Everyday around 11:30 PM, Clover goes to the front door and just barks and barks. No one is there because I've opened the door and I've peered through the peep hole, I've checked. But it's kinda freaky having your dog bark at the door around the same time. I didn't notice it at first, but then I started noticing the time he begins barking. Creepy much?
     Anyways, yesterday was alright, nothing special or significant. I called up that person that was bugging me and we talked for about an hour. Everything is all settled now and the dispute is now over. I'm really glad I did it because it really bothered me.
     So today, I woke up and immediately started emptying out my room. I finished around 1 PM. My room is now empty, except for the bed and the dresser. My walls are also very bare, I moved some of the things that Jen, Allyson and Maggie made for me to the wall right in front of the door. I also moved some pictures there from Kenny and Wilson also. Then I moved my shadowboxes to the adjacent and opposite walls. No more karate stuff on the walls. It's gonna get moved somewhere else. So at first, my parents were going to postpone the room remodeling to next week, but hopefully they'll do it tomorrow. Some guy's gonna come and clean the carpets tomorrow. I guess if it dries in time, then we'll move the beds and stuff. I'm excited to see what'll happen! For sure they'll do it this week right?
     Around 6:30 PM, I went to a family party, then I left at 8 to hang out with Kim. We ended up going to our usual place, Sweet Hearts. We left after an hour and a half, went back to my place, talked, then she left around 10.
     Now I'm at home, bored, and about to play some Neopets or something. Hehe...

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