I hang out with him too much... LOL.
     So this morning, I went to TK Noodles with my family and Wayne. He's such a messy eater! After TK Noodles, I was supposed to go to Falafel's Drive in with Darren and Kenny but Kenny had to go to this meeting thing for school. Instead, we just decided to go later and I went and took a 1 hour nap. When I woke up, Kenny wasn't finished yet so I just texted Frank so he could come by and pick up my longboard. So I left my phone in my room and my mom told me to go feed Wayne. Omg, he's just too chaotic when he eats... Anyways, I went upstairs to check my phone and Frank called me like a million times. Next thing I knew, he was already at my door. Wow... So yea, Him and his friend Jordan came in and chilled in my room as I tried to feed Wayne. That little monkey...
     So anyways, Darren came and we chilled around for a bit. Eventually Frank and Jordan left. Long story short, Wayne went outside, I fed him a bit, then my mom finally came home so she just took care of him afterwards. Finally. Then Darren and I went to San Jose State and picked up Kenny around 6. Then we wandered around San Jose to find the freeway entrance but instead we actually found out way to Falafel's Drive In. But sadly enough, we were too late, they had already close. Instead, we decided to go to Santana Row and eat at Chilis. We had an all appetizer meal. Bottomless chips and salsa, boneless buffalo wings, bacon cheese fries, and 3 soft tacos. Yum Yum! Darren and Kenny kept checking out hot... OLD men! Yummier! Haha. So after Chilis, we drove back to SJSU and went in to check out Kenny's Dorm. Funny things happened, I'll talk about that later. But yea, After visiting Linsey and Kenny, I drove Darren home and went to Frank's house to get my longboard. After, I just went home.
     OMG, I'm starving. I'm just in bed right now waiting till we go get some pho.
     Friken Wayne, he woke me up at 8 again. But he just opened the door and kinda closed it. Then he started to bang on the box my sister had outside and sang. Hecka cute. O well, I fell asleep anyways.
     At 10:30 Frank texted me and wanted me to drop off my board at his house. I just woke up too! Jerk! Haha jkjk. So yea.
      Now I'm Oovoo - ing with him. Such a loser. He's eating rice crackers and doing random stuff. I think he was dancing earlier? He looks gross eating rice crackers.
     I'm hungry.
     Wow, this day was really long, hopefully I'll remember everything that I did...
     So I got to work at 9:30. I had to go out and buy Allan Dale some meds for his sore throat. Good thing I saw Michelle because she said she was gonna bring him more meds. So at work, Allan Dale wanted to try the Santa Clara teaching system. Such a bust. We tried it with beginner little dragons, it was ehh. Then I taught the whole advanced dragons using the same system. Not that bad I must admit. Then it was color belts and then XPT. No one showed up for adults class... Tear. It's alright though, we got to leave early to go to the pot luck.
     Well I was sent off early to find a spot but the tables were already taken and stuff so I went to the same place that Mark had his going away party. So yea, I got there and no one showed up so I texted Frank to come and keep me company. So I waited and waited until Allan Dale and Shelby finally came. Right when they came, Frank came too. After he came, everyone else started showing up, slowly though. So Shelby and Allan Dale had to go somewhere to get food and stuff like that so they left me in charge... Eventually we talked about the subject of long boarding so Angela and Kat wanted to see my "moves" but instead Frank and I long boarded back to his house so I could get MY long board and not the one Frank let me borrow.
     So when we got to Frank's house, we switched boards and everything. Right when we were about to leave, Kevin calls me and asks if I'm with Frank. LOL. Perfect timing? So Kevin just wanted to borrow Frank's board so I tell him to run and like 1 minute later he's at Frank's door. Lol.
     So eventually Kevin and Frank came back with me to Cardoza park for the party. We just chilled and talked. Then KJN Tony got them and everyone who came play a water balloon toss game. That was pretty fun. Kjn Tony won twice in a row, then Kevin and Frank won. Dang. Haha. After that, we just threw water balloons everywhere and I got hecka soaked! Dang. when there was no more water balloons, Frank and I just chilled as Kevin left. Then people started leaving because it was 3.
     After that, I drove back to Frank's place and he took me to a parking lot near his house to teach me some more. He taught me how to curve. Although I sucked a lot, I kept practicing and trying to get better. I got some really slow curves though. Yay! Eventually we left and went riding around. We went to Burnette and saw Kevin and his friend. When we got there, I kept practicing a lot. I got a lot better now! Oh! BTW, I have another injury! It's on my right butt and lower shin... Painful? So yea, we chilled and long boarded till about 8. You're a good teacher Frank! Anyways, Frank and I leave and I was about to drive him home but instead we go to YoSwirl.
