wtf. I hella got replaced. Ever since I introduced Jlam to the group, she's ALWAYS around now. I know you fucking like her, so stop acting like you dont.  You always talk shit about her, you always give me that annoyed face when you're with her, but you know you love her. I don't care if you like her, just stop talking shit about her then acting like you're all buddy buddy with her. It's fucking annoying. 

Maybe I should accept the fact that you fuckers replaced me. I need to stop caring. I thought we were best friends, but really, we aren't. We're just two people who went to the same hs, talked to the same people, hung out with the same crowd. We're just friends, nothing more, nothing less. 




scratch that. A bouquet of chocodipped strawberries and a hot air balloon ride :D Haha. 
I really hope that babe and I get to do something really special on this day. Maybe go out to dinner, then the movies or something. I hope he asks me to be his valentine! Lol, Cheesy, but I'd never been asked before (and those elementary school vday cards don't count!) I want something romantic on this day! 

Time after time, babe has really made me fall back in love with him. I do still get frustrated and angry at him, but an argument here and there doesn't hurt at all. I definitely do appreciate all the things he has done for me. 

I guess in the end, as long as I can spend time with him, that's all I honestly really need. 
I feel like my life is going by so quickly and I don't have anytime to just stop and rest. If I'm not at school, I'm with Timmy, or I'm baking, or I'm doing homework. I don't even have time to spend with my family anymore. If I even see my brothers during the week, it's a miracle. 

My money is depleting faster than anything. I'm spending money on ingredients, or food, or gas. I don't even have the luxury of spending on myself anymore because I feel too guilty to even spoil myself. 

I barely see Timmy (surprisingly). I see him a couple hours a day and almost never on the weekends. I know I should be thankful that I still see him, but I miss that I don't get to hang out with him often anymore. It sucks that Timmy doesn't like baking with me, so when I bake, he's usually chillin, playing games, sleeping, or just isn't around. 

I feel more stressed out than ever. I have to accomodate to my friends, to Timmy, to school and to my kittens. I don't even have time to play my piano anymore, heck, I don't even have time to put on my bedsheets because I've been too busy. 

I wake up every morning at 7 and barely make it out the door on time. I don't eat breakfast so I'm always hungry for my first 2 classes. Despite all the meals I eat throughout the day, I am always hungry. 115 to less than 110 and counting. 

I barely have any energy to survive throughout the day. I can't stay up past 12.

I want to make something special for you for vday, but I'm afraid that I wont finish it in time. I have absolutely no time to work on it.  

Ughh. I just want time to stop. I want to take a breather, go out, explore, have fun. (of course, I find baking fun but I want to do something outdoors). I want to spend time with my bbz.

Can I just take my vacation now and go to Australia please?