Sunday was such a chill day for me. All I did was bake red velvets and cookies.  That's all I can remember

     School! Bleh. My class discussion group in Poli went surprisingly well. We actually got some conversation going. Nicky let us go out to register people, our group won, we got five in total; 5 extra points for them! 
     In english, we looked at some Ads. Crazy good stuff. After school, Timmy came over, I made some frosting for my red velvets and we took a nap. 
     While Timmy went to SmokeEaters to do the 911 challenge, I went to the weekly group meeting. It went pretty well. I wish it could have ended earlier though... 

     Schooool... Accounting Midterm.. I think I did alright.... In english, we just talked about stuff on ads and how to pretty much decipher them. 
     When I got home, Darren, Vince and Timmy were having a party in the front of my house... wtf? Lawls. After the guys left, Timmy and I just chilled at my place. He opened my gift! I made him a penguin card and bought him this tripod. Keke, I hope he liked itttt! So, we ended up skipping out on pizza night and going to Qcup and golfland instead. Man! friggen Timmy.. He's a hustler when it comes to golfing... I demand a rematch babe! Keke, we cheated and played 2 rounds... I lost by 10 points... 

     Schoooollll. Math, ehh. Poli, not baddd, we just watched a bunch of videos. The help session after class went by pretty well. We talked a lot! English was kinda boring.
     I got to finally send Kim those cookies! I also did other random stuff and started on my essay for Engligh. Timmy came over and we hung out for a bit. We went to Shabu Shabu for some noodos. I've never been there, but Timmy said that it's not as great as it used to be. NO TIP. lol. I just chilled with Timmy for the rest of the night (till 10). 

     Math. EH. I got a study room with Patty, I wanted to recheck it out, but the friggen people didn't let me. SCREW THEM! I had to finish my essay in Nicky's office though. GAHH, my acct teacher hates me... He made me stress out this entire day;
     So, we're supposed to do an online assignment for class instead of coming in for class. So basically, we have to register and he'll send us a confirmation email. Well, I applied like RIGHT after class on tuesday, and I waited 24 hours for an email that I never recieved. So I sent him an email today at 12AM asking him why I never got it. I also reregistered. So the next day, he didn't get back to me and I was flippin out. I called him and went to his office, but he wasn't there.. facepalm. So yeah... he didn't send me a confirmation email till 1ish and RIGHT when I got that, I filled out the little survey thingy and submitted it to wait for YET ANOTHER email to actually allow me into the system... he didn't get back to me till 7... eff my teacher. 
     But anyways... I had a huge time gap from 9:30 - 2:30. I filled it up by chillin with Patty and the guys, and doing my essay and chilling in Nicky's office with Efran. I ended up just surfing the web as well waiting for that friggen email. Eventually, Clare came by to chill. We just looked up youtube stuff and talked. Then it was time for class!
     We had to partner up with someone new today and they had to read our essay and correct it and stuff. The guy that I read was... okay... at writing... yeah.. That took up the entire class though. 
     After class, I talked to Nick a bit and I got to talk to his mom through the phone. I was expecting this fobbish lady, but in fact, she sounds like she's in her 20's or something, with no accent! Crazyyy. I'm excited to meet her on saturday.
     So yeahh, I drove everyone home, then started flipping out and stressing over accounting hw. UGHH. I've never really felt so shitty my entire life. I had to cancel on the sports day thing too! I was just soo stressedddd. So Timmy came over and calmed me down and did random stuff while waiting for me to finish accounting hw. It took forever to do!!! So we ended up napping and Timmy tried to sneak away from me! Jerkkkkk. Good thing I woke up though! kekeke.  
     Anyways, I seriously need to get some sleeeppppp. I stayed up till like 1 or 2 because of crazy facebook marriage drama (lol) that included Timmy's cousins and a bunch of Timmy's friends. hella random, but hella funny. 
     Darren brought back the "facepalm a day" thing. 
     NOW I'm getting super sleepyyyy.... Bed time!
-MiniQuiz in Precalc. Blehh.
-Breakkkk! I chilled with Colleen and Will in Nicky's office
-Polisci: Nicky wasn't there so we had to lead our own mini group discussions...
-Break! Lunch with Albert. They hella shrunk the sizes of curly fries. I DISLIKE
-English: Nick brought a redvelvet cupcake his mom made. I told him I went to culinary school and he told me that she wants to open a catering business, he's gonna try to hook me up.
-Timmy came over and we napped for about an hour and a half.
-TA Meeting: Pretty fun, Nicky wasn't there so Colleen led the discussions herself. She let us out half an hour early!

