Pink. Green. Orange. Yellow. White. Chocolate. Coffee. They all taste delicious yet I swear I will get cavities. I'm glad I'm doing the buffet final with Serena. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. We work so well together!
     Patty and I went out to Chipotle's for lunch today. It was so nice. I haven't went out for lunch in a long time. Plus she treated me out (for some reason... lol). Thank you Patty! I owe you one homie. I love lunching with Patty. If only I didn't have a curfew, then I'd stay Forever!
     Pizza night was pretty fun. The original plus Eugene, Elizabeth and David. We took so many pictures that I bet the other customers were like "WTF! STFU!" Lol. So after, we went to Darren's, then went to Costco for gas, then back to Darren's where they were planning on what to make a video of. I coudn't stay for long. Plus I was falling asleep so I went home and showered. I'm about to go to bed now. It's only 11 and I'm crashing!
     This past weekend was one of the busiest for me. I woke up early Saturday morning and immediately began to move things out of my room to downstairs.
    Sunday, eat Pho with family then help my sister move all of her stuff out. Then we took apart my bed and everything too. Pure emptiness in my room. How odd. The carpet cleaner guy came and cleaned. My family then went to this jump house place called "Pump it up" for my cousin's birthday. I did one round of all the obstacles. How embarrassing though, there were 2 guys that I knew who works there. LOL.
     When we came home, I helped my dad out a bit by putting some things back into the room. Eventually when the carpets dried, I put more things back.
     Today, I took Darren and Eugene to De Anza. Nothing else significant at school..
     Our days are shallow here at PCI. I shall forever treasure the moments I spend in class.
     Sorry, just random thoughts in my mind that probably doesn't make sense. Too much to do tonight! I gotta start with French Hw...
     Because you were born, today was a great day.
     I got my test back in Astro. I thought I failed but in fact, I got a C! It's still pretty bad but I'm glad I didn't fail miserably!
     In French we got a practice sheet and I got everything right on it! Tres Facile! Lol.
      I stayed up and watched HIMYM with Blake today. I had energy to keep me awake and not asleep!
     In class, we just glazed and airbrushed our vigan cake, glazed our chocolate bombes and made prentantains. So Lynn didn't want her food so she put it out in the lounge. When I saw it, I was thinking to myself, "The culinary students don't really give us anymore food... Maybe if we donate food to them they'll bring us some" so I brought it over and they were going crazy for it! Then later on, they bought us dishes and dishes of tempura, fried eggplant, onion rings and fried bell pepper. It was so delicious! Best food I've ever had today!
     After class, I dropped off food at Karate, then I dropped off a Bombe at Kim's house (LOL). Then I went and kidnapped Jen. We went to Half Priced where I bought 2 new books and an Elton John Album. It looks so friken cool! It was only $2 also! SWEET.
     Then, we went to get some froyo at our favorite spot. We sat, chilled, ate froyo and just talked. It was really nice and pleasant. Apres, I drove us back to Jen's house were we parked in front of her house and talked some more. I love catching up with this girl. It always feels like we've never been apart or anything! So 10 minutes before 9, we go in and I talk to her mom. Then I help her pop her hood so she can get a tool in the engine from my dad. Good thing they never drove it! Lol.
     So as I was driving home, I noticed that they finally took down those stupid barriers! I can finally feel like the road is open and not enclosed! FINALLY.
     When I got home, I found a package for me so I ripped it open and guess what? My beef gelatin finally came in! I'm so excited to use it! FINALLY! I can finally some of the food we make in class! Nom NOM!
     So yea, now I'm at home. I had an eventuful day today. No school tomorrow! I can finally sleep in till whenever. I still have PCI though, we gotta make sacrifices in life... It's totally worth it though.
     I woke up late today! 9:30AM! Blake kinda gave me a wake up call telling me that he was on his way back to SJ. So let's see...
     I sorta cleaned and finished the book, then ate at TK with the family. After, I went home, kinda cleaned but also watched a few episodes of The Office. Omg, "Michael" is so annoying! He's so friken stupid! Lol.
     Around 3:30, Blake came over and chatted with my mom for the longest time! After that, we went back to my room and watched 500 Days of Summer. He loved that movie! Lol. I'm glad. After, we talked a bit, then started to watch V for Vedetta, but after 45 mins into the movie, Eugene texted me telling me to come over because Darren was there also, so I took Blake over to Eugene's house. We stayed there for a good 1 and a half hours. We all talked and stuff.
