-Got home from Socal Trip.
-Slept for an hour until Timmy called me
-Slept for another hour or so.
-Chilled around at home. I wasn't able to go out yet so yeaa.
-Timmy went to school and I took everything from the car to my car.
-Unpacked and cleaneddddddddd
-Lunch at Hidden Lake with Timmy. InNout! Keke.
-Chilled around at home.
-Showered and painted my nails silver! Yesh!
-I was supposed to go out with Timmy, but my parents wanted me to stay home so Timmy came over and we litterally laid in my bed talking, laughing and making weird noises to each other. So much fun. Keke
-Cleaned my room some more after he left.
-KO'd while texting Timmy <3

Today (sofar)
-Woke up
-Cleaned room.
-Listened to music

Such a productive day today. I want to remodel the bathroom!!!! So badly.... I hope It's going to be officially mines and my brother's now. Hopehopehope. My ideas for the bathroom:
-New paintjob
-Fix lock and repaint door
-Fix mirror
-New Faucet and stuff?
-CLEAN the dirtyass shower... Ughhhhh.
-I want showercurtains! <3
-Raise the towel holders
-Matching towels with the floor mats and other stuff
-Clean out drawers and everything and start FRESH

Hopefully I get to do all of that! Hopehopehopeeeeee

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