Maybe I should stop introducing my friends to new people. I always get left behind in the dirt. Despite ALL the networking I have done, I have a tendency to introduce the new people in my life to the old. Good right? Nahh.. not for me. I am oftentimes replaces and forgotten. 

I swear, I am the only one bringing in new faces. I'm gonna stop that. Keep all groups separated. If you didn't know, I LIKE being the only girl around, with the occasional elizabeth or whomever was there at the start. I HATE not being invited to such things especially when you just ASSUME that I'm "busy" or I'm "with Timmy". I hate that you guys take my time for granted. I know that I'm a busy person, but if you stopped to actually ask me what I was doing, then maybe, just maybe I'll actually be able to chill. 

Silly ol me. Who would want an old Jessica anyways when she can produce much more new faces? I think that's why they're keeping me around for so long. But once I stop, I'll be gone forever. 

I'll just disappear now. You'll miss me, just wait. 

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