My pent up anger for this person was driving me crazy so I ranted to Patty about how bad it was... I'm so glad she was there to listen. I'm seriously going to have a talk with this person next week, obviously, me standing back and letting them treat me this way is not improving anyone.. But anyways...
     My final for PCI... OMG! I was so nervous! Chef set it up so we have to prep our workstation as if we were in a real restaurant. Then he times us, 1 min per plate, I went first and, knowing me, I had really bad stage fright. My hands were all shaky, I was sooo nervous! Blah, over all I guess I did well. I didn't fail miserably at least. We didn't really do much in class afterwards. It's only moments now till we're finished..
     After class, I immediately bolted out, changed and drove to my interview at Left Bank in Santana Row. I met up with Chef David and I immediately got the extern. Yay! He looked at a my portfolio and really liked what he saw. I can't wait to start! I wont start till after I finish school. But I'm basically in! It was a quick, short meeting.
     So as I was leaving, I somehow went on the wrong floor, unknowingly, and I was wandering aimlessly looking for my car. I seriously thought I was car jacked! I was soo scared! But then, I thought about it and I ended up parking on the wrong floor. FML. I looked like an idiot walking around, how embarassing! Lol.
    Anyways, I have to give my sister the laptop now.

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