Of the girls whose boyfriends do whatever it takes to make the girl not mad at them anymore. 

Sometimes I wonder if we are perfect for each other. Many people may say we are, and most times, I think we are as well.

But you don't like doing the quirky, dorky things that I'd like doing. Most likely, you'd question my sanity

When we get into fights, it's usually me who apologizes first. I'm the one who always caves. I'm the one who always texts you first or says good morning or good night. You don't give me flowers, or even a leaf. You don't wait outside of my doorstep with a cup of coffee knowing that it's something I'l need the next day. 

You don't say all of those cute/corny things to me. and I'm a sucker for those... and cheesy pickup lines. 

You don't do all of those things that made me fall in love with you anymore. I miss it.

or maybe I'm just asking for too much. 
I want to say that I just felt my house move from all of that wind. 

Today is Lunar New Year! Or TET or Chinese New Years, or whatever you want to call it. I didn't really do anything today.

Well, yesterday, I baked Macarons again. Bob and Erie came over. We ended up going to Joanns after to buy stuff for a photoshoot. Sadly enough, Bob was only able to take photos of the Chocolate Macarons that I made and not of the raspberry ones that I wanted to have (since they didn't turn out as nice as the chocolates). But anyways, I basically baked for 8 hours or so. After bob left (around 8), TK came and drove Erie and I to the mall so we can buy plates from Daiso. We got so many! I'm happy with my new selection :] I just need a tub to store it all in now.

After, I went home and rested for a bit. I decided that I was gonna bake once more since the kitchen would be used up the next day. I invited Timmy, Nikko and TK to come over and bake. They didn't come till 11:30. So I tried a different technique with the macarons and it ended up coming out perfectly! I'm super happy with what happened. I hope that the raspberry filling came out nicely too. I reduced it alot so it should be nice and thick. 

Well, I'm saving those macarons for Tuesday because... JEFF NGUYEN (of Le Bon de Cuisine) invited me to cater with him for GOOGLE's PAYPAL department . WHAAAA...? :] I really want to AWE them so I made 2 diff types of macarons. Technically, I'm only supposed to prepare 30, but I made about double that so they can have a variety of what they want. I don't think I'll charge Jeff since he's been so helpful with everything :]

Anyways, Today.. I did nothing. Well, I did some of my calc hw until I got bored. SMH at me. I should've soldiered through it to catch up but I was lazy. Travis actually hit me up to ask me if he can leave his upright piano at my house. I ended up buying it from him (well, I haven't paid it yet but I will). $250, not bad! Him and Sean came over and delivered the piano to my house. I finally have a piano! Yeeee. 

So I got to practice on that baby for a bit. I'm practicing UP. It sounds mehh for now, but if I keep practicing, I'll definitely get better. After an hour or so for practicing, I just ended up watching a ton of TV shows and w/e. Ate dinner with the family, and now I'm back here. 

I wish babe could sleep over. I'm bored as fkk right now. I know he has school tomorrow, so I guess him staying here wouldn't be a good idea. Anyways. I'm gonna shower. Ttyl
So Much has happened in the past few months. 

Remember how I was super pissed at Erie and all that jazz? Well, we ended up talking about it, and I still was kind of irritated towards the end because I thought that it was a load of bs. Anyway, After not seeing her and TK for who knows how long, we ended up going on a snowtrip together. To be honest, I was a bit iffy on going because I didn't want to be mad at her or irritated at the small stuff she did. I wanted to enjoy my vacation time. So I went on that snowtrip with an open mind; I decided that I shouldn't care about the small things she did, as long as it didn't pertain to me, then I shouldn't get mad/pissed/upset/etc. Surprisingly, it worked! I could tell sit here and complain about all the things she did or didn't do, but it really didn't bother me at all! Not one bit, and I'm not just saying it to cover up or to try and force myself to accept something, it just didn't bother me. In the end, I had an awesome snow trip with Timmy, Tk, Erie, Bob, and Evora (their puppy). We went to Heavenly to snowboard and we explored all around for 3 days. I wish We could do it again!

Okay, well back on the Erie topic, on the way home from our snow trip, Erie talked to me about a business plan. She was going to make handcrafted charms and I would be baking desserts and whatnot and we would sell it on Etsy.com. Bob even agreed to do a photoshoot on our products. I never thought of selling cookies and pastries online, I don't even know how to ship certain ones because of the freshness of the cookie. But after much research, I realized that you could sell cookies! Whaddayaknow? So I agreed and after the trip, we talked about it more. 

I got really excited for this business plan. We had a weebly, a tumblr, and a twitter all set up. Thomas Vo also made a logo for us. A couple weeks after the trip, I proposed the idea of opening up a food truck. Timmy, TK, Erie, Nikko and I would all run this business. Well, mainly me, then everyone would be working under me I suppose. Everyone really liked the idea and agreed to equal work. It took us a while till we finally got our name out. Erie signed us up to win a grant from Intuit.com. (VOTE for Fancy Flavors!) We're so close to being in the top 10! I never knew how many supporters I would get! It's nice seeing all of my friends cheering me on. 

I really want to do a shoutout to Jeffrey Nguyen, owner of Le Bon de Cusine food truck. He has really helped me out through this entire process. He has definitely answered all of my questions on everything I need to know about running a business. With his help, I definitely feel like we will succeed.  

Well, that's the biggest thing that Is happening in my life right now. The Food Truck Business. I will definitely keep updating
Which means a fresh new beginning and an end from all that madness 2011 had. 

I've made so many life changes in the past couple of months! I can't really go much into depth about it at the moment, but I definitely will when I have free time. My time nowadays is pretty limited, which I definitely need to work on and prioritize what's important to me.

I've taken a really big leap into my future career. I'll talk more about it later though! 

I'm sorry that I have been neglectful and stopped blogging for a good amount of time. I guess my goal for this year is to blog more on weebly than on tumblr since weebly is basically my own personal blog. 

OMG! I just want to blog about everything right now! But now is not the time, nor do I even HAVE time to do so. Anyways. I'll be getting ready for bed now.

PS Something random today. I had a shard of chicken bone lodged in my gums for some reason.. It didn't hurt but I had to get tweezers and pull it out since my fingers were too big.