I know that this cardboard relates to that special someone, but for me, it's my loved ones. Since I'm at the point in my life where I'm not trying to look for anyone, those loved ones are my friends and family.
     I'm excited for my date with Wilson today! We're gonna go watch:

The Ugly Truth Movie
     She's from Grey's and he's from P.S. I Love You! Yay! Can't wait. One more day till the Paramore and No Doubt Concert with Kristine! Then on Monday through Thursday I'm going to Monterey with Albert, Darren, Wilson, Dinh and Angela. I think Alex and Maggie might go. I'm not sure. But anyways, next Saturday is The Fray and Jack's Mannequin Concert! Yes! I have better hope that my parents will let me go to that one. I casually told my mom about the Paramore concert yesterday when she told me that I had to stay home on that day to take care of my brothers. I was like "What? I'm going to a concert that day." She's was like "Oh, Ok then." Lol. Smooth? Hopefully It'll stay that way.
     Weesona? Why do you always go for the girls that don't like you and reject you in the end. This girl might ACTUALLY like you but you don't like her? What's wrong with you?! Oh, well, better to not get your hopes up right? She seems like a nice person but for reals! You're chasing after the "hard to get" kinda girls. I'm hungry.

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