me off at my car and I decided to then go to Bed Bath and Beyond.
     I seriously didn't want to go home so I was wandering around there. I swear! I was like texting and walking around and looking at random stuff. Yea, I'm hella random. In the end, I decided to go to the Cambrian party, but Jeff called telling me to chill with him so I went to his place again. It was hella nice. We just talked for hours! Then his gf came. She seems like an angry person! LOL. It was cool though. After Jeff's I met up with the guys at the mall.
     They wanted to watch a movie apparently. It was Alex, Hieu, Perry, Alan and Darren. We just hella messed around and played tag and stuff. Hella fun. We just decided to go back to my place and watch a movie. We ended up watching Marley & Me. Hella sad! I was trying not to cry but I think a single tear escaped from my eyes. Anyways, I'm hecka exhausted right now. I'm going to go to sleep then go to PCI in the morning to help out with a Hobby Class. Then, Folsom! Whoo whoo! Lol, I didn't even ask my parents yet and I'm just going... Terrible. I just hella forgot about it. Anyways, NIGHT.
     Alright, maybe not "24" hours, but I spent most of my day with him. Let's recap:
     I skipped French and stayed in the library with him instead. We were hella messing around. Kevin texted me saying that there was a creeper (named Kevin Nguyen) who wanted him to hook us up. I was like "Creeper Kevin?" Pretty loud and then was like "oh.." because he was sitting close to Darren and I in the library. FUCK! LOL. Oh well. We just kept messing around in the library. I spammed him about a few hundred times on his phone and on facebook. Hehe. Let's see. Trig was boring as usual. Exam tomorrow! I'm not ready.. FUCK!
     We just chilled in the library until it was 11:40 AM. That's when I had to leave to meet up with Jeffrey (from PCI). We were having lunch at Pizza My Heart. So when I got there, I was like, "Okay, he's not here yet, I'll just order something". So I order and I sit outside and wait. He never showed up! By the time it was 12, I had to leave or else I'd be late for class. So I left. When I got to school I saw him, but I had to change. Right when I got out I bumped into him and he was with Jude. LOL! I was like "DUDE! What happened? Where were you?" I found out that he was at a completely different Pizza My Heart (In Saratoga). We're gonna have lunch again, probably tomorrow. I hope he calls or texts me or something. I just gave him my number. When I was going to class though, I saw Jude and waved to him.
     Class was quiet today. Not much really happened. Our final is on Wednesday! EEK! LOL. Oh well. The good thing is, Jude walked past my class away from my class, then he walked towards my class so I got to wave and smile at him. Yay!
     After class, I met up with Jeffery for a bit. Then I went to Darren's house. Alan was already there. They were just washing their cars. LOL.  After they washed and stuff, we just chilled then went to CHILI'S for Darren's birthday dinner. Alex, Perry, Jesse, Vince and Kenny were also there. I was the only girl... Even though I ate only appetizers, I was HELLA FULL! We had so much food that It ended up being $117 about. They also gave Darren and free Molten cake. LOL! I swear to GOD that it was Kenny's idea! But... I'll take the credit if you want Kenny. Hehe.
     After Chili's, we went back to Darren's place and played Dirty Minds and Cranium. We ended up just doing the star performer on a speed timer to see how many you can get. LOL. It was fun. We also had Ice cream cake. Yes, I texted everyone telling them to cake you. YUM! Haha! Love! I had a super fun day for Darren's 18th. DUDE YOU'RE OLD! Hehe. Alrighty, Imma sleep now. NIGHT!
p.s I'll post pictures up when I'm free or something...
    So I woke up and I thought it was Sunday. My first Saturday off in 2 years! Minus the holidays of course. So I woke up, did nothing, then took my grandma to my cousin's house. I stayed there for a little then my aunt and cousin took me out to eat pho. Yum. Then my cousin went to YogurtTwist and got a big ass cup of froyo. DANG. She's a tiny little beast. Lol.
     We go back to her house, then I take my Grandma home. Then I decide to longboard to school, so I do and I meet up with Wilson. Perry came about 5 minutes later. It was getting hot so we kept relocating but we ended up going under the bleachers behind the band. Lol. Nice and cool. It was nice and relaxing too. Then out of nowhere, I see Frank and Kevin longboarding. RANDOM. Lol. So I call up Frank and tell him that I'm stalking him. Lol. Anyways. We didn't really do much, nothing much to say about band.
     Kim Nguyen, my cousin, texted me and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I ended up going to Oakridge Mall and meeting some of her friends. OMG KIM. I'M IN LOVE WITH DAVID'S EYES. HE HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NATURAL EYES EVER FOR A FULL VIETNAMESE GUY. I absolutely love it! I'm so glad he kept looking my way, his eyes are like the morning sun. His eyes are exactly like Son Nguyen's eyes. NOW do you know how I feel?
     ANYWAYS. Kim and I watch Halloween 2. FUCKING CRAZY SCARY AND GORY! It was a bad/confusing movie, but it was scary as hell. After the movie, we walked around the mall for a bit and then go home. At Kim's house, she showed me her awesomely amazing scrapbook and all the stories that go with it. I seriously wish that I redid high school. Her high school experience was so off the roofs it was crazy. I'm so jealous! She had so many wild experiences, many loss of friends but also gained twice as much, she just had an overall full experience of high school. I wish that I followed in her footsteps. I consider Kim one of the people I would look to if I needed any creativity or just someone to party with. Lol!
     That night was pretty fun. It was a good night. I LOVE DAVID'S EYES...