-Precalc: Same 'ol same 'ol
-Break! Chilled with the guys in the library. (I think)
-Acct: So CONFUSINGGG and tedious! Blehh
-Break! Chilled in the library, bought an apple danish from the caf for Nick.
-English: Pretty good discussion!
-Home! Napped for a little, then went to eat Greek food with the guys-My neighbor Alex came! I felt bad that I couldn't sit near him to talk to him.. I hope he didn't feel too awkward.
-Yogurtland Apres. Nomnom. So full though.

-Someone stole my quiz in math! LOLOLOL
-Window shopped at Urban with Patty, then we went to Borders and I bought CAKE POPS by BAKERELLA <33333
-Patty went to buy cupcakes and I got some Javachip. Yumm
-Fun breakdate with Patty
-Polisci! We just watched videos all day, Nicky was still MIA.
-Break! Chilled with Efran, Colleen and Will again.
-English. Hella good convos today. Nick brought in Cereal. Lol!
-I got my essay back. I got all "strongs" and the teach put "You're 1A ready... I think..."
-Went home, Timmy was there. We just napped. It was so peaceful.

-Math; I found my quiz, the girl next to me took it.
-Chilled with the guys at break
-Went to Acct with Clare, quiz on Tuesday!!! EEK!
-Chilled with Clare, Alex N, and David at break. Blogrushh???
-Carpooled with Darren and Albert home. Chipotle?! I didn't eat any though, I'm trying to save up some moneyyyy.
-Went back homee. Timmy picked me up from Darren's.
-We went back to my place and napped some more. Then, Timmy went to school.
-Just showered and cleaned my room in the mean time.
-When 7 hit, Timmy came over and I got ready to go to BAC; we met up with Brian and Nikko at Mervyns and headed out there.
-Not a lot of people today.
-I'm soo full of wingstopp. Bleh.
-I got to talk to Bob today! That was really pleasant. He's giving me tips on how to mod my car a bit.
-Chilled with everyone for a bit. I didn't really understand their car talk... I'm getting there... slowly.
-now I'm at home. I'm excited for tomorrow! YAYAYAYAYYAY. BAKERELLAAAA <3!!




SLO BOUND: Friday, Approx. 5:00 PM.
-Darren picked me up and we went to pick up Vince, then headed out to SLO
-We got there about 4 hours later... stupid traffic + Wilson's terrible directions.
-We got lost in Avila beach trying to find Wilson. After FINALLY finding him, we went to Firestone's to eat dinner. Omg, the fries are so delicious! Definitely worth the money, it doesn't even need to have katsup or anything!!!
-Unpacked everything at Wilson's apartment, then went next door to Sheen's place to visit and talk and stuff.
-Kristine was extremely surprised that I was there, she let me stay in her room for the time being that I was going to be over. Yay!
-So, I went back to Wilson's apartment to move my things back and BAM! Wilson's roommate (Connor) and his friend (Dylan) were doing a photoshoot/music video thingy in there. I felt so awkward... Connor was really chill and nice though.
-So I moved everything back, then we went hiking to the "P". It was such a friggen steep hill with horses and horse poo! SO unexpected. Note to self: NEVER EVER EVER HIKE IN BOOTS. Not a good idea.
-The view was beautiful though, Good thing I had google sky maps! I got to find all the stars in the night sky.
-The hike down was pretty bad. We had to take a different path bc the horses stood in the middle of the first pathway. The second one was super steep!
-When we got back to the apartment, we chilled around for a bit, then I got ready and crashed on Kristine's bed. We slept head to foot.

