Warped Tour today was an experience that I honestly will never forget. It was as if yesterday that I was excited and looking forward to it, but now it is just a memory, clear and locked in my head while I recap on my excitement-full day.

     It starts of with me waking up every hour starting at 5 AM because I needed to get a camera from my sister before I forgot. Then, at 6 AM because Allyson called me to tell me she couldn't go till 1:30 PM, it's alright though, no worries. Then, at 7 AM because I had a nightmare. I don't remember what it was about though. Then, at 8 AM just because. And lastly at 9 AM to get ready for work. The anticipation was killing me.
     So after arriving at work (late kinda), I just taught. It was a nice easy day. But I left early, around 12:30. I went home, got ready, and picked up Jen and Allyson. Because I'm not ready to drive down to San Fransisco, my sister drove us. It was one of the longest car rides ever, the traffic at the toll bridge was terrible, but we just enjoyed the sweet voices of Big Bang. My sister loves Big Bang.
     Once we arrived there, it was crazy! We carried extra luggage with us so it was kind of a hassle; our bags looked like it was full of steroids because I brought my blanket and extra clothes along with me. It was a nice day, sunny and warm with a nice breeze. The first thing we did was buy a Warped Tour t-shirt. Allyson said, "It's totally skater". We all bought one. Extra small is surprisingly big on us. I'm excited to wear it. It says, "I Partied On Warped Tour". Afterward, we just walked around, looked for more performances, then found THE WHITE TIE AFFAIR (TWTA) booth! I bought a yellow t-shirt that says THE WHITE TIE AFFAIR on it and it is all decorative and everything. The lady who sold it to us told us that in 30 minutes TWTA was going to do signings so we waiting in line until they arrived. I got a picture with each of them and also got their signatures. Happiness. I also bought Kevin L a Purple TWTA t-shirt for Jen because he likes them; she got them to sign it. After that excitement, we just walked around, browsed at more booths and decided to go check out some of the other bands playing. We went to the Vans' Main Stage but had no idea who was playing so then we checked out the concert times for all of the bands. We missed some pretty good ones but then THE MAINE was still about to perform. We went over to the Harley Stage for their concert. It was crazy and fun. Jen and I were in the "Rock Concert Spirit" and we started jumping around and throwing our hands in the air and everything. Oh man, the lead singer is hilarious and super good looking. He kept saying "I love you FUCKING guys!" After their awesome performance, I went to The Maine's booth and bought a blue t-shirt that said "The Maine is Love and Love is Real", then we went and found them and I asked one of the members to sign my shirt. Pure awesomeness. After that, we just chilled around some more. Jen bought a bracelet for Denise that said "Stay Positive" or something like that. Some guy also stamped us with these massive stamps and he stamped Jen on her chest. LOL. Her fault for having big boobies. Haha. Omg, I really wanted a sticker that said "I <3 Sluts" so I can give it to Linsey, but I couldn't find one. Tear. I also stole a poster off of the gates while strange potheaded fans were watching me. I swear it smelled like pot everywhere. It was pretty gross. There wasn't any other bands we wanted to see so we left.
     We decided to walk to Pier 39 from Pier 30, in reality, it is actually pretty far. As we were strolling along the way there, after a few piers down, we come across a grassy area with a massive bow and arrow coming from the ground. It was a massive sculpture. We decided to just chill at the grass. It was nice, so many dogs. It was bliss. One funny thing that happened there was Jen said, "I smell sushi" and Allyson was like, "WHAT?!?" She totally freaked out and it was hilarious. This was more of a "you'd have to be there" moment. So after a half hour of chilling, we decided to continue our way. It was one of the longest walks ever. I'm guessing it was2 miles. We were also walking behind these group of girls with bikini tops on and everyone was checking them out. I was like "at least they're not checking US out for once." Good thing.
     Once we arrived at Fisherman's Wharf, we went straight to the sour dough place to eat Clam Chowder and Rustic Tomato Soup in sour dough bread bowls. We killed that fast. It was D-licious. After, we just browsed around the wharf and went into a lot stores. We walked into Fairy Land and Jen and I got fairy dust on our cheeks in a shape of a star! It was cute. We went to more stores then we waited outside for my sister to pick us up. We waited for about 20 minutes and then decided to go back and look at more things. By then it was dark and we were watching a guy from the top of the bridge make crepes. He's amazing! It made me want to make crepes now, I want to try one day. It looked yummy too and it gave Jen's nose an "orgasm". Haha. We went to the end of the wharf and just enjoyed the scenery and the waves and everything. We also got to see Seals! They smelled bad though, I tried taking a picture, but it didn't work. Oh, well. After that, we met up with my sister and her boy friend, walked around the other side of the wharf, and then walked back to the parking garage. Allyson wants to go to the Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not, and the Jungle Cafe (I think). There was so much to do there and the lights were beautiful.
     Once at home, I was pretty tired. Allyson and Jen just chilled at my house for a little bit and then I drove them home. Earlier on the way home, they were telling scary stories. It was pretty creepy, good thing they didn't do it this time because I'd probably be freaked out and get into and accident. That would be terrible. On the way back home, I just kept listening to Bounce by The Cab three times. I kept replaying it. I gotta train hard for rock band! Haha.
     Yea.. Anyways. Tired now. Time to sleep. Today was one of the funnest of the summer. I'm glad  I made Jen's summer worthwhile. I can't wait for the No Doubt and Paramore Concert!

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