     When I get to Fremont, I pick up Jen and we head out to YoSwirl. It was nice but extremely cold, especially the fact that I was, ONCE AGAIN, wearing hootchie mama clothing. But it's alright, I won that stare down with Frank and I got his shirt as a prize. YESH. hehe, LOSER.
     After YoSwirl, we head back to Jen's and chill for a bit. Then we go back to Milpitas. So I was going to take Frank home, but instead we decide to go exploring. So we try to find a good spot in the hills to see city lights, but there weren't really good spots so instead, we just drive around San Jose. I took him to some pretty good boarding spots on Penetencia Creek. After, we just give up and go back to the place to see city lights. My leg started to cramp up so Frank was going to give me a leg massage when we stopped at city lights, but my mom called. LOL. Funny. So yea, I drove him home and I got home myself too.
     Man what a day, I'm seriously exhausted. Tomarrow I'm going to eat out with my family then probably get Falafels with Darren and Kenny. I need to drop off my long board at Frank's house in the morning too. I'm guessing it's going to be busy tomarrow. Fuun...
sector 9
    I'm gonna print this out on iron on paper and iron it on to fabric so I can have wall art!
     I seriously love looking at wrecked cakes. It makes me laugh and gives me inspiration so I don't make a cake like that....

Guck Luck?
Someone is High off of colors
It's a fetus with an Ipod... No Lie
Kenny says, 'I bet you it says Penis'
     Today, I went long boarding with Frank and Kevin. So I got to Frank's house about 10:45. At first it was just gonna be us two but we decided to invite more people. I was going to invite Axell but he didn't pick up his phone. Instead I called Kevin who came with us instead. After I called Kevin, Axell called me back but Frank doesn't have extra boards left. Sorry Axell.
     So yea, It was just Kevin, Frank and I. We went through the neighborhood and into random parts I never knew existed. There was this one hill that we went down and I was going so fast that I didn't know how to turn so I hella fell off and ate the ground. My left butt pant is all black now. It's alright though, it was fun. So yea, we just chilled for a bit and long boared some more. This guy in a car randomly went up to us and told us a riddle. I knew it already so I said the answer. I so smaawt! So yea, it was getting hot so we went back to Frank's house so he could get tools and stuff. So we chilled there for a long while until I decided to go help Eugene pack up and stuff. So right now, Frank had my long board and I have one of his. He wanted to borrow mines to let his friend use it.
     So after, I drove home and long boarded to Eugene's house. It's so hot! When I got there, Darren and Vince were already there. I didn't do much except eat ramen and help him pack a little. Donald also showed up. But yea, I'm gonna miss you Eugene! Have fun in Utah.
     After Eugene's place, Darren and I long boarded to Nob Hill so I could buy more band aids, especially for my scrape. I just found out that I have one on my ankle too. So bad. It's alright though, not gonna stop me from riding. So yea, Darren and I long boarded home together. When I got home, I immediately went into the shower. It felt so good, but my left leg stung and went numb.
     Anyways, it's really hot right now and I'm starving. I didn't really have food today except cereal and ramen. Yum...
     Well I guess you can say my life is perfect. Okay, okay so maybe there's no such thing as a "perfect life" but what is perfection anyways? Some define perfection as being flawless, with no problems whatsoever. But me? I define perfection as my life. I have a loving and caring family with food on the table and a roof above my head. I have education with the best of friends anyone can ask for. I don't need perfect grades or perfect hair to have a perfect life, I have everything I've ever wanted in the palm of my hand and I don't think there's anything I would ever change about that.
     People tend to take life for granted. They become stupid and start to drink magical elixars that will get them to think irrationally. Some also take in special herbs to make themselves feel better. But why would you do that when you only have this one life to live? Yes it might make you feel better, but does your body seriously deserve this? People do drugs and drink mainly because there's nothing else to look forward to in their life. But remember, no matter how shitty your situation may be, there is someone out there with an even worse situation than you are in. I live by the rules, " Get MAD. Get SAD. Get OVER it. " I also believe that people do drugs and drink because there is absolutely nothing better to do and it'll make them cooler. If you're THAT bored, go out and have fun instead of making yourself look stupid. You think that doing that stuff will make you cool? Look back at your life after you've been in an accident because you've consumed that shit.
