I woke up late today! 9:30AM! Blake kinda gave me a wake up call telling me that he was on his way back to SJ. So let's see...
     I sorta cleaned and finished the book, then ate at TK with the family. After, I went home, kinda cleaned but also watched a few episodes of The Office. Omg, "Michael" is so annoying! He's so friken stupid! Lol.
     Around 3:30, Blake came over and chatted with my mom for the longest time! After that, we went back to my room and watched 500 Days of Summer. He loved that movie! Lol. I'm glad. After, we talked a bit, then started to watch V for Vedetta, but after 45 mins into the movie, Eugene texted me telling me to come over because Darren was there also, so I took Blake over to Eugene's house. We stayed there for a good 1 and a half hours. We all talked and stuff.
     A little after Darren left, we all went out to Tapx. Thank you Eugene for paying! I'll pay you back. Hehe.. don't worry. But yea, we sat around some more and conversed for a long time. Then I drove Eugene home and brought Blake back to my place. He stayed a little longer, then he left.
     Omg, my siblings and cousins are gonna make so much fun of me. I already know it! Bleh. Lol. During dinner, my sister was kinda laughing at me. I'm gonna get it from them tomorrow. Well, I guess I'll tell my sister eventually. If I even see her tomorrow.
     Anyways, I enjoyed spending time with Blake again. We made up for the loss of 9 days. I can't wait to see him tomorrow! No! School starts tomorrow too! Ughh... I have to wake up at 6:50AM. I don't even know where my class is at........

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