"Jessica! Wake up and take care of the baby!" That was the first thing I heard at 8 in the morning as my mom was rushing to get my brother to summer school. My morning was filled with birthday wishes from my Facebook friends and Wilson, who came and visited me as I was still in my jammies enjoying an episode of Grey's Anatomy.
     The last thing I did as a minor was sharing a 3-way phone conversation with Kenny and Darren because Kenny and I wanted to keep Darren company as he waited to board his plane for China. They were the first ones to wish me a happy birthday.
     Anyways, as 10:25 AM came around, I jumped out of my moon chair, clicked the pause button on my DVD player, turned off the TV and got ready to head out and pick up Jen at school. I left the house at 10:30 AM. As I arrived at school, my timing was perfect as Jen and Kirsten came walking to the front parking lot.  After a few hugs and birthday wishes from Kirsten, we headed out to the Great Mall. Once we arrived, we were greeted by Kim, Patty, and Daniel. I spent the morning with them watching an action packed movie known as:

Transformers 2
It was a really good movie that kept you at the edge of your seat (well for Daniel and Jen it did). Here's the trailer:
The movie ended around 1:30 PM. We shared some laughs and conversed until Patty and Daniel went off to visit their uncle. Kim went to Borders and waited till we were finished because Jen and I went to the Great Mall to search for a Vans shoe store so I could pick up my Warped Tour ticket. We walked through the entire mall until we reached it, but once we got there, the cashier told us to head off to the info table just a few feet down and they will provide the service for me there. In my head I was just thinking Wow... But it's alright because I think we burned off all the calories from the pop corn and candy. So at the info table, it took them about another 10 minutes until I finally got my tickets.
     After I was finished, Jen, Kim and I headed over the BJ's for lunch. The service was slow but the food was delicious! I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with potato wedges. Kim ordered a baked potato stuffed with broccoli and cheese. Jen ordered some type of pasta, I forgot what it was but it looked good. We also ordered Brochette bread as an appetizer. Yum. Everything was mouthwatering, until we got full. Then it was just too much. I also got a Pizookie that looks like this (It's not my picture by the way):
It's ice cream on top of a freshly baked cookie. Super filling, free and delicious. Yum. After BJ's, Kim went her separate ways while Jen and I took a stroll in New Park Mall to work off all that food. I was so bloated. Then I dropped Jen off and headed to work. Once I arrived at work, more birthday greetings, I was so exhausted that I could have fallen asleep on the floor right then and there. Allan Dale just told me to rearrange the belts and buy him a new drink. Sorry Allan Dale, I complain too much. It took me forever to get it in order, I wanted it to be a certain way. People think I have OCD or whatever, but I don't, I just like SOME things to be in order in life so it makes sense. So after that, I taught the little dragon class and the adult class then I took black belt class. We had a fun day today. We split up into teams and battled it out. We had competitions, played BKJN says, and played Gladiator. Then more birthday wishes and class was over.
     I just wanted to thank everyone who wished me a "Happy Birthday" especially to everybody on Facebook (40+ people?) I had to individually comment them back. Thank you everyone for the gifts. I LOVED them.
     Today was a fun, yet tiring, day. Tomorrow holds an interesting day for me. Then... Warped Tour with Jen! I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it!

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