-Kristine woke up super early, but once she left around 8, I immediately woke up. Then I got ready and got my homework done.
-Then I decided to visit Wilson and when I walked through those doors, his roommates were there, shirtless... I felt awkward so I ran back into Sheena's apartment to put on some decent clothes.
-I raided Wilson's fridge and drank all of his chocolate soy milk while chilling on his bed with the other two guys.
-We just chilled around until Alex Tu came.
-Once he came, we immediately left and went to Santa Rosa Park to visit some people and to Splash for some lunch. Yum clam chowder! So delicious!
-We walked around downtown SLO for a bit. Went shoppinggg! I bought this shirt from Kwirkworld that said "Bazinga!" on it. Ahhhh, so awesome <3
-We also went and visited that great gum ally way thingy. So nasty yet so cool! Let's start one in Milpitas!
-So we walked around and bought some water so we'd be prepared to hike up Bishop's.
-Sorry that I kept complaining about it...
-We ended up not going because we heard the loudest and randomest thunderclap ever! It was sunny, yet it was still thundery... so random.
-So we went back to the apartment, chilled for a bit, then changed and went to Avila beach instead for a chinese club beach bonfire party.
-It was alright, I met some new people, not enough for me to remember their names, but I tried to make small talk with them.
-Eventually, I joined in with Wilson and Vince; they were doing flips and tricks and stuff. I showed them the only thing I knew how to do... a Butterfly.
-The night got cold and foggy real quick. Totally random weather!
-We ended the night with shopping at Urban, eating Thai food and splurging at Powell's candy shop.
-I immediately KO'd when I got back to Kristine's

-Woke up early, showered, got ready, and packed my stuff.
-Chilled in Wilson's apartment. We were waiting for him to finish with his hw and stuff before we left.
-In the meantime, I went to talk to his roommate Connor. He's such a cool guy. I hope he doesn't think I'm weird. I asked for tips on guitar and stuff. Then we talked about majors and where we want to go and stuff. He's funny, he thinks that the girls in Sheena's apartment are hella weird. Other than that, he's nice and kind.
-We FINALLY left around 12ish... are lunch at Costco. Lol!
-Met up with Alyssa, Dinh and Kristine. I left the guys and went shopping with the girls instead. We went to Old Navy first, bought a bunch of stuff, then went to Forever 21. Omg... LOVE!
-Kristine and I bummped into the guys, as well as Thanh. Hella random!
-After splurging, we just went back to the apartments and got our bags and luggage ready, then it was time to go. Tearrrr.
-Vince drove back with Alex Tu while I went with Darren.
-3 Hours later, we got home and I went to visit Timmy, but then he told me to go home. MEANIE. Lol. jk.

SLO was such a fun trip. Kind of stressful, but it was nice seeing everyone again. SOLCAL next!




I totally blogged but it never got posted! Fail! Quick Recap

Nothing really eventful happened at school... besides the following:
-Jamba with Kevy on Tuesday... So, I got "kidnapped" and the kidnapper (who was kevin) was texting Clare to save me and to bring him good food, but she thought it was a joke (which it really was) and I hecka played it off as if it were real. She totally believed me.
-Patty told Clare and I hilarious stories of her and her family on Thursday. Oh Patty. Your family is awesome.
-Nick and I decided that we're gonna bring food for each other, to prevent starvation. Pudding on Wednesday and Chips on Thursday. Nomnom!
-The Monday Night team meeting was so deep. I got to tell two people my life story, but not the entire thing of course. They listened, and did the same in return. Deep stuff, deep stuff. I felt slightly uncomfortable telling them my story, only because I'm not too close with them. I don't usually go around telling random people everything about me. But nontheless, this was a good session.

-On Thursday, I went to Sendai with Timmy. Yay for bento boxes. Then we went up to Sierra, found a place to stop, and we just chilled there. We took a lot of pics. Well, more like Timmy did. Then, Timmy made me fill out this thing on his itouch, it was a "game". But in the end, it said, "Will you be my girlfriend? Yes or No." Of course I said Yes. FINALLY. Keke. I'm so happy now.

Anyways, I'm in SLO right now. Gotta get some HW done!
-Carpooled with my cousin John
-8:30-9:20 > PreCalc with Clarice!
-9:30-11:20 > Break. Found the guys in the library
-11:30-1:15 > PoliSci. Katherine is in this class!
-1:20-2:20 > Break. Curly fries with Albert!
-2:30-3:20 > English. Hella funny teacher
-Drove Albert home.
-6:00 > TA Meeting at Colleen's place. Thanks Babe for coming with me, again.

-Carpooled with John and David. We were late to school because of... AHEM... babe. ;]
-Precalc again. My teacher has such a heavy russian accent! I can't understand her!
-11:00-1:30 > Accounting with Clare! We got out an hour early. This teacher is pretty funny also.
-Book shopping with Clare. Ughh, 2 books cost me more than $200! ouch.
-Drove Albert home.
-Waited for Timmy to come over. PIZZA NIGHT! Well.. at Wingstop instead. NOMNOMNOM.
-Chilled for a bit with Akash, Alan, Vince, Timmy, and Albert. Then went home.

