Everyday around 11:30 PM, Clover goes to the front door and just barks and barks. No one is there because I've opened the door and I've peered through the peep hole, I've checked. But it's kinda freaky having your dog bark at the door around the same time. I didn't notice it at first, but then I started noticing the time he begins barking. Creepy much?
     Anyways, yesterday was alright, nothing special or significant. I called up that person that was bugging me and we talked for about an hour. Everything is all settled now and the dispute is now over. I'm really glad I did it because it really bothered me.
     So today, I woke up and immediately started emptying out my room. I finished around 1 PM. My room is now empty, except for the bed and the dresser. My walls are also very bare, I moved some of the things that Jen, Allyson and Maggie made for me to the wall right in front of the door. I also moved some pictures there from Kenny and Wilson also. Then I moved my shadowboxes to the adjacent and opposite walls. No more karate stuff on the walls. It's gonna get moved somewhere else. So at first, my parents were going to postpone the room remodeling to next week, but hopefully they'll do it tomorrow. Some guy's gonna come and clean the carpets tomorrow. I guess if it dries in time, then we'll move the beds and stuff. I'm excited to see what'll happen! For sure they'll do it this week right?
     Around 6:30 PM, I went to a family party, then I left at 8 to hang out with Kim. We ended up going to our usual place, Sweet Hearts. We left after an hour and a half, went back to my place, talked, then she left around 10.
     Now I'm at home, bored, and about to play some Neopets or something. Hehe...
     My pent up anger for this person was driving me crazy so I ranted to Patty about how bad it was... I'm so glad she was there to listen. I'm seriously going to have a talk with this person next week, obviously, me standing back and letting them treat me this way is not improving anyone.. But anyways...
     My final for PCI... OMG! I was so nervous! Chef set it up so we have to prep our workstation as if we were in a real restaurant. Then he times us, 1 min per plate, I went first and, knowing me, I had really bad stage fright. My hands were all shaky, I was sooo nervous! Blah, over all I guess I did well. I didn't fail miserably at least. We didn't really do much in class afterwards. It's only moments now till we're finished..
     After class, I immediately bolted out, changed and drove to my interview at Left Bank in Santana Row. I met up with Chef David and I immediately got the extern. Yay! He looked at a my portfolio and really liked what he saw. I can't wait to start! I wont start till after I finish school. But I'm basically in! It was a quick, short meeting.
     So as I was leaving, I somehow went on the wrong floor, unknowingly, and I was wandering aimlessly looking for my car. I seriously thought I was car jacked! I was soo scared! But then, I thought about it and I ended up parking on the wrong floor. FML. I looked like an idiot walking around, how embarassing! Lol.
    Anyways, I have to give my sister the laptop now.
     Since I was sick, I was too lazy to blog, even though I had all the time in the world...
     So on Tuesday, I did... Absolutely. N.O.T.H.I.N.G; Nothing. Okay okay, maybe saying "Nothing" might be a little too strong... I didn't really do absolutely nothing. I did something; like surf the net, worked on my portfolio, stalked people on Facebook, comment on things on Facebook, watched a crapload of CSI (LV/NY), drank so much tea that my salivary glands were starting to secrete tea... Oh! and also go to "Pizza night", instead, we went to iHop for their National Free Pancake Day. All I got were the Free Pancakes and hot tea, sadly I only finished 2 of the 3 pancakes, but thanks to Vince, he finished it for me! Along with his 5 other pancakes, eggs and bacon thingy... The guys, Darren, Alan, and Vince, were all competeting to see who could finish the fastest. Guess who won? Yup, the one and only FATASS; Darren.
     After our meal, we headed back to Darren's for a little, then all went our seperate ways. I didn't really do much at home afterwards. I talked to Blake before I went to bed (of course) and slept.
     This morning, when I got to school, I found Patty in the parking lot and we walked to class together. She filled me in on EVERYTHING that I missed out on. You gotta love Patty. Lol. In class, I basically stayed awake the whole time. I couldn't fall asleep at all! Oh well, I learned about Venus though. I wish I could stay awake like that. I guess 11 hours of sleep might do you in. Right?
