I finally returned my extra toolkit! Yes! Lol. I got to school a little early today and chilled with Jude and Ameet for about 2 good minutes, then I went inside to change. After I changed and dropped off my stuff, I saw Blake, gave him a hug, then later went to talk with Amanda. Good times...
     We have a final tomorrow! Today we made Almond Pear Tart. YUM! We also made classic puff pastry dough and croissant dough for the final tomorrow. Chef added it on.  It was a nice chill day today. I told the class that I was "off the market" and Lynn gave me a hard time but she accepts. Lol! Chef was like, "I KNEW IT!" haha. Oh gosh, they'll never let me live after this! OMG! This chick from the morning class is going to be put into OUR class! Nobody in my class wants her! Apparently she needs special attention and mature people to surround her. Ugh..
     After class, I went to the Great Mall with Kira and Amanda. I guess Kira and I are okay now. We chilled, walked around, and took pics at the Japanese photo booth! Fun fun.
     Then we went to Wal Mart because they both wanted to get their ears peirced. I bought some fabric so I can sew Blake some Pj's! Woot! haha. We went to Quickly's after that. The 2 ladies ordered Strawberry Milk tea (Disgusting!) and Passion fruit milk tea (EVEN WORSE!). Omg, I bought Thai Tea, but it was so watered down! So disgusting! I went to the cashier and told him nicely that it wasn't thai tea and he was such a dick to me! Omg! I was so pissed that I called Wilson Yu and ranted to him. I made him come there so he can tell the guy. As we were waiting for him, we bought some Mochi and enjoyed it. Then Wilson came and spoke to him in chinese. The guy gave me another drink, which still wasn't fixed, but whatever... After Wilson left, we went to Orange Tree and had some froyo. Apparently Wilson's mom was "checking me out". Gross. haha. Orange Tree SUCKS at froyo. But whatever, I didn't pay.
     After, I got dropped off at my car and I went home, showered and now I'm here talking to Blake and Eugene (2 DAYS!). Lol. I'm so sleepy. I think I'm going to sleep soon... Good night!
12/14/2009 04:44:29 pm

HAH 4 DAYS actually 5 BUYT HAH xD


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