Well just for De Anza... I finally got my resume finished, I just need to get retouched and everything so it's perfect. In class, we finished our Caramel-Pear Cake and our Prentantines. Chef also demo'd pulled sugar and he made a sugar piece for one of the Chef's daughter's 15th birthday. It was effin` amazing! I definately want to try a hand in pulled sugar. It's something worth knowing how to do.
     After class, Serena and I stayed for a bit. I made a new Caramel only cake using my beef gelatin and OMG the caramel mousse is to DIE for! Serena and I talked and stuff. I love talking to Serena, I look up to her so much, she helps me so much in class and I really appreciate it.
     After going home, I then made plans with Darren and Wilson and we ended up playing Rockband without Kenny... But Alex Tu came. He's really funny at drums and singing. Then we just talked for about half and hour and then I went home.
     I miss those moments in life when I spend time with the Guys. No matter how much they drive me friken insane, I love them to death and I miss them so much, except Darren, I see him all the time! I cherish those moments that I once took for granted.
     I woke up way too early today, but it was worth it. I met up with Darren, Alan, Perry and Jesse at Darren's place at 8 AM and we headed on the road about half an hour later. Once we got to the AT&T Park in SF for the Giants FanFest, we found parking and made our way in. There were lines of fans dedicated to this special event. Everything was free, so why not? Since we were 10 minutes early, we loitered around and took pictures. I'll steal them from Alan and Darren later. Hehe. Once the line started moving, we slowly blended in with everyone and before we knew it, we were in.
     The first thing we did was buy some garlic fries. Yum! Then we went onto the field, which was actually all dirt because of Motocross. After a while of messing around, we stuck around for an interview of Tim Lincecum. He's really good looking. I remember watching him start when I went to the Giants game with Darren, Wilson and Kenny.
     After, I got my FanFest paper signed by Jeremy Affeldt. I got so lucky! Here's proof!
     Yup, that guy, except he looked a lot nicer when he signed it. Lol. Apres, we loitered around some more. We found upper level clubhouses and we eventually found the bottom clubhouse where the locker rooms were at. First, we went to the home side where everything was roped off, then we went to the visitor's side where we were free to roam. The bathroom and showers were there and I got some free water in the physical therapy room from a water dispenser. Yesh! Good times. We just kept messing around after that.
     Eventually we decided to go to Darren's grandma's house. It's such a cozy house. Darren's grandma is so cute! We then decided to go to fisherman's wharf to get some chowder in breadbowls. Yum! Darren's food kinda attacked me a little while we were eating, a spoon somehow got into my bag too! WTF! Lol. Around 3, we made our way back to the car and went home. I fell asleep on the way home, I was DRAINED! We went back to Darren's place, where only Perry and I stayed for a bit. We talked and eventually all went our seperate ways.
     Now I'm at home, I just cleaned my sister's bathroom, it's so clean and cozy, I didn't want to leave! My room is now all messy and gross and stuff. I'm working on my multitasking with cleaning and watching The Office. It's getting so much better now! Anyways, back to work!
     Let's see. Around 5, I went to the Cupertino Starbucks to meet up with Shivani and Jimmy. At first it was just Jimmy and I. We talked and talked and then Shivani FINALLY showed up about an hour later than she planned. Lol! After that, we just talked for a good hour and parted ways. I don't want school to start!
     After, I came back to Milpitas and picked up Albert, then I headed towards the theaters. It was super crowded! We met up with Darren, Wilson, Maggie and Allyson. We were a few minutes late but we found an empty row for ourselves (at the middle walkway aisle area..) Thank you Albert for paying by the way. The movie was just as good the second time! Although, everything was predictable...
     After the movie, we all headed out to Chilis. Alan and Alex Tu joined us later on. It was a pretty fun night overall; chill and super filling. I wish there were more things to do in Milpitas though. After dinner, we all went outside to vandalize Alex Tu's Camry (Without the other ladies of course, they had previous left). We all drew Penis' around his car. Lol. I was getting quite chilly and tired so I decided to go home.