     A little after Darren left, we all went out to Tapx. Thank you Eugene for paying! I'll pay you back. Hehe.. don't worry. But yea, we sat around some more and conversed for a long time. Then I drove Eugene home and brought Blake back to my place. He stayed a little longer, then he left.
     Omg, my siblings and cousins are gonna make so much fun of me. I already know it! Bleh. Lol. During dinner, my sister was kinda laughing at me. I'm gonna get it from them tomorrow. Well, I guess I'll tell my sister eventually. If I even see her tomorrow.
     Anyways, I enjoyed spending time with Blake again. We made up for the loss of 9 days. I can't wait to see him tomorrow! No! School starts tomorrow too! Ughh... I have to wake up at 6:50AM. I don't even know where my class is at........
     TK Noodle with the family. I hate it when they drag me around places with them... Ughh. Stupid asian supermarkets!
     I cleaned my room again! Day 2 of decluttering! Eugenie came over a little to help me clean. Key word: HELP. Lol, jkjk. I just threw junk at him and said, "Garbage!" and he put it in the garbage bag. So helpful. Lol.
     At 3 PM, Kim came over and we drove ALL the way to Lathrop. It felt pretty fast! It was a 1 hour drive I think, so not too bad. So, we saw KJN Riz and Jen. It was so nice seeing them again. We talked, had dinner, watched food network, talked, played the "would you rather" game, opened gifts and talked some more, then we went home. KJN and Jen got me a Mulan ornament! Yesh! They also got me an H&M gift card, even though I don't shop there, I get to use it now! Yesh! haha. So yea, we stayed there tilll 8, then I drove home. It was nice seeing them and reconnecting with them again.



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     12:30AM- (Yesterday)So we ended up not going to iHop because it was too crowded. Instead, we went to Marie Calander's. It was SUPER empty, but I had a good time. We talked and everything. After, we drove around, then Ben showed me the inside of his house. It's... AMAZING! He has his own back doorway to his place so he never needs to go through the front or anything. His house is just really nice. He lives up in the hills that why...
     After that, I went to PCI. We finished our Princess Cake and made Chocolate Sponge cake. We finished pretty quickly so we made a bunch of chocolate sponges for our buche de noel. This girl came in to audit a class. I let her help me out as much as possible. She even made her own princess cake, we had a bunch of leftovers for her to use.
     So after class, Amanda came and we talked for a bit. I was super tired and I just wanted to go home, but we talked for a bit. She wanted to hang, but I told her I had a venturing meeting to go to. Finds out that it was cancelled... But, I had a good phone convo with Kim on the way home. I went to Michael's and found her there! I bought a few things and then we went to go to karate to drop off the cake.
     Then, Kim and I went home and I had dinner. We talked and we somehow got on the convo of having Blake over. Blake agreed to come over so we invited Darren and Wilson, who brought over a shitload of people; Tomy, Arnold, Perry, Hieu, Alex Tu, Alex Nguyen, Eugene,Emily, and Jesse. We all chilled, then Blake came, with Kira and we just did intros and talked and stuff. Then we started playing Mafia. Pretty fun. I wish I was better with stories. I had good ideas though, I just didn't say them. Lol.
     After, we all starting doing our own thing. Some water pong players, some poker players and some who watched TV. Lol. I hope they enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed myself. I hope they liked Blake! Lol. Do you guys approve?!
     Around 12ish, everyone was basically gone. Fun night! Lol. I'm pretty tired right now. I'm not sure if I can fall asleep, but yea... It FITS! Yes! Haha
     Yesterday, I picked up Allyson and Jen and we went to Verde. Hecka fun! We talked and caught up so well. It's nice to hear about how well the group is doing. I only miss a selected few from that group of "sophomores" by the way.
     After Verde, I went home to drop off a pearl drink for my momma. Then I took them to where Geoff lives. When we got to Alum Rock, they needed to pee so I had to make a detour. We somehow ended up in a mexican church... Their bathrooms were HECKA nice!!! We went in, used the latrine, and went out. Like friken NINJAS!
