The day started off slow. It was nice, warm yet breezy morning. I woke up and instantaneously went on the computer to blog about my day yesterday. I recalled all of those outrageous events that happened the day before. What a day. By the time it was 11, my family and I headed off to lunch in downtown San Jose. I ordered a not so healthy fried chicken, rice, and broccoli on the side. Although it wasn't what I originally craved for, I ate it anyways with little complaints. It was fairly delicious and filling. After lunch, my father drove us down to Lowes' to buy more flowers for the garden. We stayed there for quite a while and bought a cart full of beautiful flowers that ranged from size to color. When we arrived home from Lowes', I went on the mac for quite sometime and began to feel drowsy. I headed towards my brothers' territory and collapsed on his bed as the AC was blowing cold air.
     I was awakened by the sounds of the Xbox. My brother had been playing Nazi Zombies yet the Map was undistigushable. I later found out that he bought another map to enjoy amongst himself and his fellow peers. Follwing that, I went back to my room to discussed my new knowlege of Nazi Zombies amongst Wilson, Darren, and Kenny. Darren dicouraged me quite a bit and I chose to only speak with Kenny and Wilson.
     As I was speaking to Kenny, we noticed that today was the last day for the "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" Jamba Juice coupon, so we set sails on our quest for some jamba. Along with us came Clover, who constantly stopped to sniff the grass and mark his territory. Once we met up at the park, we walked towards the bridge and the paved walk way by the creek. We decided to cross the bridge in hopes of getting to our destination quicker. Kenny mentioned a small path that crossed some weeds and plants that would get us there so we crossed the plants as it grazed our legs. But as the path was narrowing down, I noticed a clearing on the otherside, so we crossed the man made border and walked on the pre paved sidewalk. Sadly enough, my idea wasn't the best of the day so we back tracked and found a metal fence that we later had to jump over. Once crossing that fence, we were in the vacinity of the town houses. We walked till we reached civilization and we finally ended up at our destination. Once we entered, a blast of cold air hit us, yet our journey was not yet finished. Jamba Juice was packed with last minute customers, yet Kenny managed to make his way to the front. After ordering, we stayed outside and chatted for a little bit until he pointed our a past friend of ours, Patricia An. We exchanged our hi's and she entered the doors of jamba juice to meet up with her friends. Funny enough, one of her guy friends commented loudly and said, "That girl is cute!" I looked at Kenny and his expression was priceless. He was like, "Did he just say what I think he said?" Another one for the books I might add. Kenny thinks I should reconsider wearing my booty shorts. After we got our goods, a wave of refreshment and satifaction hit us. We walked back to my house taking the correct way and ended up playing countless rounds of Nazi Zombies, the new map. It was fun until the zombie dogs attacked. After many rounds of that, we talked for a bit and decided that our adventure highly matched Harold and Kumar: White Castle because of our endless quest for some jamba, minus the pot of course. Ironically enough, when we arrived back at my house, my brother was watching Harold and Kumar.
     After Kenny's departure, I resulted back to the mac to spread some positivity around. What a day I must admit. Tomarrow holds yet another adventure with the first day of band camp, possibly work, and more adventures, but with Patty and possibly Daniel.



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