-Carpooled with John, Darren, Albert, and David
-Precalc... yup, nothing important anymore.
-Break, JAMBA JUICE with Kevin, Albert, Darren, and Alex N. Very Filling.
-Lunch with Albert
-Drove everyone home.
-I don't remember what else I did... I think I did homework with Timmy.. I'm not sure though.

-Carpooled with John, Vince and David.
-Break. Met up with Patty, Kevin and Clare (who helped me with Accounting hw. THANKS!
-Accounting. Got out slightly early today.
-English. I have a rough draft essay due on Tuesday!! bleh.
-Cotillion dress rehersal practice at Crown Plaza! Everyone was late, but practice went pretty well. 2 more days!
-Met up with Babe, Nikko, and TK. Went to TapX to chill.

-Carpooled with John and Clarice.
-Only one class for todayyy.
-Dropped off John at home and went to Target to buy makeup with Clarice.
-Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Yum! We got the pasta. it was spicy..
-Did some hw at Clarice's while enjoying our pasta.
-Went home. Did my nails while watching the Office.
-Got my eyebrows Threaded. Keke.
-Went to CVS to print out some pics for the collage for Jen.
-Met up at Lorraine's and worked on the collage. I had to leave like 3 times to buy another frame, and to drive people places.
-Cup o Noodo for dinner!
-It took us 6 hours to finish it b/c
1. Not enough pics
2. Not enough money
3. Missing various things.
Good thing I brought my scrapbook drawer.
-Finished at 10:30 with Lorraine and Allyson remaining left
-Busy Busy Busy week... Bleh!




Sunday: (9/12)
-Visited Karate and talked to Danyelle, Allan Dale, and the Creamers
-Took bro back and forth to brain child.
-Bake Pate a Choux

Monday: (9/13)
-Napped with Timmy
-Thrifted with Jonathan+Kimmie+Jovan. Salvation Army and Goodwill! Gots some pretty cheap neat things!
-Cleaned out Milo with the help of Timmy.
-Yoswirl with Babe and the new accord...
-Exhanged the new accord for the Bimmer! (321i) Schweet!
-His name be Ron
-Filled eclairs and dipped them in Chocolate with the help of Timmy <3
-PoliSci TA Meetup till 10. Met up with old and new friends. Talked about deep stuff.
     -I learned how to say 10 appreciations about my partner to my partner
     -I learned how to hear 10 appreciations about myself from my partner
     -I learned how to say 10 Appreciations about myself to my partner
-The last one, was definitely the hardest. We had to talk about what was the most difficult thing to do and why. There were other things, but I don't want to get into too much detail.
-Gots a surprise from Alan! He hecka scared me!

Tuesday: (9/14)
-Chilled with Timmy
-Bought car cleaning supplies for Ron
-Sorta Detailed the inside of my car
-Clare and Jessica Lim came over and I taught them how to make Pastry Cream, Pate a Choux, how to fill it and dip it. SUCESS! Winnnnn.
-Washed Ron with Timmy's help <3
-Napped! Then Timmy called to wake me up. I was groggy for a good 2 hours
-Visited Alex Tu's house. Chilled for a few minutes, then went home with Babe to run some errands.
-T1C's 1st meetup! Photophotophotoshoot+Run in with the popo+ Wingstop (Bumped into Patrick and Clarice.. RANDOM!) + Small stargazing with Babe.
     I spent 90% of my day with babe.. Lol!<3 Thanks for taking me out and letting me meet your friends! I enjoyed it.
-WCSUNNYVALE! Took class with Kim, Kat, and Jenann. Timmy came to watch and meet the girls, plus KJN and Jen. Total surprise on their part too! I'm so out of shape. Blahhh. So slow too.
-Meet and greet apres. Funfunfun.