     So, the most embarassing thing happened to me... As I was driving to show the ladies the view and where Geoff lived, I turned the corner, pointed to the house, and as I did, Brent, the 29 year old roomie, popped out of nowhere and was looking at my car. I was hecka freaking out and tried to do a quick smooth U-ie, it didn't work but I got out of there as fast as possible. He probably thinks I'm weird now... I should've played it off and got out of the car and asked for Geoff... So embarassing...
     We had time to kill so I took the ladies to meet Blake. They LOVED him! That night was almost ruined though, Kira and Amanda were there and Amanda was depressed as hell... Enough about them. But yea, us 4 had a pretty good convo going. I'm glad that they like him! They APPROVE! Lol. They also really like Sky and Em. It was nice just talking with Sky, Em, Blake, Jen and Allyson. I felt like they really connected with this group. I can't wait till the rest of you guys meet them! Lol.
     We left around 7ish and I took Allyson home, then Jen and I decided to be random so we went to Eugene's house. He later came out and we chilled in my car and just talked some more. Then I took Jen home.
     Game night! Hecka fun! We played 3 rounds of Payday, then we played Mario Party 2. OLD SCHOOL! We popped out the N64 and battled it out. In the end, I won! Hehe. I got super lucky though.
     I love hanging out with those ladies. I know that these are the people I can instantly connect with no matter the distance. We're a bunch of spontaneous girls with big dreams and we do the most randomest things ever. We go out and explore the world! I love you guys!
     Anyways, It's 12:20 AM right now. I'm going to bed now. Good Night!!! Plans for tomorrow: do laundry, reorganize tool kit, PCI, and venture meeting. Things I need to work on: spending time with family & spending less time with Amanda. I just need a break from her right now...
     AH! I've been super laggy on my post. I apologize! I'm pretty sure my views would be higher if I blogged on time. But ANYWAYS! Recap on yesterday:
     I cleaned the house, Eugene came over, I dropped him off somewhere, I cleaned some more. Then, I went out with Em to get some Chipotle's. So we had some Chipotle's, then we went to the mall and shopped for bit. Then I took her to Guitar Center so I could by my brother's a guitar stand for their Rockband guitars. Yes, I'm a badass sister like that! Haha.
     Darren, Wilson, Perry, and Sam came over. We chilled and watched The Grudge. LOL! I was laughing throughout the whole movie! Mainly because I already watched it. It was funny anyways. Plus Darren and Perry got hecka scared! They left when the cake was about to be cut up and stuff. Fun stuff. Kim and I hecka bonded! Jonathan even came! After a while, Jonathan left so Kim and I chilled. We ended up longboarding to the park and talking at the swings. Then Jonathan came back and chilled with us. It was nice to sit at the monkey bars and just talk. We then decided to go to Tapx. We saw Tien! (My cousin). We just chilled and talked some more. Then at 12, we went back to my place and started to listen to music. Jonathan popped out the guitar and we all did a trio to Simple, Starving to be Safe-Daphne Loves Derby. It was the first time listening to that song. Not bad, we did a recording of ourselves. Jonathan is PRO at guitar! Lol. It was a pretty good recording I must say. At 2 AM, Jonathan went home so Kim and I stayed in my room and talked till 4 AM. Then she went home. Lol. It was nice just bonding with her again.
      After talking to Kim and Jonathan, they really encouraged me to be closer with my family. They gave me ideas and things to do to to be closer with my family. It's gonna be a rocky start but I hope in the end, I'll be comfortable enough to talk to them. 
      Talking to Kim and Jonathan and just chilling with them makes me realize what kinda friends I have. I wish that I realized that in highschool so I could've reevaluated the friends I hung out with. I'm not saying that the group that I hung out with was terrible or anything, they didn't really have the same personality as I did. I also knew from the start that we weren't going to be friends in the long run. Hanging out and talking to them also made me cherish all the friendships that I have right now. My group of friends have shrunken drastically in number although I have a bunch of new friends, I know who my close friends are.
     I want to thank the guys (including Eugene) for visiting me, no matter how random it is. I love that you guys visit me whenever you're bored. I miss being random and spontaneous with you guys. I promise that I'll put best friends before boyfriend. All day, anytime of the day.
     Well... Almost time for brunch. I'm friken starving!!!
