1:58 AM- I got to drive to Merced today! Darren and I stopped by Sonics for dinner. Yum! There's not much to say about Merced. The band did pretty well overall (3rd place I think), good job, I had my doubts. It was also freezing cold that night! All in all, pretty boring, I'm glad I had Darren and Kenny or else I wouldn't have shown up. I also texted Him throughout the night, he made me smile like a fool.
     On the way home, Darren drove. We hit terrible traffic! I'm not gonna go into detail besides the fact that all 4 lanes eventually merged into one... We had to take an early exit, but we went and visited his grandparents! Haha. We didn't beat the boosters home, but we hella beat the buses. Yes!
     Monika, Julia, Wilson, Darren and I went to chill at In-and-Out afterwards. A lot of the perc was there. Lol. We had a good time (just us). That was pretty fun. So, I just drove Wilson home and now I'm home!
    I told DJ about Him and I. DJ is friend's with him! I guess they worked together or something. He always seems to have the best timing. Everytime I think of him, he always texts me, especially if he hasn't responded in a long time. Just perfect. I guess I AM head over heels for this guy. He just makes me feel special and I love talking to him.