-Luncheon with Jessica Lim, Clare, and Kristine @ BJ's. So fun, so delicious. New Park Mall after and shopped our hearts out at Daiso.
-Chilled with the Guys (plus Ami) for a bit, went to the park. I was going to play tag with them, but BE KIM showed up!
-We chilled and chatted at the playgrounds and bounced on the bridge for a good 2 hours. I love this girl. We can talk forever, nonstop!
-Met up with Jonathan, talked a little more, went to TapX, saw Angela, Thanh and Dinh. Talked some more. Moved to the car, talked some more. Went back to my place and talked some more. Stayed up till 3 with these fools.
      I love Kim and Jonathan; not only are they great friends, I basically grew up with them! Kim is 2 days older than me, while Jonathan is a year. They've come to almost every birthday party my family has to offer. Catching up with them was one of the highlights of my summer. I learned so much while also looking up at them. Deepstuff,deepstuff.

-Luncheon with Kjn, Jen, Kat, Kim, James (Kim's BF!), and Timmy @ an Indian Buffet. Yumm curryy. It was too spicy for me though, so babe had to finish my plate while I grabbed some rice and chips. Still pretty good. We talked for hours; we talked to the boyfriends, then about the past with karate and stuff. James and Timmy were definitely amazed.
-KIM! I like James, I approve. He does have that dorky side of him, but it's a good dorky. He's a great, kind person with good intentions. So congrats Kim! I'm happy for you two.
-Napped in bed with Timmy for about an hour, then went to Cotillion practice
-Omg... my feet are in pain. I learned all the choreo for Waltz, Salsa, AND Tango.. I just need to brush up on a few things and review a little more, especially in Tango... I feel like I have two left feet. But it's definitely fun. In Salsa, I do a backflip with Ferly and land on his shoulders, like I'm flying (if that makes sense). It's pretty crazy. It's scary, but fun.. I guess. I just don't like being picked up. Good thing my partner is Ferly, because I'm sure that no other guy can pick me up, except Cosmo, and maybe Christian.
-Mall with Allyson and Kirsten after to pick up my dress. We were gonna go shop for sun dresses, but there was no time, so I just dropped off the ladies and went home.
-I tried out the P90X... My arms were deadddddd yesterday! I'm hoping to do some ab workouts. That's all I really care about. Timmy's my inspiration, because of him, I want to be in better shape. <3
-Got home from Socal Trip.
-Slept for an hour until Timmy called me
-Slept for another hour or so.
-Chilled around at home. I wasn't able to go out yet so yeaa.
-Timmy went to school and I took everything from the car to my car.
-Unpacked and cleaneddddddddd
-Lunch at Hidden Lake with Timmy. InNout! Keke.
-Chilled around at home.
-Showered and painted my nails silver! Yesh!
-I was supposed to go out with Timmy, but my parents wanted me to stay home so Timmy came over and we litterally laid in my bed talking, laughing and making weird noises to each other. So much fun. Keke
-Cleaned my room some more after he left.
-KO'd while texting Timmy <3

Today (sofar)
-Woke up
-Cleaned room.
-Listened to music

Such a productive day today. I want to remodel the bathroom!!!! So badly.... I hope It's going to be officially mines and my brother's now. Hopehopehope. My ideas for the bathroom:
-New paintjob
-Fix lock and repaint door
-Fix mirror
-New Faucet and stuff?
-CLEAN the dirtyass shower... Ughhhhh.
-I want showercurtains! <3
-Raise the towel holders
-Matching towels with the floor mats and other stuff
-Clean out drawers and everything and start FRESH

Hopefully I get to do all of that! Hopehopehopeeeeee
     Woke up, waited for Vicki, Packed the car and LEFT! Home bound baby! Yayayaya. It was so lovely when I got home. I unpacked everything and got my laundry going. Then I went to my dad's shop to get my car checked up. Then I went back home and unpacked. In the middle of it, Timmy came by and helped me pack! Keke. Such a sweetie. If it weren't for him, I probably would still be unpacking right now! So yea, Timmy hung around for a bit. Then he left. I continued to unpack everything. Then I went to wash my DIRTY car.
     Timmy came by to pick me up. He helped me do some last minute cleaning on my car and put away everything for me as I went to shower. Keke. I love showing you off babe! Apres, we went to the Corrolla meet together. Surprisingly, There were about 4 girls in total there! I got to talk to Bob for a bit, then we enjoyed some wings at Wingstop. Thanks for paying babe!
     Eventually, Alan came and chilled with us for a bit. We got to talk to Rob and Heely also. Then, home!
     Fun day today. So many stuff packed in one. I can't believe I'm already going away for some more vacation! LA! Woot woot!