     So now, I'm about to head off to bed soon. I'm super full though. Blake is sick right now so I told him to go to sleep early. So yea.. Good news is, he's coming back tomorrow! Probably at nightish, but yea. I told him that I'd go feed him some (canned) cream of chicken. I'll also throw in his favorite pomegrante juice. I hope he gets better though, maybe I'll see him tomorrow night, or Sunday morning, Je ne sais pas. I just miss him oh-so much.

Darren: lol i has an angry penis >8=D
Blake: Sorry to tell you, but the =D distracts the eye and that's all i
           really see :( but its good
Darren: my penis an angry blake!
Blake: Alright, it is angry
Darren: nooo my penis is very angry... like it catch on fire
Blake: That must really hurt, you might want to get that checked
Darren: my penis is angry! tickle it and make it happy blake
Blake: Darren, that's a little far. I don't role that way, sorry
Darren: make my penis sneeze!
Blake: No thanks. Go find a whore
Wow Darren... just wow. Lol
     Let's see... Today, I woke up at 8:30AM, I was pretty much bored so I started to read my book. It's getting really interesting and I'm almost finished with it! Around 10:30AM, I left to go to Darren's house.
     The most randomest thing happened. When I got there, Tim, Tim's GF, and Ami were all there. We all just talked, Ami didn't stay long though, and a little after Kenny arrived, Tim left also. It's nice seeing him, even though I don't know him too well.
     After, Kenny, Darren and I just began to rockband. We bought about 6 new songs and began getting more stars. Wilson arrived LATE, stupid Wilson! This was all for you and you arrived at 12ish! Lol. So yea, we basically just continued to play rockband till we got 900 stars, enough to begin the endless setlist 2! So excited! After that, we all went out to eat Pho. Well... I didn't really eat it, except for the bean sprouts, I wasn't really hungry... plus I didn't have any cash on me. When we got back to Darren's, we just played a few rounds of CoD until I got motion sickness, then I really wasn't much help afterwards... By then it was 8:30PM ish and I had to leave.
     When I got to my cousin's house, I began to watch The Office, but I found Shian and we just chilled in one of the rooms. We went channel surfing and talked for a bit. Nothing much happened afterwards. Geoff called me and wanted to come by to play Katamari, my parents gave me the okay so I drove Shian, Chen and my brothers all home.
     Now Geoff is over playing the Katamari game with my brother, LOL! Friken Losers... While he was doing that, I downloaded a crapload of macbook games for my laptop. Woot! I'm excited to play them all when I get bored... If I even remember to. Geoff is silently dancing to the Japanese music from the game.
     Anyways, Blake is coming home tomorrow! I can't wait to see him, I'm so excited. I might do a Davis trip, hopefully my parents are okay with it. Cross my fingers! Geoff is still over... Friken loser.
shian and i
     Yet again, I'll blog as if it were yesterday.
     So today (Tuesday), I went to Target to buy the WICKED soundtrack. So beautiful... Then I went and picked up Shian. We kinda got lost, but found our way to Valley Fair. We didn't really do much, just walked around and then went to Santana Row and walked around.
    At 1:00PM, we left to go meet up with everyone at the theaters. Shian and I got hecka lost! We got there around 1:30, I thought that was when the movie started so I was going 90 on the highway! Jeeze! When I got there, I saw Arnold and Tomy in line and I asked them if they were late too. Then arnold was like "Wtf? the movie starts at 1:50PM" and I was like WOW! It's all good though, I might've been late if I knew.
     We watched Sherlock Holmes with Arnold, Tomy, Angela, Wilson, Perry, and Alex Tu. That movie was really good! I liked it. It totally reminded me of Psych. I love those types of movies when you have little details which makes sense in the end. Like little puzzels and stuff. Anyways, I liked it in the end.
Sherlock Holmes
     After the movies, Shian and I left and went shopping. I bought a new bag from H&M. I LOVE it!!! Lol. Then we met up with Perry and Wilson, walked around, and then went our seperate ways. We eventually met up with Alan and Towel on their date at Starbucks. Hehe. She's cute, Alan.
     Afterwards, we went back to my place and watched some of 500 Days of Summer. Around 7, we went over to Mountain Mikes for Pizza Night. Wilson, Darren, Perry, Alan, Vince, Alex Tu, Chris Young, Chris' Friend, and Kenny were all there also. We ordered 2 mountain sized pizzas and enjoyed ourselves. It was nice reconnecting with the guys again. After, we just loitered around outside and eventually loitered our way into Marinas. Lol.
