Mission Peak Panoramic
In the Middle of Nowhere
The Group
     Mission Peak. We started around 7 AM and ended at 10:41 AM. We're pretty slow. As I took my first two steps towards Mission Peak, I was thinking to myself OMG, What have I gotten myself into? It was a nice sunny, yet hot, morning. Before we reached the first bridge, I was already panting heavily. Oh gosh, I'm so out of shape. Every step I took, I was just wishing for it to be over, to be in bed, at home, sleeping. I kept wondering why I got dragged into this and If i was going to make it out alive; I'm deathly afraid of cows and falling. But the real reason lies within my friends. As I was struggling to continue on, my friends were there to help me along the way. I know that once college is over, I might not be as close to my best friends as I am now. I learned that I must cherish every moment with them because Wilson is going away to Cal Poly and Darren and Kenny are going to San Jose State. While with Kim, she still has her senior

year to go while I attend culinary school. I have learned to be happy with their company, no matter how perverted they can be. It just shows their unique personality. I know that these people, my best friends, will always save me. As we reached the top, the scene was amazing (as

always.) As we were hiking down, my feet started aching. Painful stuff.  This was a fun experience. I am glad that Wilson, although he slept in, planned this trip out. I have the best friends ever.
     After we finally reached the end, thank goodness, we decided to head off to Pacific Commons and have lunch. We went to Jamba Juice, Panera Bread, and Wendy's. After lunch, we went our separate ways and headed off home where I slept soundlessly for almost 4 hours.
     Anyways, today was a fun day. Too much sweat plus tanning do not go together. But all-in-all I'm glad that I hiked up Mission Peak. It's about time I went out and exercised.

     Haha, Patty is funny:
          Me: Thank you for calling West Coast Martial Arts, this is Jessica
                 how may I help you?
          Patty: Hey, It's CGN Patty from Cambrian. Did BKJN Allan Dale
                   leave for training already?
          Me: Yo Patty, Yes he did.
          Patty: Thank you M'am... Here's Danyelle
          Danyelle: Hello... Ok bye.

They're so random. Anyways, time for bed. I'm kinda hungry though so maybe I'll grab a bite to eat. Anyways. Good night! 2 More Days till I'm legal! YAY!

     P.S. Check out my Mission Peak Pictures by clicking on any of the
           pictures above.

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