     After school, I went to Blake's and made myself a grilled cheese sandwhich. It was absolutely delicious! We then finished the last episode of HIMYM S3. He made me another grilled cheese (with turkey) then we departed.
     School was pretty productive. I got everything ready for tomorrow's final. It is now a test of zen mixed with simplicity and elegance. Oxymoron much? I told Chef that my interview for Left Bank is tomorrow so he made some calls to put in a good word for you. I guess that's what happens when you have a chef with hook ups right? I didn't find it neccesary because I think I'd do well, but he did it on his impulse. I think Nancy was a bit disastisfied by that because she can't really get any hookups to. C'est la vie. She's getting better though, she actually cleaned all of her own dishes. Jasmine was also in class, but left early of course... I'm so ready for this final and my interview. No stress!
     Anyways, not much to do now. I found myself a hairstylist! The one, the only, TJ! I can't wait to see the wonders he can do to make shorthair beautiful.
     I guess that's all I have to say for now... Can't wait for tomorrow!
bacon and ground pork sasuage baking in a chocolate bar
     Don't you notice that almost everything on thisiswhyyourefat.com has to do with bacon and other various pork products? Good thing I stopped eating pork!
     On Saturday, I took Jen to Chowder Fest in Santa Cruz on the boardwalk! We made it alive! Lol. We first looked for Chef Tomm's booth. When we found it we decided to go looking around for things to do. We ended up going into this haunted house thing. HECKA SCARYY! Jen kept screaming! It was so dark though, I couldn't see anything.
     After that, we went to a deserted part of the beach and layed there, took some pics and talked. When it was time to eat chowder, Jen and I ventured off and went to booths that we thought was good. Jen thinks that Chef Tomm's Chowder was the best. Of course. Lol.
     After that, we crossed this old bridge thing. It was so scary! I was scared I was going to fall, unfortunately, I didn't know there was a newer walkway on the side. FML. After crossing that, Jen and I decided to go explore the neighborhoods. We found an abandoned house and got into it's storage spot. This person had really nice antique furniture! I'm so jealous!
     Around 3, we made our way home, I dropped off Jen and got ready to go to Sacramento.
     My uncle drives so slow! It's friken nerve racking! I ended up falling asleep though. When we arrived in Sacramento, I wasn't feeling well. We didn't really do much over the weekend. I helped my dad out on Sunday fixing up the house and stuff.
     When we got home, I talked to  Blake on the phone for a while, then went to bed around 9ish.
     I woke up at 5 in the morning, hecka randomly and I couldn't fall back asleep! It was torture. But I ended up sleeping. Now I'm all sore and whatnot. I skipped out on De Anza and I'm probably going to stop by PCI for a little bit, just for the demo. I think that if I leave school early, I'm gonna go talk to Amanda about everything, like how no one likes her and the whole Bryce thing. Ughh. Does being sick make me do irrational things? Whatever, she needs to hear it. I'm not gonna "sugar coat" anything and I'm gonna tell her straight up. It's for the best and I'm tired of seeing her depressing status updates on facebook. C'est la vie.
     I only look at the bad in life only to lower my expectations because when good happens, it's a shock to me. If you always look for the silver lining and you don't see it, then you'll be disappointed. But if you don't look for the silver lining and it doesn't show then you have already expected it. Does that make sense? Honestly though, it's really just me. We all have our own opinions and this is mines. I choose to be a pessimist; I choose to see the glass half empty.
     Nothing really important happened yesterday.. Oh! Chef got really mad at Nancy because she left early. I felt like she was totally disrespectful because she left early for an "emergency" and she didn't even tell him. The class was still a bit messy too! Ughh..
     Anyways, this morning I carpooled with Darren and we had a heart to heart talk. It was nice. We established that we're that far into our friendship that if we have a problem with each other, we'll talk it out and we wont have hard feelings about it.
