My morning today was unproductive (as always). I woke up, did the usual and went on face book. Then I had to stalk down Allyson's house number because she got her cell phone taken away. Silly girl. But anyways, I called Allyson and then picked her up to take her to Lorraine's house. There, we got all of Allyson's stuff back then went to the Great Mall. Allyson bought her Warped Tour ticket there!!! YAY! She's coming along with Jen and I. So after that, we went into Bath and Body Works and I bought an oil warmer with oil for my mom. It was on sale and hecka cheap. I was surprised. The oil warmer itself was $15 but they sold it for $4 and I didn't know until I paid. So yea, that was good. Then we met up with Jen and Kirsten and sat down and talked for two hours. LOL. We had some Kettle Pop with it. Yum. We talked about a lot of things, mostly random stuff.
     After, we were bored so we decided to drop by Erik's house to visit, but he wasn't at home, so we just went to the "tunnels". It was interesting. The we left and decided to go to Axell's house but he wasn't at home either so we just ended up going up to Ed Levin Park and just driving around. We took this one turn so it just let us into the hills. There was a car right behind us stalking us, pretty creepy, but then I decided to take a U-ie. So then we looked for Marsh Road and went down that road. It was pretty creepy during the day because of all the shadows from the trees. But yea, creepy stuff. We left Marsh Road and Ed Levin so I decided to take the Ladies out to a place where it over looked Milpitas. It was nice. Then we went to the basketball courts to see the guys and then I took Kirsten and Jen to karate and dropped them off at the Great Mall. Then I just went back to karate, went home to get my DVD player, went to Little Ceasers for Pizza and then back to karate (kids night out), then to Mountain Mikes, and finally back to the studio. Kids night out was pretty fun. We played gladiator so all the kids were running around hitting each other. Crazy. I think I'm going to be red. Oh boy. But yea. Us staff and non children people just stayed in the office and chatted, Danyelle joined us. At 9:00 PM, kids night out ended and we just cleaned up. I told Danyelle that I was going to visit Cambrian on Monday just to piss off that jerk. Yup.
     Anyways, today was a pretty fun day. I went exploring with the ladies and got beat up at kids night out. Fun.

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