Friken Wayne. He, once again, woke me up at 8 but didn't leave me to sleep. Instead he decided that it was smart to get into my recycle bin. Let's just say he fell and started crying. I had to scold him. I treat him like a teenager. I told him to go sit and watch TV and surprisingly he did. He didn't run around or anything, he just sat there and enjoyed the tube. Surprising right? After that, I decided to clean. I started on the kitchen which looks a lot more organized...ish.
     At 11, I went to In and Out with Eugene where I treated him to a Double Double as I enjoyed the fries. I saw Alex Quek and Ben Leung there. Also we saw Erwin, Castro, and Cummins. Castro and Cummins was hecka random, I didn't even see them until Castro was like "What you don't say hi anymore?" And I was like WTF. Lol
     After lunch, I went over to Frank's house but he didn't pick up my phone call so I went home until he called me back. When I came over, he was cutting a design in his grip tape on his long board. It looks pretty cool. After that, we sparred for a little. Gosh, little cheater, he kept grabbing my hands and picking me up! He's like bigger than me too! Ughh. Whatever. Lol
     So I drove him to the mall where we went into Zumiez and I saw the longboard I wanted. OMG, It's expensive but I have it now. Yes! I just need to get better. It's all squeaky and stuff, I wonder if I can fix that. So as we're leaving, We see Kevin and we hang out with him for a little because he was waiting for his date to come. In the end, we waited for about an hour which she never showed up and so I just took them both back to Frank's house.
     I went home, TRIED to nap and went to work at 5. I'm getting Ehh and work now. Or that's how I feel like I am. Sad I know. Good thing I'm leaving I guess. I'm surely gonna miss it.
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