          Eugene: I know how to keep control
          Eugene: even while tispy
          Eugene: But damn that stuff was good
          Eugene: omg im making typos already
          Eugene: shit

          Kenny Ngo: NO JOKES         
          Kenny Ngo:
          Kenny Ngo: brb bathroom
          Kenny Ngo:
a really huge shit coming
          Kenny Ngo: im sorry
     I woke up and cleaned the house. I started off with my room. Then I cleaned downstairs. I also did SOME laundry. Lol. I also scrubbed the range in the kitchen because it was DISGUSTING and dirty. After cleaning the kitchen and stuff, it was around 12 and I got this random phone call from Patty. She asked me where the nearest Quickly's was and I told her, but that was too far away so I just told her about Tapioca Express. She didn't know how to get there, so she picked me up and I showed her how to get to Tapioca Express. I also had to go to TK to buy my sister some food. So Patty went to Tap, I went to TK. She won of course. Lol.
     After, she drove me home while I gave my sister the food and got Bianca's gift. Then I went with her to Piedmont Middle and we gave her friend Sabrina the Tapioca drink. OH! On the way there, my left contact ripped! It was irritating me so I took it out and it ripped! No wonder! I had to keep on the other contact for the time being because I wouldn't be able to see without it. After Piedmont Middle, we went to the Great Mall where I bought some Sabarro Pizza and Patty bought shoes for Esprit Reyes. It was regular slip ons but in Black. I wish I had new vans. Lol. I don't really own any to start with. ANYWAYS. It was getting late so Patty drove me to school so I could pick up my brothers. We were waiting and waiting for a long time. Then I called my mom and she said to go out and see if they're at the park, and they were! Ugh... Lol. But yea, Patty drove the 3 of us home. Thank you Patty! You didn't have to through all of that hassel! I fun hanging out with you though!
     So after I got home, I had time to spare so I watched 3 episodes of Heroes. OMG So good! I wanted to finish it but I had to go to Kids Night Out, so I brought my DVD player and left to go there.
     There were actually a lot of kids. It was pretty crazy because they were so loud. We started off with Steal the Bacon. I had to lead that game because Allan Dale had something to do. I'm glad I was there to help out. But, omg, they were so loud! After, we started doing a relay race kinda thing. I could tell that Allan Dale was getting frustrated so I told the candidates to monitor and keep them in control. That worked for a little bit. After the relay race, the kids got some food and watched the movie. They are crazy eaters too! A lot of them came back for thirds and fourths for pizza! Wow! Lol. I think it was an hour and a half into the movie then I told them that it was time to clean up so they could start the robot building contest. One word: Crazy. After the competition, the kids were still really loud and you can hecka tell that Allan Dale was frustrated. I felt really bad. He had to really yell at them then pretend to be all happy and stuff. All in all, it was a really stressful night and I really doubt that we'd have Kids Night Outs ever again.
     After that, I went to In and Out to meet up with the guys. I got there early and waited. Yes Kenny I got mad at you. You kept calling me a bitch for no reason! I didn't even do anything. Once or twice, ok its a joke, but when you keep doing it, it gets really excessive and annoying. I was so close to hella cussing you out on the phone, not gonna lie, but instead I was like, fine whatever. The thing was, even if it was a joke, you sounded hella serious and I got really offended. Anyways, when you guys came and left I decided to go get gas. I only got about half a tank. Yay $18! Lol. I went back to Mc Carthy and I see Darren leaving. Bleh, so I call up Wilson and he tells me to meet him up at Darren's.
     The funny thing was, while I was driving there, there was a car right next to me at the stop light and I personally decided that I wanted to race him. But then I got lazy so I decided not to. Coincidentally, that person was going the same way I was! In the end, it was Perry. LOL. That was funny.
     In the end, we watched Harold and Kumar 2: Guantanamo Bay... Unrated. I'm forever scarred........
     Wow! 3 days since I've blogged. Is that even possible? Well, more like 2 days. Lets do a recap then...