    Apres, I drove Shian home and met up with Wilson and Kenny at Darren's house. We went to Wal Mart, then to Boreders, then back to Wal Mart. First, we were looking for the Wicked Soundtrack but those places didn't carry it, then we went back to Wal Mart to buy The Hangover for Darren's mom.
     When we got back to Darren's, we watched one episode of The Office, had some fondue, then I went home.
     I haven't talked to Blake all day, so we basically talked all night, Until 3AM. LOL! It was a good 2+ hours. Anyways, I woke up around 10:30AM today. I did the laundry and made my parent's bed. I'm gonna go take Passport Pics today, then go have froyo with Jenann and Kim. I might go to have dinner with the other ladies... but I don't know if I want to go hangout with them. I'm still bothered by the comment that one of them made... But then again... I might go to WC Sunnyvale today! So then I WON'T be able to dine. Hehe...
     Pictures will be up Later!
     1:08AM - I just got back from watching Wicked with Angela and Wilson. Absolutely AMAZING. If you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest you watch it.... and hope you don't sit in front of bratty children. RECAP!
     Blake called me to wake me up; my sleep schedule is getting worse! So I did the morning routine and began cleaning. I threw away all the wrapping paper mound that was still under the Christmas Tree. Then I went to My parent's room and tidied up a bit. I made their bed and organized their tables. I also sorta reorganized the bathroom. Then I sat on the bed and started watching World's Strictest Parents. It's pretty interesting I would say. So yea, during commercial breaks, I went downstairs and did laundry, I also rewrote as many notes as possible... I didn't really get that far. I fail at multitasking.
     Around 3:30PM, I started to get ready for WICKED. I left the house around 4:50PM and went to Angela's. I had some of her delicious quesedillas. Yum! Then Angela drove us to the Bart station and we barted to SF.
Ticket Stub
     When we got there, the theatre was right in front of us. We had some time to kill so we headed over to Sam's Diner for some dinner. The waiter and waitress were both really kind, it felt almost homey there. Angela and I ordered hot cocoa and chili cheese fries while Wilson had the hot cocoa and fish & chips. YUM! Lol. While we were waiting, we played the sugar packet game, but with the jelly containers. I got Wilson and Angela, and Wilson got me back. Then we switched over the the Sugar packs which I got Wilson and Angela both again.
Sam's Diner
Hot Cocoa
      After a full stomach, we made our way to the theatre and into our seats. Unfortunately for us, we sat in front of a bunch of bratty, spoiled, stuck up kids who would have rather watched The Office then sit and watch a broadway show. I mean, c'mon! Can you guys just please shut the fuck up? Wilson, Angela and I were annoyed as hell for them. I swear, I was going to take my umbrella and beat the shit out of them! Lucky for them, the show began.
     Long story short. It was Spectacular. From the Choreography to the Acting, from the music to singing, everything was right on cue, everything was perfect. I was in utter amazement from how convincing the actors were, how luring their voices drew me in, how swaying the conductor conducted his orchestra. If only people put that much effort in what they loved...  Pure bliss was I in those 3 hours. I would definately go watch it again, time to purchase the soundtrack!
Us 3
     We took some pictures and had milkshakes before we left SF. We got back around 12 and now I'm here blogging. Good day, fun day. "Tomorrow" awaits yet another full, exciting day. We just all need to go "dancing through life" one day.
     So I ended up sleeping around 3 AM. I got everything finished though! In the morning, I woke up and started to work on Amanda's and Jeff's mix tapes. It was a hectic morning for me... Sorta. Kinda, but not really, stressful. I usually don't get stressed out though. So after, I got everything ready and I headed over to Blake's pad.
      Kira and Sky were both there. I gave Blake my gifts, I think he liked it? I'm not really sure. He said he did. He liked the mushroom though! He calls it "Mr. Shroom." Haha. Friken Dork. So, we all just chilled at his pad till he had to take Kira to the airport. I'm glad Blake isn't moving back to Solcal. I'd probably cry if he really left!
