This past weekend was one of the busiest for me. I woke up early Saturday morning and immediately began to move things out of my room to downstairs.
    Sunday, eat Pho with family then help my sister move all of her stuff out. Then we took apart my bed and everything too. Pure emptiness in my room. How odd. The carpet cleaner guy came and cleaned. My family then went to this jump house place called "Pump it up" for my cousin's birthday. I did one round of all the obstacles. How embarrassing though, there were 2 guys that I knew who works there. LOL.
     When we came home, I helped my dad out a bit by putting some things back into the room. Eventually when the carpets dried, I put more things back.
     Today, I took Darren and Eugene to De Anza. Nothing else significant at school..
     Our days are shallow here at PCI. I shall forever treasure the moments I spend in class.
     Sorry, just random thoughts in my mind that probably doesn't make sense. Too much to do tonight! I gotta start with French Hw...

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