Well I guess you can say my life is perfect. Okay, okay so maybe there's no such thing as a "perfect life" but what is perfection anyways? Some define perfection as being flawless, with no problems whatsoever. But me? I define perfection as my life. I have a loving and caring family with food on the table and a roof above my head. I have education with the best of friends anyone can ask for. I don't need perfect grades or perfect hair to have a perfect life, I have everything I've ever wanted in the palm of my hand and I don't think there's anything I would ever change about that.
     People tend to take life for granted. They become stupid and start to drink magical elixars that will get them to think irrationally. Some also take in special herbs to make themselves feel better. But why would you do that when you only have this one life to live? Yes it might make you feel better, but does your body seriously deserve this? People do drugs and drink mainly because there's nothing else to look forward to in their life. But remember, no matter how shitty your situation may be, there is someone out there with an even worse situation than you are in. I live by the rules, " Get MAD. Get SAD. Get OVER it. " I also believe that people do drugs and drink because there is absolutely nothing better to do and it'll make them cooler. If you're THAT bored, go out and have fun instead of making yourself look stupid. You think that doing that stuff will make you cool? Look back at your life after you've been in an accident because you've consumed that shit.
     For me, I don't need that stuff to make me feel better about myself. That's what friends are for. When I'm bored, I try to keep myself occupied when I'm not on the computer. When I go to parties, I don't do that stuff. I'm not into peer pressure. We all have our own mind, why let someone decide for you what you should and shouldn't do in life?
     Anyways, I got bored and started blogging about that. LOL. sorry
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