     Kira left me her spare key and her key card to the apartement. WOOT! PARTAY! haha. Jkjk. After they left, I stayed at their place for a few more minutes. I sorta started to clean. I did the dishes and folded Blake's blankets for him. I was BORED, it's what I do when I'm bored.
     After, I went to see Amanda, then I went to school. I gave Jeff his gift and chatted with him for a while. I'm definately going to miss that fool! Class was super fast pace today. We made 4 more sheets of cake, decorated the premade yule logs, rolled up the 4 sheets, and froze them while also dispersing a bunch of cakes to all the chefs and all of the staff.
     I met Blake's mom and sister! They seem hecka cool! I really enjoyed meeting them and I hope they liked me too. I tried to make sure I got their approval, it's really all that matters.
     Anyways, after all the premade cakes were finished, we finished off our Black Forest Cake. I'm proud of my cake! I got so many people complimenting it! After the cake, we finished off the rest of the cakes and gave it all away. I got to keep 2 for myself though. After class, for the first time in forever, I finally went straight home by myself.  Then, I went over to Jen's house.
     There were a lot of people I don't know or I don't talk to. I just kinda chilled for a bit, then Allyson and I went out to Khols to buy a gift for the white elephant exchange. We ended up bying 4 pairs of thongs/panties. LOL! Then we wandered our way to the furniture store and looked at furniture. We ended up talking about a lot of things too. It was really nice. After a while, we then went back to Jen's place and did the white elephant gift exchange. Allyson and I got a nerf gun set. WHOOT! haha. It was quite hectic, Dee got our gift though, Everyone loved it! ahah. After that, we walked over to the park. Chris, Allyson, Chester and I just chilled on the monkeybars. We then played the "I have never..." game with Vanessa also! Fun times. We all got kicked out of the park though so we just went home. Back at the house, Allyson and I went on the boat outside and chatted. Everyone else ended up joining us, it was nice conversating with the sophomores. Eventually, Allyson and I left.
     I took Allyson to Tapx to meet up with Wilson, we talked for a bit then went home. Now I'm at home, It's 1:27 AM and I'm friken pooped! Lol. Just talking to Blake right now <3. I miss him already! He's all the way in Bakersfield. He said he might come back after the Wicked play and take me to Bako with him. I hope my parents let me, I want to meet his family and everything. But anyways, I'm tired. Night!
     OH! Omg! So I checked my stats and I have over 200 views!!! CRAZYY

     Today [Yesterday] was fast pace at school. We made a bunch of yule logs; we frosted them, and made it look like a log, we also made a bunch of decorations for it. After the yule log excitement, we just put together our black forest cake. Yum! Chef told us to freeze it so we had to complete it tomorrow. Chef Udo was so mad! He was like, "YOU DON'T FREEZE BLACK FOREST CAKES! IF YOU WERE IN GERMANY, THEY'D SHOOT YOU!" (He's German, obviousy). But no, they don't hate each other, Chef Udo was just complaining.
     After class, Amanda came over and helped me with my PJ's. Then I went to pick up the mushroom from Kim and headed over to Geoff's house. Jeremy and Paul were both there. OMG! They keep making fun of me about Brent. Jeeze! Yes, Brent, Geoff's roommate. But yea, they made some delicious mushroom risotto. After a while, the guys left so it was just Geoff and I. We ended up watching Salon Takeover. HECKA GOOD! That fat lady is such a prick! She has the ugliest hairstyle also!
     Around 11ish I think, I took Amanda over to Blake's pad so she can get her stuff. We stayed there for a bit then us 3 went downstairs and talked for HOURS outside. It was cold but I'm glad I got to cuddle with Blake! He's so warm. Hehe. After I dropped Amanda home, I went home and waited for Wilson to come.
     Wilson and Kenny came to borrow an angled screwdriver to fix Darren's car. Then they went home. Anyways, I got to stay up and finish Blake's gift now. Night!



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     12:30AM- (Yesterday)So we ended up not going to iHop because it was too crowded. Instead, we went to Marie Calander's. It was SUPER empty, but I had a good time. We talked and everything. After, we drove around, then Ben showed me the inside of his house. It's... AMAZING! He has his own back doorway to his place so he never needs to go through the front or anything. His house is just really nice. He lives up in the hills that why...
