The day started off slow. It was nice, warm yet breezy morning. I woke up and instantaneously went on the computer to blog about my day yesterday. I recalled all of those outrageous events that happened the day before. What a day. By the time it was 11, my family and I headed off to lunch in downtown San Jose. I ordered a not so healthy fried chicken, rice, and broccoli on the side. Although it wasn't what I originally craved for, I ate it anyways with little complaints. It was fairly delicious and filling. After lunch, my father drove us down to Lowes' to buy more flowers for the garden. We stayed there for quite a while and bought a cart full of beautiful flowers that ranged from size to color. When we arrived home from Lowes', I went on the mac for quite sometime and began to feel drowsy. I headed towards my brothers' territory and collapsed on his bed as the AC was blowing cold air.
     I was awakened by the sounds of the Xbox. My brother had been playing Nazi Zombies yet the Map was undistigushable. I later found out that he bought another map to enjoy amongst himself and his fellow peers. Follwing that, I went back to my room to discussed my new knowlege of Nazi Zombies amongst Wilson, Darren, and Kenny. Darren dicouraged me quite a bit and I chose to only speak with Kenny and Wilson.
     As I was speaking to Kenny, we noticed that today was the last day for the "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" Jamba Juice coupon, so we set sails on our quest for some jamba. Along with us came Clover, who constantly stopped to sniff the grass and mark his territory. Once we met up at the park, we walked towards the bridge and the paved walk way by the creek. We decided to cross the bridge in hopes of getting to our destination quicker. Kenny mentioned a small path that crossed some weeds and plants that would get us there so we crossed the plants as it grazed our legs. But as the path was narrowing down, I noticed a clearing on the otherside, so we crossed the man made border and walked on the pre paved sidewalk. Sadly enough, my idea wasn't the best of the day so we back tracked and found a metal fence that we later had to jump over. Once crossing that fence, we were in the vacinity of the town houses. We walked till we reached civilization and we finally ended up at our destination. Once we entered, a blast of cold air hit us, yet our journey was not yet finished. Jamba Juice was packed with last minute customers, yet Kenny managed to make his way to the front. After ordering, we stayed outside and chatted for a little bit until he pointed our a past friend of ours, Patricia An. We exchanged our hi's and she entered the doors of jamba juice to meet up with her friends. Funny enough, one of her guy friends commented loudly and said, "That girl is cute!" I looked at Kenny and his expression was priceless. He was like, "Did he just say what I think he said?" Another one for the books I might add. Kenny thinks I should reconsider wearing my booty shorts. After we got our goods, a wave of refreshment and satifaction hit us. We walked back to my house taking the correct way and ended up playing countless rounds of Nazi Zombies, the new map. It was fun until the zombie dogs attacked. After many rounds of that, we talked for a bit and decided that our adventure highly matched Harold and Kumar: White Castle because of our endless quest for some jamba, minus the pot of course. Ironically enough, when we arrived back at my house, my brother was watching Harold and Kumar.
     After Kenny's departure, I resulted back to the mac to spread some positivity around. What a day I must admit. Tomarrow holds yet another adventure with the first day of band camp, possibly work, and more adventures, but with Patty and possibly Daniel.



     OMG, today was sweltering hot! Why.. I had to wake up at 7:30 AM for Monday Morning Meeting at WC Campbell. I got there really early so I just sat in my car listening to Paramore songs. Believe it or not, BUTTFACE was about 5 empty parking spots over. I didn't see him in his car because he was sleeping. But yea. I just chilled in my car and waited for it to be 9 AM and for Allan Dale to arrive. When him and Shelby pulled up right next to me at 9 AM, we headed off inside to begin the 1 hour workout following the meeting. I partnered up with KJN Tanika and we learned the clinch pattern and I taught her the MMA pattern. Yup. After that workout, we went into the XPT room and had the meeting. I learned a lot, but I don't know if I can contain any of it. Plus I don't think that most of it had to do with me. It was more of the head instructor/program director/school owner's job.

