I totally blogged but it never got posted! Fail! Quick Recap

Nothing really eventful happened at school... besides the following:
-Jamba with Kevy on Tuesday... So, I got "kidnapped" and the kidnapper (who was kevin) was texting Clare to save me and to bring him good food, but she thought it was a joke (which it really was) and I hecka played it off as if it were real. She totally believed me.
-Patty told Clare and I hilarious stories of her and her family on Thursday. Oh Patty. Your family is awesome.
-Nick and I decided that we're gonna bring food for each other, to prevent starvation. Pudding on Wednesday and Chips on Thursday. Nomnom!
-The Monday Night team meeting was so deep. I got to tell two people my life story, but not the entire thing of course. They listened, and did the same in return. Deep stuff, deep stuff. I felt slightly uncomfortable telling them my story, only because I'm not too close with them. I don't usually go around telling random people everything about me. But nontheless, this was a good session.

-On Thursday, I went to Sendai with Timmy. Yay for bento boxes. Then we went up to Sierra, found a place to stop, and we just chilled there. We took a lot of pics. Well, more like Timmy did. Then, Timmy made me fill out this thing on his itouch, it was a "game". But in the end, it said, "Will you be my girlfriend? Yes or No." Of course I said Yes. FINALLY. Keke. I'm so happy now.

Anyways, I'm in SLO right now. Gotta get some HW done!

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