Woke up, waited for Vicki, Packed the car and LEFT! Home bound baby! Yayayaya. It was so lovely when I got home. I unpacked everything and got my laundry going. Then I went to my dad's shop to get my car checked up. Then I went back home and unpacked. In the middle of it, Timmy came by and helped me pack! Keke. Such a sweetie. If it weren't for him, I probably would still be unpacking right now! So yea, Timmy hung around for a bit. Then he left. I continued to unpack everything. Then I went to wash my DIRTY car.
     Timmy came by to pick me up. He helped me do some last minute cleaning on my car and put away everything for me as I went to shower. Keke. I love showing you off babe! Apres, we went to the Corrolla meet together. Surprisingly, There were about 4 girls in total there! I got to talk to Bob for a bit, then we enjoyed some wings at Wingstop. Thanks for paying babe!
     Eventually, Alan came and chilled with us for a bit. We got to talk to Rob and Heely also. Then, home!
     Fun day today. So many stuff packed in one. I can't believe I'm already going away for some more vacation! LA! Woot woot!

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