     After the MMM, I drove Patty, Daniel, and Daine home. We hung out for a little, then I took them all (including Bianca) back to my house. From there we baked a cake. I ran out of eggs so I had to go to the neighbors, I rang 2 house doors and no one opened the door, so I went across the street with Patty. We rang the door bell and accidentally woke up the guy. I felt so bad but we offered him a slice, but he didn't want any. Its alright I guess. So while the cake was baking, We played Twister and LIFE. Lol. It was hecka fun. We played two rounds of LIFE. Friken Patty made over a million both rounds because she was the technician and her

Tres Riche
sister's kept messing up the spinner. It was pretty funny. During the second game of LIFE, we filled the cooled cake with ice cream and put ice cream on the top of the cake, and froze it. Gosh, we have too many frozen food in the freezer, I had to take some things out to fit it in. So, we just completed our 2nd game and decided to go to Karate to visit. We stayed there longer than expected and talked to Shelby and Michelle. There wasn't enough time afterwards to go anywhere so I just took them back home and we just chilled for a little more. Then they all had to go home.
     After they left, I was so tired, so I ended up watching Grey's Anatomy. I need to find that missing DISC! Rawr. I'm almost coming up to that disc.  Today was really hot and warm. Bleh. While watching Grey's I got bored and started to eat cherries. I tried tieing the cherry stem with my tounge and I DID IT! It was hard and took me a long time. LOL.

I'm a good kisser!

For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic

Just talk yourself up
And tear yourself down
You've hit your one wall
Now find a way around
Well what's the problem?
You've got a lot of nerve

So what'd you think I would say?
No you can't run away, no you can't run away
So what did you think I would say?
No you can't run away, no you can't run away
You wouldn't

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away
You threw it away

I'm not so naive
My sorry eyes can see
The way you fight shy
Of almost everything
Well, if you give up
You'll get what you deserve

So what'd you think I would say?
No you can't run away, no you can't run away
So what did you think I would say?
No you can't run away, no you can't run away
You wouldn't

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away
You threw it away

You were finished long before
We had even seen the start
Why don't you stand up, be a man about it?
Fight with your bare hands about it now

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay, well did you?
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away

by Paramore

     The stupid phone kept ringing at 8 AM in my sister's room as I was thinking to myself Why won't she pick up the phone? After the phone finally stopped ringing, I tried many times to fall back asleep, but I couldn't, especially after that dream.

          Kenny, Charles, Michelle and I went to this one party and Michelle
          was sitting with her friends. Then I went up to Charles and asked
          how him and Michelle were but he told me that they broke up.
          Then I asked him why and he said that it was complicated. He
          also told me that he was going to ask that DUMBASS out and I
          Totally flipped on him. I was like "WHAT?!" and I shoved him
          against the wall and s l a p p e d him across the face. Then I
          kept yelling at him on how I didn't like her. Then Kenny and I    
          interrogated him and stuff. WIERD DREAM. If that ever happened,
          I swear that I will beat up Charles and slap some sense into him.

     Anyways, I climbed out of bed and realized my sister wasn't in her room. Haha, silly me. I felt kinda gross so I decided to take a nice
w a  r  m
shower. I'm so glad that it was a nice day today, definitely not a hot day. After showering, I just watched some Grey's, and cleaned up a little bit till it was 10:20 AM. Then I got ready to head out and pick up Allyson and Axell for out plan but friken Axell took way to friken long so by the time we got to school to pick up Jen, everybody had already left. Stupid Axell. LOL. Anyways, we then headed out to Jen's house where we watched Thirteen Ghosts and Edward Scissorhands.

We also did some karaoke. NO I DON'T SING WELL. Anyways, we chilled till 5 PM and frolicked around the neighborhood. Once we arrived back home, Allyson's dad was already there ready to pick her and Axell up. So after they left (around 6) I also decided to leave and head out to W.C Cambrian.
     LOL. Omg, Daniel was there and he was totally surprised. He's sucha Powerhouse Douche bag. He didn't even say HI to me. Asswipe. Whatever. He's so immature, I swear. Danyelle told me that he uses girls like they're tissues now. If I remember to, I'll get back to that story later
But yea, he totally like didn't even acknowledge my presence, but he had the WTF face on when my back was turned to him. SCORE. lol. That's right BITCH. Haha, yea..
     After Cambrian, I drove the Nguyen's home and then took Daniel to the yogurt place near by. It's alright, they didn't have Taro or Dole Whip. I just got Cookies and Cream, Original Tart, and Strawberries and Bananas with Strawberries and Mochi as a topping. Yum. I also ordered a Turkey Avocado Croissant sammy. That was tasty, yet very large like. I couldn't finish it so then I wanted to use a yogurt cup to take it home so I told Daniel to look at the guy's reaction. This was what happened:

