"You can't blame anyone but yourself" That's what I've been craving to tell him when he said that the Black belts were a bunch of IDIOTS. I am well aware of their lack of knowledge of the curriculum only because they have either recently graduated or never have been taught the material. But seriously? Calling black belts idiots especially if you can't teach the material with good technique and everything? That's what got me mad. He teaches these group of students like they're worth nothing. He DARES to call it HIS class when rightfully it's not. He's supposed to be a "role model" to Allan Dale when in fact he isn't a model or a follower. It ticks me off when he SITS there while teaching. You know how much trouble you'll get into if you SIT DOWN while teaching? Let alone mingle with parents? The one thing that he said today besides making fun of the black belts was that as adults class was beginning, he was complaining on how tired he was. I was thinking dude seriously? you only taught ONE class and your friken tired? but I actually said "You're tired? Patrick has been here since 3 teaching so he should be the one tired." And Patrick was like "Yea, I went on a 20 mile bike ride today" and He has JUST the DECENCY to say "I don't care what you do outside of Karate, I've been sitting home drinking a 2 litre and working out my arm. It MUST be working because it seems to get lighter." It just kind of pissed me off that He is complaining about how exhausted he was and how he's so inconsiderate. It gets me so frustrated seeing him getting paid for sitting around, making fun of students, and mingling with parents. First off, I think his way of teaching is so different that it's terrible. He hinders the students instead of helping them. Second, I hate that he dares to call the students his. He can't even teach them correctly. Third, he always sits down, talks boisterously, and walks around as if he's the head honcho. He's a higher ranking belt, yes, but he's not the boss. I feel that he needs to be careful about what he does because it's not that hard to fire him. He's just lucky that Allan Dale has a kind heart and I feel that he's taking advantage of him. He knows that Allan Dale wont yell at him or scold him or whatever, that's why he does the things he do. Seriously though, if he was under my employment (which he isn't), he'd be gone in a second. I don't deal with shit like that. I know I'm always saying that "Oh, he's still a good person and all" but all of his actions revolve around his personality and it makes me dispise him no matter how much I don't want that to happen. Your students are a reflection of yourself, that is what I have learned. No matter how much I don't like working, I still make it to the days I work unless I absolutely cannot go; busy days or vacation, But I have never not gone to work just because I didn't want to show up. He, on the other hand, doesn't go to work just because. Or that's what he told me that day he came to pick up his cupcakes. He said distinctly "I don't want to go to work today, maybe I'll call in." And I felt bad, not for him of course, but to Allan Dale. Like I said, taking advantage.
     But anyways, that's my rant of the day. I swear that I'm gonna explode on him one day. I don't care who hears, he needs to seriously learn especially if he's really from the "old school" days. Seriously.

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