     I finally returned my extra toolkit! Yes! Lol. I got to school a little early today and chilled with Jude and Ameet for about 2 good minutes, then I went inside to change. After I changed and dropped off my stuff, I saw Blake, gave him a hug, then later went to talk with Amanda. Good times...
     We have a final tomorrow! Today we made Almond Pear Tart. YUM! We also made classic puff pastry dough and croissant dough for the final tomorrow. Chef added it on.  It was a nice chill day today. I told the class that I was "off the market" and Lynn gave me a hard time but she accepts. Lol! Chef was like, "I KNEW IT!" haha. Oh gosh, they'll never let me live after this! OMG! This chick from the morning class is going to be put into OUR class! Nobody in my class wants her! Apparently she needs special attention and mature people to surround her. Ugh..
     After class, I went to the Great Mall with Kira and Amanda. I guess Kira and I are okay now. We chilled, walked around, and took pics at the Japanese photo booth! Fun fun.
     Then we went to Wal Mart because they both wanted to get their ears peirced. I bought some fabric so I can sew Blake some Pj's! Woot! haha. We went to Quickly's after that. The 2 ladies ordered Strawberry Milk tea (Disgusting!) and Passion fruit milk tea (EVEN WORSE!). Omg, I bought Thai Tea, but it was so watered down! So disgusting! I went to the cashier and told him nicely that it wasn't thai tea and he was such a dick to me! Omg! I was so pissed that I called Wilson Yu and ranted to him. I made him come there so he can tell the guy. As we were waiting for him, we bought some Mochi and enjoyed it. Then Wilson came and spoke to him in chinese. The guy gave me another drink, which still wasn't fixed, but whatever... After Wilson left, we went to Orange Tree and had some froyo. Apparently Wilson's mom was "checking me out". Gross. haha. Orange Tree SUCKS at froyo. But whatever, I didn't pay.
     After, I got dropped off at my car and I went home, showered and now I'm here talking to Blake and Eugene (2 DAYS!). Lol. I'm so sleepy. I think I'm going to sleep soon... Good night!
     Okay, I'm going to finish my blog by talking about my day yesterday, which is Saturday.
     So I woke up early and got ready to go to PCI to help the hobby class. The class was on plating. It was pretty fun! Serena and I did the baking part of it, we made coffee ice cream and tuile. Yum! The ice cream was amazing I must say. I had trouble with the tuile so the hot foods team came in and helped/taught us. There's a special way to make tuile and how to shape it and stuff. Hecka cool. They're super nice. I kinda want to be a part of that one day, but I'm going to have to sacrifice a lot of my time, I might also have to stop going to De Anza or something.
     After PCI, I waited out in the student lounge for Blake. Then we went to Rasputins. I think that's how you spell it. It's a gigantic record store. It's AMAZING! I bought 3 new CD's. I know one forsure is 30 Seconds to Mars (thanks eugene!!!) lol. I don't remember the other 2. Anyways, after, we went back to Blake's place and watched a movie. I don't remember what it's called, but it's a pretty good movie. Then Emily came home and we watched some Gabriel Iglesias. Hecka funny!
     After, we went out to Taco Bell for dinner, and looked for a movie to rent. We couldn't find anything so we just went back to the pad. Kira was there, smoking. I guess she got mad at me for giving her a hard time about her money issues. Whateverrr. Instead, Blake, Em, Carlos (who came later on) and I ended up just watching a few episodes of Psych. After that, I went home.
    Blake walked me to my car and was like, "Don't get into an accident or else I'll have no reason to live!" Aww! Lol. He said, he'd either kill himself or just go back down to Bakersfield because he'd have no more reason to stay in San Jose. I thought that was sweet of him to say, he makes me feel important. I couldn't stop smiling after that. We hugged about a million times before I left.
     So today, I have date with him. So many ideas are running through my  head. Quicklys, Color Me Mine or Tech Museum, BJ's or The Old Spaghetti Factory. Man! I really don't know what to do. For sure Quickly's. If I go to Color Me Mine, I'll go to BJ's for dinner, if I go to the Tech Museum, we'll go to the Old Spaghetti Factory. Hmm... What to do. Lol. I'll let him choose then. I wish it wasn't raining because I wanted to take him out and around SF. Dang... I gotta go back to cleaning now, I took an hour break from cleaning!