My expectations:
-You standing there in front of my house with open arms greeting me with a warm smile while helping me move back into the house. In reality, you were out eating lunch with your friend, but that's fine, that's whatever.
-My room, untouched and ready for my to unpack and finally relax. In reality, my sister took over my room with all of her scrapbooking things all over the place.
-Waiting an hour or so waiting to get my room back. In reality, waiting 5-6 hours, but even so, my sister wasn't finished using my room
-You coming over, kissing me, and telling me how much you miss me. In reality "You have another pimple?"
-Us going into my room while you ask me about my trip. In reality, you just sat there and played with your itouch...
-Me walking out of the house, expecting it to take a few seconds until you ran after me. In reality, you fell asleep and didn't look for me until 30 mins later.
-You, letting me be while I tell you that I'm fine and that I just wanted to walk. In reality, you got mad at me back. wtf. 
-Me running away to hidden lake, waiting for you to come and find me while riding my bimmer. In reality, you left the car back at my place and ran away to verde with Nikko.
-Me texting Nikko, hoping he can swing by Hidden Lake to pick up your keys. In reality, it too much out of the way for him to come. 
-Me walking home, hoping that you would respond to my text. In reality, no texts from you.
-Me falling and having you catch me like you said you always would. In reality,  a hurt wrist and a hard ground. Whatever. 

When you set yourself up for too many expectations, you'll end up with none. Should I just not expect anything from you? I wish sometimes you can read my mind, but sadly, you can't. This is a frustrating day. I wanted an escape, a getaway, and you were it. But in reality, a shitty day this is. 

I feel like I always text you first when we're in a fight like this. But can you please fulfill at least one of my expectations? I'll give you a hint: Come to my house so we can fix it. 

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