     Last day of work! Work was alright that day too, but in the end Allan Dale told the kids I was leaving. The first group, I started to tear up. I GET EMOTIONAL! Lol. The groups after that, I didn't. I honestly wish that there were more adults though. I wanted to say "bye" to the Barbarans. I love them! They're awesome! But none of the lady adults showed up. It's alright, I'll still be around.
    After work, I packed all of my stuff, emptied my locker, took my belts and gear and stuff and went home. I'm gonna miss working there. I seriously can't believe I don't work there anymore! It's shocking. After two years of dedicated(ish) service and now I'm gone. It's a good thing though, I can focus more on cake making and stuff.
     After I left work, I went home and started cleaning. My is clean again! I'm gonna try to keep it clean on a daily basis. Key word: TRY. So I clean clean clean. Shower then leave to go to my cousin's house to visit relatives. I brought over that cake that I made for Bianca that I never got to give her. I was thinking about throwing it away, but why waste a perfectly good cake? So I brought it over, had the children eat it, but not all of it was gone when I left. I stayed there for a little until I finished doing what I needed to do for NEOPETS, then I took my brother's home and cleaned some more. I'm a friken addict for neopets now. It's bad... My account name is BANHZAII.

     I went out to eat PHO with family like usual. This mexican girl sold us strawberries for $7. It was nice and fresh too! Yum! We went to the hospital to visit my great grandma, she's 97. While I was walking in the hospital, I was hecka picturing myself in Seattle Grace. Oh, how I wished to see Mc Dreamy... But its alright, I saw my great grandma one last time while she's alive. The doctor said she has malnutrition so she's super boney and fragile. She has heart problems so they can't stick I.Vs in her to help her. Because she is malnutritioned, the food she wants to consume doesn't go to her stomach, instead it goes to her lungs which causes her to cough and she'll eventually get pneumonia. So basically, because of her condition, they can't do anything about it and she's gonna die in 3-5 days. All they can do is give her what she wants, if she wants food, feed her until she doesn't want it anymore. It was really sad. Even though I didn't know her very well, I couldn't help but tear up just a little. It was very emotional for her daughter. But yea...
     After the hospital, we went to my cousin's house to drop off something, then we went home. At home, I started cleaning andcutting up half of the strawberries. While I was cutting, I decided to make some chocolate covered strawberries. I used up all of my chocolate chips and the remaining bag of the candy melts. I think chocolate definatley taste better. To make chocolate covered strawberries, you just have to have the melted chocolate or fondue in a bowl. Take a strawberry and with a towel wipe off remainder of water. Then just dip and put it on a plate or something. Then just stick it in the fridge for about an hour I'm guessing. Then, VOILA! Lol. It tasted good. I made alot of chocolate covered strawberries till I ran out of chocolate and vanilla.
     After that, I showered Clover and took a shower myself. Then I just chilled for a while at home while the rest of my family, excluding my sister, went to my cousin's again! Around 5:30 I decided to head out. When I got there, I made honeydew pearl drinks and ate oyster with this bread with spread on top. It was hecka good! I ate so much though. Then I went and played some more Neopets and took my brothers and cousin back to my house.
     After I dropped them off at home, I went to Wilson's for a random BBQ. Albert, Perry, Darren, Tina, and Julia were there also. Wilson's cousin is hecka funny! Darren and Albert were taking random pictures together and after this picture:
no comment
look at albert's face...
Wilson's cousin was watching and gave Darren and hecka weird face. Darren was like "Uhm... nice day we have" His cousin was like "wtf" and started cracking jokes with his accent. It was hecka funny! You just have to be there to laugh. But yea. We stayed there till 12 until I had to go home.
    Instead of going home, I went over to Axell's place and chilled there for about 12 minutes. Then we both went back to my house and Axell stayed there till 4 in the morning. FUCKING AXELL! Haha, jkjk. It was fun though. We talked and watched VH1 and laughed at all the retardedness there. So I drove Axell home around 4. IF YOU GET INTO TROUBLE, IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I told you that too! After that, I went home and slept.

     So far, I just went to TK Noodles to eat with family and Lions to buy a shitload of groceries. Now I'm here.