     Me: Hello, can I have a yogurt cup? You don't have to put a sticker
           on it.
     Cashier: *wtf face* Uhh... *puts hand on the stack of yogurt cups*
     M: It's for my sandwich
     C: Oh.. We can get you a to go box if you want
     M: No.. It's alright I'll take the cup
     C: Uhh.. I don't I'm allowed to do that I'll just get you a box *runs
          away before I could say anything*

Haha, funny. After that place, we decided to stalk the rest of his siblings down at Marshall's but we're bad stalkers and they found us quite easily. Darn them. I just browsed a bit but the rest of them bought stuff. We headed back to Patty's place, chilled and then she made a ring tone for me but it didn't really work. It's ok, I'll just keep trying. But yea. After that my mom called and then I decided it was time to head home. So that's why I'm here right now. I'm just waiting for Kenny's call. Good night

     "Jessica! Wake up and take care of the baby!" That was the first thing I heard at 8 in the morning as my mom was rushing to get my brother to summer school. My morning was filled with birthday wishes from my Facebook friends and Wilson, who came and visited me as I was still in my jammies enjoying an episode of Grey's Anatomy.
     The last thing I did as a minor was sharing a 3-way phone conversation with Kenny and Darren because Kenny and I wanted to keep Darren company as he waited to board his plane for China. They were the first ones to wish me a happy birthday.
     Anyways, as 10:25 AM came around, I jumped out of my moon chair, clicked the pause button on my DVD player, turned off the TV and got ready to head out and pick up Jen at school. I left the house at 10:30 AM. As I arrived at school, my timing was perfect as Jen and Kirsten came walking to the front parking lot.  After a few hugs and birthday wishes from Kirsten, we headed out to the Great Mall. Once we arrived, we were greeted by Kim, Patty, and Daniel. I spent the morning with them watching an action packed movie known as:

Transformers 2
It was a really good movie that kept you at the edge of your seat (well for Daniel and Jen it did). Here's the trailer:
The movie ended around 1:30 PM. We shared some laughs and conversed until Patty and Daniel went off to visit their uncle. Kim went to Borders and waited till we were finished because Jen and I went to the Great Mall to search for a Vans shoe store so I could pick up my Warped Tour ticket. We walked through the entire mall until we reached it, but once we got there, the cashier told us to head off to the info table just a few feet down and they will provide the service for me there. In my head I was just thinking Wow... But it's alright because I think we burned off all the calories from the pop corn and candy. So at the info table, it took them about another 10 minutes until I finally got my tickets.
     After I was finished, Jen, Kim and I headed over the BJ's for lunch. The service was slow but the food was delicious! I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with potato wedges. Kim ordered a baked potato stuffed with broccoli and cheese. Jen ordered some type of pasta, I forgot what it was but it looked good. We also ordered Brochette bread as an appetizer. Yum. Everything was mouthwatering, until we got full. Then it was just too much. I also got a Pizookie that looks like this (It's not my picture by the way):
It's ice cream on top of a freshly baked cookie. Super filling, free and delicious. Yum. After BJ's, Kim went her separate ways while Jen and I took a stroll in New Park Mall to work off all that food. I was so bloated. Then I dropped Jen off and headed to work. Once I arrived at work, more birthday greetings, I was so exhausted that I could have fallen asleep on the floor right then and there. Allan Dale just told me to rearrange the belts and buy him a new drink. Sorry Allan Dale, I complain too much. It took me forever to get it in order, I wanted it to be a certain way. People think I have OCD or whatever, but I don't, I just like SOME things to be in order in life so it makes sense. So after that, I taught the little dragon class and the adult class then I took black belt class. We had a fun day today. We split up into teams and battled it out. We had competitions, played BKJN says, and played Gladiator. Then more birthday wishes and class was over.
     I just wanted to thank everyone who wished me a "Happy Birthday" especially to everybody on Facebook (40+ people?) I had to individually comment them back. Thank you everyone for the gifts. I LOVED them.
     Today was a fun, yet tiring, day. Tomorrow holds an interesting day for me. Then... Warped Tour with Jen! I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it!