     At school, we worked on plating, then chocolate. Nancy kept complaining about how Chef went and talked to her before class. Oiy vey.. Anyways... After class, I went over to Carlos' and helped him with his Pate a Choux. Anthony was home too. We just made pate a choux, talked and just hung out.
     Carlos is hecka funny. While we were walking to my car with all my stuff, he was like, "Did you know that Anthony had a little crush on you? He was gonna ask you out and stuff but I told him that Blake liked you." I was like, "Whatt? I barely talked to him back then!" haha. There was more to it, but yea, that was pretty much it. Funny funny.
     Anyways, just watching Good Eats: Chocolate. Perfect! Lol. Sometimes I feel like I have perfect timing on a lot of things in life. Well... Bed tim efor me! I'm exhausted here. Night loves.
     Sometimes I think my friends do Salvia... But that's a story for later on.
     Today at PCI, we had a career fair. I was so nervous but I think I did pretty well. I had an interview from a guy who owns and runs Morroco. It's a restaurant but I don't really want to do a restaurant. I also got the head chef of Left Bank to request me. He said he'll put me at the top of the list! It's all thanks to Chef Alex of course, he has all the hookups and stuff.
     In class, we began a new section; Advance Plated Desserts. I'm so excited! We're working with passionfruit and stuff like that. Exciting stuff. We had so much downtime that we made crepes and french toast. Yum!
     I stayed a bit after to work on croissants as usual. I made two doughs so tomorrow I'll be able to work on it and form it and stuff.
     Then I went to pizza night. I was so drained! It was fun though, I kept dropping my pizza. Lol. Fail. Afterwards, we all went to Darren's house where Darren, Alan, Vince and Perry made random videos. This is the part where I think they're on salvia. They were screaming and Meowing like crazyy! Anyways... I can't really say much, it was fun for the most part, but someone went a little too far...
     Anyways, I got home around 10ish and I have a house full of people! WTF! No wonder my mom didn't call me... Anyways, I have to finish my hw, then probably go to bed. So exhausted and drained...
     No deep thoughts for the night. Sorry!
     Today, I spent the whole day with the family. We started off by going to a few temples then spending an hour at an asian plaza in San Jose. So many asian people! I feel like all asians went into hiding and now that it's Chinese New Years they unveiled and revealed themselves to this day of celebration. I had a good time! Loud firecrackers going off and polluting the ground, native tounges being spoken, lion dancing, and gambling, this is what I love about my culture. I felt like I was back in Vietnam where the streets were filled with bad drivers, j-walkers and beggers; sad but true. Good times.
     After all that excitement, I went to one of my cousin's house. I ended up winning $15, but technically $10, from playing poker. Bitchin!! It was pretty fun, playing with my 2 cousins and my brother. Around 8ish, my sister picked us up and we went home where I finished Blake's Vday gift.
     Although this day was shared between Vday and New Years, I have to admit that it's more of the celebration of new years. I felt like our family got closer just a little bit. These are the moments we used to always do when I was just younging and I miss these times terribly. Heck, we don't even go to Reno anymore! Perhaps it's because of the transition of life as we get older? Or maybe that we're all just drifting apart whether I want that to happen or not. Hopefully we'll share moments like these again in the new year, Chinese New Year that is.
     want to do something special for my mom. Every V-day, Mother's day or Christmas I picture myself getting her a big boquet of roses. But then again, I usually don't. I don't know what's stopping me from getting her flowers. My mom deserves it. She wakes up earlier than everyone, prepared breakfast/lunch/dinner. Wakes up my brothers and makes sure they get to school on time. She cleans the kitchen and the bathroom, scrubbing the floors to make sure they're spotless.
     She doesn't ask for a lot. Actually, she really doesn't ask for anything. When my sister and I buy her clothes, she returns it and uses the money on someone else, or for food. She really just wants us to succeed and do well in school.
     It's actually pretty sad that I'm blogging about this. If only I could tell her, but I can't. You wont understand. It's hard for me to express my feelings with my family. So don't tell me to tell them.
     As of now though, my thoughts about my family shall remain in blog form until that bond gets built up.