     After that, I went to PCI. We finished our Princess Cake and made Chocolate Sponge cake. We finished pretty quickly so we made a bunch of chocolate sponges for our buche de noel. This girl came in to audit a class. I let her help me out as much as possible. She even made her own princess cake, we had a bunch of leftovers for her to use.
     So after class, Amanda came and we talked for a bit. I was super tired and I just wanted to go home, but we talked for a bit. She wanted to hang, but I told her I had a venturing meeting to go to. Finds out that it was cancelled... But, I had a good phone convo with Kim on the way home. I went to Michael's and found her there! I bought a few things and then we went to go to karate to drop off the cake.
     Then, Kim and I went home and I had dinner. We talked and we somehow got on the convo of having Blake over. Blake agreed to come over so we invited Darren and Wilson, who brought over a shitload of people; Tomy, Arnold, Perry, Hieu, Alex Tu, Alex Nguyen, Eugene,Emily, and Jesse. We all chilled, then Blake came, with Kira and we just did intros and talked and stuff. Then we started playing Mafia. Pretty fun. I wish I was better with stories. I had good ideas though, I just didn't say them. Lol.
     After, we all starting doing our own thing. Some water pong players, some poker players and some who watched TV. Lol. I hope they enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed myself. I hope they liked Blake! Lol. Do you guys approve?!
     Around 12ish, everyone was basically gone. Fun night! Lol. I'm pretty tired right now. I'm not sure if I can fall asleep, but yea... It FITS! Yes! Haha
     AH! I've been super laggy on my post. I apologize! I'm pretty sure my views would be higher if I blogged on time. But ANYWAYS! Recap on yesterday:
     I cleaned the house, Eugene came over, I dropped him off somewhere, I cleaned some more. Then, I went out with Em to get some Chipotle's. So we had some Chipotle's, then we went to the mall and shopped for bit. Then I took her to Guitar Center so I could by my brother's a guitar stand for their Rockband guitars. Yes, I'm a badass sister like that! Haha.
     Darren, Wilson, Perry, and Sam came over. We chilled and watched The Grudge. LOL! I was laughing throughout the whole movie! Mainly because I already watched it. It was funny anyways. Plus Darren and Perry got hecka scared! They left when the cake was about to be cut up and stuff. Fun stuff. Kim and I hecka bonded! Jonathan even came! After a while, Jonathan left so Kim and I chilled. We ended up longboarding to the park and talking at the swings. Then Jonathan came back and chilled with us. It was nice to sit at the monkey bars and just talk. We then decided to go to Tapx. We saw Tien! (My cousin). We just chilled and talked some more. Then at 12, we went back to my place and started to listen to music. Jonathan popped out the guitar and we all did a trio to Simple, Starving to be Safe-Daphne Loves Derby. It was the first time listening to that song. Not bad, we did a recording of ourselves. Jonathan is PRO at guitar! Lol. It was a pretty good recording I must say. At 2 AM, Jonathan went home so Kim and I stayed in my room and talked till 4 AM. Then she went home. Lol. It was nice just bonding with her again.
      After talking to Kim and Jonathan, they really encouraged me to be closer with my family. They gave me ideas and things to do to to be closer with my family. It's gonna be a rocky start but I hope in the end, I'll be comfortable enough to talk to them. 
      Talking to Kim and Jonathan and just chilling with them makes me realize what kinda friends I have. I wish that I realized that in highschool so I could've reevaluated the friends I hung out with. I'm not saying that the group that I hung out with was terrible or anything, they didn't really have the same personality as I did. I also knew from the start that we weren't going to be friends in the long run. Hanging out and talking to them also made me cherish all the friendships that I have right now. My group of friends have shrunken drastically in number although I have a bunch of new friends, I know who my close friends are.
     I want to thank the guys (including Eugene) for visiting me, no matter how random it is. I love that you guys visit me whenever you're bored. I miss being random and spontaneous with you guys. I promise that I'll put best friends before boyfriend. All day, anytime of the day.
     Well... Almost time for brunch. I'm friken starving!!!