Mission Peak Panoramic
In the Middle of Nowhere
The Group
     Mission Peak. We started around 7 AM and ended at 10:41 AM. We're pretty slow. As I took my first two steps towards Mission Peak, I was thinking to myself OMG, What have I gotten myself into? It was a nice sunny, yet hot, morning. Before we reached the first bridge, I was already panting heavily. Oh gosh, I'm so out of shape. Every step I took, I was just wishing for it to be over, to be in bed, at home, sleeping. I kept wondering why I got dragged into this and If i was going to make it out alive; I'm deathly afraid of cows and falling. But the real reason lies within my friends. As I was struggling to continue on, my friends were there to help me along the way. I know that once college is over, I might not be as close to my best friends as I am now. I learned that I must cherish every moment with them because Wilson is going away to Cal Poly and Darren and Kenny are going to San Jose State. While with Kim, she still has her senior

year to go while I attend culinary school. I have learned to be happy with their company, no matter how perverted they can be. It just shows their unique personality. I know that these people, my best friends, will always save me. As we reached the top, the scene was amazing (as

always.) As we were hiking down, my feet started aching. Painful stuff.  This was a fun experience. I am glad that Wilson, although he slept in, planned this trip out. I have the best friends ever.
     After we finally reached the end, thank goodness, we decided to head off to Pacific Commons and have lunch. We went to Jamba Juice, Panera Bread, and Wendy's. After lunch, we went our separate ways and headed off home where I slept soundlessly for almost 4 hours.
     Anyways, today was a fun day. Too much sweat plus tanning do not go together. But all-in-all I'm glad that I hiked up Mission Peak. It's about time I went out and exercised.

     Haha, Patty is funny:
          Me: Thank you for calling West Coast Martial Arts, this is Jessica
                 how may I help you?
          Patty: Hey, It's CGN Patty from Cambrian. Did BKJN Allan Dale
                   leave for training already?
          Me: Yo Patty, Yes he did.
          Patty: Thank you M'am... Here's Danyelle
          Danyelle: Hello... Ok bye.

They're so random. Anyways, time for bed. I'm kinda hungry though so maybe I'll grab a bite to eat. Anyways. Good night! 2 More Days till I'm legal! YAY!

     P.S. Check out my Mission Peak Pictures by clicking on any of the
           pictures above.

     I'm waiting till it's 1:30 PM so I can get Allyson, go to Jamba Juice,

then head out to the park to play some tennis with Hieu and Perry. Rawr, Allan Dale called me and asked if I can come in today for work. Tear.

     I guess I'm just going to write about something random... Like Pet Peeves. According to
               pet peeve  –noun a particular and often continual annoyance;
                                  personal bugbear
     What are my Pet Peeves you ask?
-One is people who are nosy. Hands down. I don't care if I don't know them very well or if I've known them for forever; I H a t e N o s y P e o p l e. They just get to me, you know? It's like an itch that won't go away. Like for instance, if I'm having this conversation with a friend and some guy randomly pops out of no where and butts in. That stuff ticks me off. Another is if your having a conversation and the guy that pops in asks what you are talking about. First off, butt OUT, and second, None of your business. It also ticks me off when people go through your personal bubble and look through your personal belongings. Stay Out.
-I also don't like it when someone asks you for something but is already taking it from you. For example, my friend (no names) the other day, asked me if she can eat my birthday candy. And before I could say "NO", she already went and took my bag of treats like she's expecting me to let her hoard it all away. I mean, even though she asked, she shouldn't have taken it in the first place. She always does that too.
-A random pet peeve is toilets. It absolutely MUST be flushed before I use it. If there's pee (or poo) in it, then I'd have to flush it. Or if there's something floating in it; hair, leftover poo, toilet paper, a bug, I can't use it. BLEH. I just feel so gross if the toilet bowl water isn't clean.

     Ok, so I'm back from everything. After tennis I went to work. OMG i was so tired. Then I left around 6:15 PM and went to West Coast Cambrian. I met Danyelle for the first time. She's actually really nice. After that, I went to Patty's house, hung out at the pool, then played some Guitar Hero. At the pool, we talked about the person we all don't like, Daniel. Gosh, he just makes me oh so angry. (Oh, there's 2 Daniel's Btw.) But yea. enough of that. I'm gonna have a busy day tomarrow. Good night!

     It's 4 days until my 18th birthday! I'm so excited. This week is full of plans. Hmm.. Today?
-Walk Clover, Play tennis with Hieu.

     But maybe I will also Watch Wushu with Patty and Daniel. I'm getting hungry. Time for breakfast.