     For me, I don't need that stuff to make me feel better about myself. That's what friends are for. When I'm bored, I try to keep myself occupied when I'm not on the computer. When I go to parties, I don't do that stuff. I'm not into peer pressure. We all have our own mind, why let someone decide for you what you should and shouldn't do in life?
     Anyways, I got bored and started blogging about that. LOL. sorry
     Friken Wayne. He, once again, woke me up at 8 but didn't leave me to sleep. Instead he decided that it was smart to get into my recycle bin. Let's just say he fell and started crying. I had to scold him. I treat him like a teenager. I told him to go sit and watch TV and surprisingly he did. He didn't run around or anything, he just sat there and enjoyed the tube. Surprising right? After that, I decided to clean. I started on the kitchen which looks a lot more organized...ish.
     At 11, I went to In and Out with Eugene where I treated him to a Double Double as I enjoyed the fries. I saw Alex Quek and Ben Leung there. Also we saw Erwin, Castro, and Cummins. Castro and Cummins was hecka random, I didn't even see them until Castro was like "What you don't say hi anymore?" And I was like WTF. Lol
     After lunch, I went over to Frank's house but he didn't pick up my phone call so I went home until he called me back. When I came over, he was cutting a design in his grip tape on his long board. It looks pretty cool. After that, we sparred for a little. Gosh, little cheater, he kept grabbing my hands and picking me up! He's like bigger than me too! Ughh. Whatever. Lol
     So I drove him to the mall where we went into Zumiez and I saw the longboard I wanted. OMG, It's expensive but I have it now. Yes! I just need to get better. It's all squeaky and stuff, I wonder if I can fix that. So as we're leaving, We see Kevin and we hang out with him for a little because he was waiting for his date to come. In the end, we waited for about an hour which she never showed up and so I just took them both back to Frank's house.
     I went home, TRIED to nap and went to work at 5. I'm getting Ehh and work now. Or that's how I feel like I am. Sad I know. Good thing I'm leaving I guess. I'm surely gonna miss it.
sector 9

     Gosh Kenny, you and your porn! When you have LEOPARD print boxers that's one thing, but adding "Sports Illustrated: Sports Edition" sends for disaster... and something dirty... You and your PORN.
     Friken Wayne. He woke me up at 8 today when he came into my room. 6 hours of sleep is definatley not good for me. Eventually that monkey left and I slept for 2 more hours. This morning was slow, I didn't do much although I PLANNED to put away my laundry, which I failed terribly at doing.
     At exactly 12, Jessica Lim and I met up at Linsey's house. Her kitty is so cute! She also got a brand new car. It's a Cube and it's hecka spacious. Although it looks kinda weird, it has a modern vibe to it which makes it all the better. We went out to Merlion for lunch. We ordered 5 family style plates. YUM! After lunch we just went home.
     After that, I went over to Kenny's house to help him pack. I can't believe you're leaving us on Friday! I'm gonna miss you! Wilson and I will visit you!
     At 5, I went to work to help Allan Dale because it was just Patrick and him plus little dragons. I had to test Noah and Nathan but I really only tested Noah for today. Next time will be Nathan. I was supposed to stay for only one class, but the class after was big and OJ wasn't there for work... YET. So yea, I had fun teaching. Not bad, not bad.
     When I got home, I immediately went straight to cleaning. My room is cleaner now and I FINALLY put the laptop on my table. Yay! Hopefully it'll stay clean. . . I also cleaned and vacuumed the hallway and the living room / loft area. Whatever you call it. Everything feels cleaner now. My room is still cluttered though, I'm not satisfied JUST yet. I will never be satisfied with my room. It's too cluttered. All I need to do now is get rid of this bed...
    I also need to buy:
     -Mini-ironing board
     -Coat rack
OMG! So, I asked my dad if I could by a longboard and he's like "Do you want to die early?" And I was like WTF? "I'm not gonna do tricks, I'm just gonna ride it around". So my dad said no but I kept pleading and he's like "Go ask your mom". So I go downstairs and I ask my mom and at first she's like "Why" so I told her that I want to ride it around sometimes instead of using my car. So she told me to take the bike and I told her that I'd rather longboard. I actually don't remember what I told her into letting me get one, but in the end, she said yes. YAY! Longboard!

Morning Wood
At the break of dawn I wake up
Morning wood so abrupt
Chopped that tree down 15 minutes flat!
On my bed I sat
By Albert Chang
new bed!